The Neocons are RIDICULOUS!

It turns out that ridiculing tyrants is the most effective way to stop them. Why? Because ridicule can persuade all 3 of our brains - reptilian, mammalian and human. (People won't put up with tyrants if they can see that they are tyrants, and ridicule is the best way for people to be able to take in the fact that the Neocons are tyrants).

How can we ridicule Bush, Cheney and the other anti-American Neocons?

Well, they have done so many things that leave them open to ridicule that it would be child's play to make fun of them.

I have previously written on some approaches to parodying the Neocon agenda. That took me all of twenty minutes.

But how can we ridicule the Neocons themselves?

Well, once you realize that they have failed even on their own terms, you can start to see the humor in the situation.

I mean, The Project for a New American Century should be renamed "Project for No American Century". Why? Because the "New Pearl Harbor" they "accidentally" (nudge nudge wink wink) let happen on 9/11, the $3 Plus Trillion Iraq war, and their other projects have bankrupted the country, which in turn has already let China pass us by without even breaking a sweat.

For a bunch of wanna-be tyrants, these guys sure dropped the ball.

The above is just one example of ridicule, and necessarily a very good one. I'm not a particularly funny guy. Good parodists can come up with much better ways to ridicule the anti-American Neocons. This essay is merely meant to illustrate the point.

Please note: Do it in a good-natured way . . . it is more effective than mean-spirited ridicule. In other words, balance negativity with humor.

Most of the NeoCons are indeed like comic-book characters.

I would like to see more of them drawn as the vile caricatures they truly are. (Where are all the artists when we need them?)

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OK here is one comic-book slide show

GW, last night John Stewart did a great job ...

Part 1

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