How to Exercise Your Rights When Stopped by Homeland Security

I think all of us will be surprised that this gentleman didn't end up screaming "Don't taze me bro!" It just goes to show how exercising your rights, peacefully, if somewhat stubbornly, can still work even in the USA of 2008.

Immigration checkpoints reek of police state. Remember, once a person/vehicle has cleared the border, they should not have to be randomly stopped AGAIN. Jesse Ventura discussed these kinds of checkpoints in his book and on the Meria Heller interview. He said he'd refuse to even show his driver's license unless it's a state trooper, and reminds us that the Constitution forbids the random stopping of Americans within America without probable cause.

It's also interesting to

It's also interesting to note that never did the officer say "Yes you are being detained." No matter how many times he asked her that question, she couldn't bring herself to say yes.

Real courage

Excellent video
"This website is dedicated to confronting roadblocks to freedom wherever they may arise. Special attention will be given to physical roadblocks designed to impede the right of Americans to travel freely within our own country but attention will also be given to general violations of our right to privacy."

This is not clear: They could have pulled you over, harrassed, and intimidated you further. Why did she let you go so easily? Are your rights protected by law? You did not cite any law to protect yourself.

Do you recommend others to respond the way you did?

Nice job man.

Happened west of Tucson, on the way to Kitt Peak.

Here's what a friend of mine had to go through to get home recently.

If your not pissed... check your pulse.