Demonstrating that the WTC was demolished using side-by-side before & after streaming video comparisons

I have a hard time explaining to people in words why the aftermath of the World Trade Center collapse can only be explained by the use of explosives; nothing else could have pulverized the buildings so quickly and thoroughly. Since most people need to see something (rather than hear it) in order to process it fully, I put together this page where you can play close-up videos of the Twin Towers in all their enormity simultaneously side-by-side with videos shot at ground zero in the immediate aftermath. I think this can effectively demonstrate to people that the scale of the demolition was beyond what gravity could do by itself.

Kevin "Sutabee"-Sutavee....disappeared

Any idea why just about everything concerning Sutavee/jennings/911 has been scrubbed from the internet . What one does find out about him puts this footage of him in a wholly different light. Look into his story , its even more suspect than the Naudet brothers, reminds me of "Coup" and their ill-fated album cover ;)