DHS detention center exercise in Iowa?

(UPDATE: Looks like it was "Immigra!" after all: Up to 700 arrests estimated in Postville raid - rep.)

Questions Surround Homeland Security's Presence in Waterloo

May 9, 2008--People in Waterloo are trying to figure out what sort of operation federal officials are conducting in town. This week, the Department of Homeland Security took-over and sealed-off the grounds of the National Cattle Congress on the west side of Waterloo.

Thursday night, our crew went to investigate, but security guards told them to stay across the street from the property. Our camera caught pictures of elaborate ventilation systems going into the buildings. There were dozens of cars coming in and out with license plates from surrounding states, and even as far away as Georgia and Texas.

A guard at the gate told us they are preparing for training exercises, but a Homeland Security spokesman would not confirm that. Many people in Waterloo believe the site is being transformed into a detention center. People in the Latino community fear it will be used in a mass immigration raid.

"Our phones have been ringing off the hook and it's basically the same question. Is there going to be a raid? What's going on?," says Mario Basurto with El Centro Latinoamericano.

A spokesperson for Governor Culver says the federal government made the governor's office aware of the situation, but they could not offer any comment.

To those of us who are paying attention,

and there are LOTS of us by now, the powers that be can no longer enjoy any anonymity whatsoever. Yet they still persist. There is no doubt what these detention centers are going to be used for in the long run, IF successful. Our activism is likely slowing down their plan to "unveil" themselves to the world, which is why we must also continue on spreading awareness and becoming more aggressive with such tactics such as "Freeway Blogging", etc. Are we living in the "end times", sure seems that way.

FYI: Waterloo is in Iowa

... for others, like me, who didn't know that ;-)

This is definitely something to be watching. The governor of the state, at the very least, should be given an explanation of what is going on there!

Every time there's a

Every time there's a "drill", be very, very wary. Certain folk with access to privileged/restricted information have gotten skilled at piggybacking "terrorist" attacks on top of security/military etc etc exercises, games and drills. It's the perfect way of inducing confusion and complexity into such an event, making it too twisted and obscure for the media and public to sift through and analyze in order to get a clear picture of the chain of events. However, I wonder if that tactic is getting a little old, as Tommy Chong said the other day "like repeating the same joke too many times".

Psychological warfare

I think some of these drills function as psychological warfare, a kind of prodding of the populace to remind it of the (bogus) threat.

Agreed -

Camps and torture are two prongs of the psyop war on the American people.

Other parts of this war are the induced food and housing crisis, and the "global war on terror".

If they want a psyop, wait till they try and mess with me, they won't know what to do.

***big smile***

Choose love over fear, brothers and sisters, and let's take it to the next level NOW.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Conditioning The Populace

Operations like the one in Iowa will help the government condition and mold citizens into seeing detention camps as nothing unusual.

As well as raids that round-up many hundreds in one swoop.

First they came for the "illegals".....

Sure are a lot of railways running through Waterloo...


I think it is about time we make The White Rose a prominent symbol of the truth movement, brothers and sisters.

Love is a verb, let's get busier!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Good Catch, simuvac....

It's a good catch, simuvac. I believe, you're right on all counts.

You may have created a new thread for 911Blogger? It may be worth a label, DHS Detention Watch (DW)? I firmly believe, we're going to see more of this kind of activity and look for subcontractors such as Blackwater and KBR to turn up on occasion as well!

...don't believe them!