Rumsfeld's Mind: If 9/11 Worked, Why Not Try it Again

Rumsfeld's Mind: If 9/11 Worked, Why Not Try it Again

by Rob Kall - May 14, 2008

Call me a conspiracy theorist. But when Donald Rumsfeld spoke, in late 2006, to the pentagon propagandists the NY Times recently exposed, he, in opining the loss of both houses of congress to the Democrats, suggested that “the US could benefit from another terrorist attack,” Jason Linkin of the Huffington post reports:

“As documented by Newsvine, it all went down at a valedictory luncheon Rumsfeld hosted for those analysts on December 12, 2006. Many of the "message force multipliers" named in the original New York Times piece were in attendance, including David L. Grange, Donald W. Sheppard, James Marks, Rick Francona, Wayne Downing, and Robert H. Scales, Jr. They were treated to an extraordinary conversation (Newsvine has highlights, the hour-long clip of which can be found here) with Rumsfeld, that included many jaw-dropping moments, such as Rumsfeld admitting that in Iraq, the U.S. "can't lose militarily, but...can't win by military means alone," an agreement that Iraq could use a Syngman Rhee-type dictator (because that's what democracy smells like!), and a lengthy passage where Rumsfeld jokingly offers a bottle of champagne to anyone who could kill Moqtada al Sadr. You sure don't see too many people joking on al Sadr these days!

“But by far the most extraordinary part of this luncheon is the antipathy the gathered members exhibit toward the American people for having the temerity to vote the Democrats back into power. When Lt. Gen. Michael DeLong bemoans the lack of "sympathetic ears" on Capitol Hill, Rumsfeld offers that the American people lack "the maturity to recognize the seriousness of the threats." What's to be done? According to Rumsfeld, "The correction for that, I suppose, is [another] attack."

Now this is just factual information. Why do I start this article by saying, “call me a conspiracy theorist?” Because this slips too easily off Rumsfeld’s reptilian tongue. Too easily because perhaps it’s not at all a new idea. Perhaps it is an idea that, for him, for all the propagandist sell-out generals, this is not new, that is actually, already tried and true.

One of the oft cited premises of the 9/11 Truth movement is that the attack on the towers was the pearl harbor-like event that the neocons anticipated would be necessary to move the US to embrace the aggressive militaristic tactics manifested in Iraq. Here, we have Rumsfeld casually joking about it—not a smoking gun, but, perhaps, a clear “tell” in poker parlance, indicating ready ability to think in these terms.


OpEdNews rocks- as does 911Blogger

Rob Kall is right; this document dump could be a gold mine of 9/11 Truth facts, and this Rumsfeld statement that is a window into the neocon mind/paradigm/way of thinking, so like many others made since 9/11, is a tasty appetizer.

Just to make it simpler for inquiring minds who have the patience, time and coffee to wade through mountains of BS while keeping an alert eye for things that contradict what we've been told:

Pentagon Military Analyst Doc Diving Thread at TPM Muckraker- what does anyone know about this guy and his agenda?

DOD release- Military Analysts: These documents were released to the New York Times regarding the Pentagon's Military Analyst program.

The Top 40

Something to ponder . . .

Here's an intriguing, frightening comment that was posted below the article (on its link) in response to it:

"If This Is True? What Is Their Next Target?

"So, we're all pretty much in agreement that these people are still actively pursuing the 'Clean Break' strategy as envisioned by PNAC regardless of the wishes of the majority of the American Populace. Iran is the next target and they need a pretext to attack Iran and widen the war before the elections. An economic shock alone will not allow the requisite public acceptance of martial law. Only an actual WMD attack will provide the requisite scale needed to secure the gains of tyranny and trigger the emergency Continuity-Of-Government directives. The question then becomes, what one target will, in one stroke, be major enough to kill tens to hundreds of thousands, trigger the COG directives, wipe out virtually all organized domestic opposition, be easily blamed in terrorists from Iran, and take care of a major nuclear waste headache?

"The answer is Target Rocky Flats, Arvada during the Democratic National Convention in Denver this summer.

"1.Rocky Flats contains, by one Economist magazine estimate, 56 tons of weapons-grade uranium and plutonium that can't be moved to the Yucca Mountain repository due to local government opposition virtually along any transport route.

"2.The timing of an attack on Denver would coincide with admin. timetables for an attack on Iran.

"3.By hitting Rocky Flats during the Dem convention, the casualty count would be sufficiently high to qualify as a trigger event for martial law, wipe out the bulk of any organized opposition to an Iran attack, provide the necessary fig-leaf of bipartisanship as the neocons ride off to avenge the deaths of the Democrats against the Iranians who will be blamed.

"4.Such an attack would carpet the central plains with radioactive fallout, rendering the center of the wheat belt useless as arable land, driving food prices through the roof and providing the 'Economic Shock' portion of the doctrine, paving the way for the North American Union and the final abrogation of the Constitution.

"I posit this scenario because, with a background in precision-guided weaponry and WMD's, if I were in their shoes and knowing what I know, that would be my primary target.

"by Ishmael1"