First 11th of every month 911 truth street action in New Zealand

Hi everybody,

Yesterday we had our first 11th of every month 911truth street action in New Zealand. Martin, (who found me on this site after I announced that I wanted to start the movement over here), came down from Auckland (150km) and joined me on my market stall in Raglan. It may have only 3000 souls but with people from all over the world ending up in this town and visitors from Auckland and Hamilton it is a very diverse community, and the reaction to the first confrontation with 911 truth was for many a confirmation off what they already suspected. According to Martin he had never seen such open curiosity and the will to learn. We only had one guy saying the buildings were build like shit because he had seen " the documentary" but even he was ready to learn more after we showed him the collapse of building 7. I had brought my laptop for that purpose and it worked a treat. Not many people here know about WTC 7 and it really helps to show them the collapse. No aggression and a gloriously sunny day made the market busier then it would usually be in the winter months, and Martin had a lot of DVD's with a lot of 911 movies, he has to sell them for NZ$ 2,- because he is on a pension and can not afford to give them away, and there were people that took copies from all the different ones.

This month it was only the two of us, but I have found another 911 truther in Wellington. Both Martin and Truthmama know more truthers where they live and many are ready to go but need just a little bit of encouragement because there is still a serious stigma attached to the 911 truth thing. Next month we will start a group in Auckland and the month after that we will start one in Wellington. I hope that we will get groups in every major city in New Zealand, and with only 4 million inhabitants I hope we can raise awareness real high real quick.

Thank you 911 truthers out there for being dedicated to the truth and thank you Martin for making the effort to come down. It was awesome.

I have to find the lead to my camera and I will do so tomorrow because a friend of mine made a few really nice photo's which I will upload.


Alright, travellerev! Way to go NZ 9/11 Truth!

On Saturday, at the Federal Building in S.F., during the first day of our two day West Coast Convergence, I pointed out to everyone that at the same time we were doing our action you were doing yours in New Zealand and we sent you a shout out across the Pacific ocean and over the equator.

I hope to send you some Deception Dollars and 11 Remarkable Facts cards soon.

Keep up the great work!

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Thank you for your support

Hi LeftWrite,

Thank you for your support, I send a photo to the truth action forum.
Martin (my co-truther) has send my address to Carol so if you need that you can ask her.
We'll be starting two more groups up in the next two months. In Auckland and Wellington. Truthers are coming out of the woodworks everywere.
My blogs are getting hundreds of hits more than a couple of weeks ago.
I'll be meeting Nicky Hager (for those who don't know Nicky: he is one of the best known NZ Investigative Journalists, who amongst others has brought the secretive Eschelon spy system out in the open) in July. He is not completely up and running yet on 911 but has an open mind.


I'm so glad you are doing actions in New Zealand! We also voted to send you Deception Dollars at our Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance Meeting, but I need a mailing address! (email me at

Carol Brouillet

Hi Carol

Martin has send you my address.
Thank you to for your support.

bravo the guys.If you have any photos please put them 911blogger

Herblay FRANCE

bravo the guys. If you have any photos please put them on 911blogger. If you need any help I can tell you how to do it.

Yours John

Hi John

You can see the photo on my aotearoa site.
We've got two more groups forming as I write this and one out truthers has hooked up with Luke and the guys from We are change.
It's election year and I hope we can find people who are willing to start asking questions of our politicians. We want them to withdraw from the wars.

New Zealand!!


With you in SOLIDARITY,


We hope to do some We Are Change street actions as well.
We have people who have time so will go full on.