Victoria 9/11 Truth Hits the Highway

The Victoria 911 Truth Group encourages anyone who questions or doubts the official story of September 11/01 to do what's right - for Canada, for our future, for Humanity. We are committed to the principles of peace and non-violence and we seek change through education and public awareness programs, for our own families and for everyone throughout Victoria and the surrounding communities.
On the 11th of every month, Victoria 911 Truth Group performs their Canadian duty, "Standing on Guard" and leading the way for change in Victoria; dropping their banners and gathering attention to the worst terrorist attacks in the history of human kind; encouraging everyone to investigate the events of 9/11

written by
Paul Stein



Happy Moms Day?

Where is the Happy moms day picture during your hiway blogging ? That picture I got from you actions included moms!'s great, I hope you'll post it too!

for Edmonton 9/11 Truth

You guys look like a great

You guys look like a great group of people. Bless you for standing up for truth. My family thanks all of you from the bottom of our hearts.

it looks like fun....

...every since I attended the Vancouver Symposium almost a year ago, I've got a special place in my heart for B.C.! I envy you guys!

...don't believe them!