Watch ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, and Fox September 11, 2001 coverage live, original, un-edited. (Even the commercials are intact!)

Watch the events of September 11, 2001 unfold in real-time, complete and unedited, on the major networks, simultaneously. These streams begin about 20 minutes before the first attack, while the morning news shows go about their cheerful business of interviewing tourists, singing the Love Boat theme song, goofing off with the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond, and discussing ways to make your pets live longer...

And then the world changed.

Living 9/11

Is this

THE Tommy Chong? If so, welcome aboard, sir!

I asked that...

No response... Did you lose your site?

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

the BBC report

It´s obvious they had a camera set up to film the event ,,there is even a shot from a helicopter at 32 min into the report,flying slowly away from the burning towers!filming the two burning towers!!stage managed murder from start to finish.

Is this footage available as

Is this footage available as a torrent file anywhere? I would love to be able to download all of this.

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Wow! I am kind of that day in 2001 when it happened.


If one does not thoroughly LOOK, the TRUTH is not visible.


Haven't gone through it all, but - so far - Wow.
Fascinating. How do you download this ?
It's like watching Soylent Green, Network, Stepford Wives, and They Live - all at the same time.
The problem is - it's all true.
Thanks Tom

Thank You.....Excellent Resource!

Thank you for sharing and posting these archival videos of the PsyOp of 9/11.

With what is now known now about the events of that day, the content of these videos accentuates the absurdity of what has been paraded as the "official story".

For future generations, these videos will serve as documentation of the turning point for a new era for humanity.

More and more people are waking up to the reality of a "ruling elite" that orchestrates chaos such as 9/11 for a hidden agenda, more warfare, and restrictive social policies.

The "ruling elite" are suffering their last gasping breath as people of the planet are realizing now that the moneyed-elite hold themselves above allegiance to any nation states.

Thank you again for making these videos accessible.

Now, John McCain, his possible running mate of Mike Huckabee, and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton need to clearly understand the message that THE GAME HAS CHANGED.

For whom and to what allegiance will McCain, Obama, and Clinton provide paid service?

Will MCCAIN, OBAMA, and CLINTON serve their ruling controllers and the broken central banking system OR the masses of people who are interested in love, harmony, well-being, freedom, safety, and a beautiful planet for future generations?

Excellent job documenting

Excellent job documenting all of this! But old News. Original Source found here:
After a fiasco with, the full high quality .mpg archive was blocked from download as of February 2007, there are now only partial full quality mpg's available.
Here, a torrent archive from me from February 2007:
A public tracker search of further high quality mpg files from Arie & JKeogh released summer 2007: An archive of many of these on Cryptkeepers Server:
To aquire the now only Flash videos (FLV's) remaining is still possible but a bit of a trick. For further help reguarding this, contact me here: or Arie here:
I also have a few other torrents:
BBC 9/11/01 FLV 8:54-9:16 am converted to DivX:
CNN 9/11/01 MPG from 8:48-9:29 am :
BBC 9/11/01 mpg showing replay of WTC7 collapse the first time 17:36-18:18:
Partial CBS channel 9 9/11/01 Washington DC .mpg 11:59-12:41 MPG:
BBC 9/11/01 mpg: 21:04-21:46:
BBC 9/11/01 mpg 23:51-0:33 am :
Please keep spreading this stuff around everyone, good luck in the fight for truth. Best wishes.

Thanks, Xenomorph911, for the extenseive links to 911 footage...

These archives are extremely helpful for research!

Oh goodness, you're welcome.

Oh goodness, you're welcome. I see many have caught on and started downloading the files and torrent archives, when I forgot to even mention the size of the high qualty files. 1 gigabyte per every 42 minutes. Still worth aquiring for histories sake if one can handle the filesize. Take care everyone.

I put the link to your

I put the link to your torrents on the top of the streaming videos so people watching them can easily find where to download them if they want.

I'm one of the people downloading right now. I'm so grateful to you for posting these torrents. There's something about the reporting of 9/11 that I've wanted to demonstrate to people for years but haven't been able to without this raw footage. I've mentioned it to people a few times and they're like, "yeah, ok", but I think they need to see it to really get it. It's going to take me a couple weeks once I get the footage to do all the editing, but it'll be worth it.

Thanks again!

Why did the "news" initially estimate that 30,000 to 40,000

people worked in the WTC Twin Towers?

Yet, only approximately only 3,000 were caught in the mess and died?

I watched the first one. They make some interesting

remarks that hint to a tower collapse. (scripted?)
Towers appear to be leaning!
Towers were designed to bend 2 degrees, this impact might be
bigger than the design allowed.
Another remark was about buckling of the building in the interior.

108 comments about it on reddit so far

Unfortunately, reddit is very hostile to 9/11 Truth, so the people are just talking about it in the context of "oh how awful that day was" blah blah blah...that thread could definitely use some Truth.



Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

Fox reporting.

It is quite ironic that Fox - of all!- seemed to give the most sound on-the-scene-preliminary-analysis; a person (a reporter?) stated 1) that the structure of the towers seemed to do just fine [INDEED they seemed to do just fine!] and 2) that there was also the possibility that the planes could have been commandeered by remote control [INDEED that is possible!]. But I guess they left this sound ennumeration of certain possibilities and appearances and returned to following the official script - just like everybody else.