What got you started as a 9/11 skeptic?

A couple months back I closed the poll that asked people what year they started being a 9/11 activist. Last night, user 'Wendy' wrote in and said that she drew inspiration from the comments that were posted below the poll... where people told their stories about what got them interested in 9/11 skepticism, or 9/11 Truth.

Let's try it again, please leave a comment telling us when you got started, and what got you started.

For me, it was the

For me, it was the relationship between Bush, the Bin Ladens and the Saudis. That so many countries provided advanced warnings and the two countries that did not were Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

On top of that the official investigation whitewash. It seemed the fox was investigating the chicken coop.

It wasn't until much later that I heard about WTC7.

watching this video


and reading whatreallyhappend

oh and the most obvious thing of all,the controlled demolition of wtc7!!no brainer.


Loose Change 2nd Edition, namely WTC 7. It has been a wild ride.

same here ..

although, not until 2006. What's more interesting than what got us started, is how some of us (unfortunately still the minority) can see what is now claringly obvious, and others just can not or will not see.

Truth Will Prevail


While I always suspected there was something more to it, my reaction was much like David Ray Griffin's, "the Bush administration is bad but even they aren't that bad!" Well, Griffin went on at the urging of friends' emails to investigate and wrote, "The New Pearl Harbor."

I read Griffin's book closely but wasn't passionate until LC 2nd ed. It was probably the squibs that made it convincing beyond a reasonable doubt that the towers had help in coming down!

Webster Tarpley's review of all the drills of Sept. 11th added the final solution as to how this could've happened.

I was in no hurry to look into the events of 9/11 because it may distract from my primary task: earning a living. This is probably the sentiment that holds the entire movement back as there is no immediate payoff for the average wage earner. It's why it took me until 2007. I found something much better as a result of my own personal acceptance that our world post 9/11 isn't as it appears, I found an intellectual freedom that's freed me from the blinders of everyday living.

It may not sound like much but it's truly indescribable and fulfilling.

...don't believe them!

2001, 2003.

I'm listing two years, because it was President Boosh himself who inspired me to look at "outrageous conspiracy theories"... On November 10th, 2001 I tuned into President George Walker Bush's address to the United Nations. He said;

"We must speak the truth about terror. Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th; malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists, themselves, away from the guilty."

Personally, I was waiting very impatiently for the Boosh admin. to provide some proofs about "al Qaeda" involvement in 9/11, instead, what I got was advice to steer clear of "outrageous conspiracy theories". I immediately logged on to my dial-up connection and searched "september 11 2001 conspiracy theories". Well, I got what I searched for: Richard Hoagland's "Enterprise Mission" website, and I got side-tracked in a never-ending rabbit-hole of Masonic smoke and mirrors. Interesting, but ultimately, it got me nowhere, and I consider 2002 a wasted year.

In 2003 I was posting regularly on the original 'SmirkingChimp' website, at the time, an oasis of anti-Boosh sentiment, and it was there that several posters kept bugging me, and bugging me, to take a closer look at the 'collapse' of the WTC buildings. Originally, I was unconvinced that anything but the official story happened, and a misunderstanding of the structure of the towers closed my mind to demolition theories completely. Then, I read Nafeez Ahmed's "The War on Freedom" and realized that I needed to reassess everything I thought I knew about 9/11. Later, I watched the "Confronting the Evidence" DVD, which led me to re-consider demolition theories. Ultimately, it wasn't until I traveled to Utah to see a physics professor lecture about the "collapses" in 2006, that I decided that yes indeed, "Houston, we have a problem."

( EDIT: in between 2004-2006 I posted at DemocraticUnderground.com and started a blog at GNN.tv )

It was the combination of

It was the combination of warnings and air force's lack of defense on that day that got me interested. Before I turned into a skeptic, I ran into a general sargent who stood post at Otis AFB on that day when I went camping with friends in new hampshire. Our campground were next to each other and they invited us over to thier campground to drink and play card games. We got into discussion of military technology, updated weapons, etc. Then as soon as I recall Otis AFB was the site that fighter jets took off from to NYC, we got into topic of 9/11. It was interesting, to say the least.

I had rudimentary suspicions around the day

"I ran into a general sargent who stood post at Otis AFB... we got into topic of 9/11. It was interesting, to say the least."

What was the sargent's view?

I remember watching footage from the Pentagon on 9/11 and wondering where the plane was. A day or two after 9/11, I was looking at the WTC map in our national daily. It showed all the "collapsed" skyscrapers and I wondered why the third one, too, fell. But I soon forgot that. I was introduced to skepticism in 2005 by a colleague and by a letter to the editor.

Don't get me started!

I was a deep skeptic of George W. Bush in 1999 after reading Molly Ivins book: "Shrub".

Molly revealed deep character flaws in Bush's history with a chronic willingness to deceive anyone for any reason. That, and more research into the family history, convinced me Bush was afflicted with a dangerous sociopathy that could manifest great evil if promoted to a position of power.

When Bush "took" office I channeled the future of America as "ominous" and weeks of interrupted sleep followed. I recall attending a Labor Party meeting where I discussed my feelings of impending disaster with members.

On 9/11/2001, I witnessed the 2nd plane hit the WTC tower on TV. At the time I was not aware that Alex Jones had predicted a "False Flag" operation was imminent in the US. (Jones is an astounding patriot equal to the best tales of Paul Revere 's midnight ride)

Already a skeptic of the Bush administration, I looked for - and found - holes in the official story from the start. Then came the Popular Mechanics pseudo-intellectual disclaimer. The PM article stopped me in my tracks - not because I thought the writers had successfully debunked my skepticism -- but because America was up against a formidable allied forces where corrupted officials, military leaders and the news media were being complicit with Bush's conspiracy to deceive the American people to institute a fascist state.

I shelved my activism - but not my interest - in the 9/11 False Flag until I attended the December 15, 2007 Boston Tea Party. Presentations and conversations with principal investigators and the many established activists was all I needed to jump in with both feet.

Already an activist with Veterans For Peace in Gainesville, I began working to expand the VFP voice of "Bring the Troops Home" to include the VFP support for a new 9/11 investigation after Cindy Sheehan went public to support 9/11 truth and a "valid" investigation of 9/11.


War profiteers are doing to this generation in Iraq what they did to my generation in Viet Nam...and no veteran working for Peace for the past 35 years is happy about it.

The "Anti-war" and "Peace" groups may eventually take some well-deserved credit bringing the troops home. But when peace efforts fail to address False Flags as the root cause of illegal wars they risk condemning future generations to repeat - yet again - the war crimes of Viet Nam and now Iraq/Afghanistan.

"Waving signs to automobile traffic that say: "Support The Troops, Bring Them Home" and "Honk For Peace" is effective but doesn't address what the public needs to know to wage a sustainable Peace that cannot be undermined again by treason.

The False Flag that involved the US in Viet Nam was the "Gulf of Tonkin" lie. This operation was used to convince congress to vote for the deaths of 58,000 troops and over 1 million Asian children and civilians. But because the truth of the Tonkin lie was not established for years after the war, peace activist signs were unable to carry the people's mandate for permanent peace that said:

IMPEACH LBJ - ATTACK on USS LIBERTY WAS FALSE FLAG MASS MURDER of SHIP's CREW (as a pretext for US invasion and control of the middle-east)

Now...for the first time the American people have robust evidence of a False Flag operation while the illegal war is still in progress and the criminals are still alive to be prosecuted for their crimes. This time, Peace activists don't have to wait for historians and congressional hearing to expose the war crimes and treason years after the guilty are revered by revisionist historians.

The evidence is robust, world-wide that criminal elements within the US government engineered the 9/11 terror attack as a pretext to wage war and illegal occupation. Currently, the Japanese Parliament is moving for an independent investigation of 9/11 to resolve the cause of death of several Japanese nationals killed in the attacks.

Peace activists need to wake up and smell 9/11 as an opportunity for permanent peace. Other wise we run the risk of bringing the troops home to go out again to fight for fascism.

Knowledge of historical False Flag operations is essential to understanding 9/11. Alex Jones' "TERROR STORM" is a good place to start researching. Jones effectively covers the history and motives of False Flag terrorism intended to control the public will.

Many are astounded to learn LBJ was probably a bigger terrorist than Osama Bin Laden.


WEBSITE: http://gators911truth.org
YOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/gators911truth
YOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/Hsaive

Interesting what you get when you google "False Flag"

We definitely need to educate more on the history of false flags and the connections to war, the war on terror and 9/11.

I look forward to seeing Barrie Zwicker's new book on the subject, hope it comes out soon as we need it yesterday.

George W. Bush is a sociopath, but his father is a much more effective one, I'm 95% sure he was in on all the long range planning for 9/11 and the "war on terror". W was raised to be a poster boy for incompetence, I think Jeb was raised to follow and be the first president for life in the U.S.A., but the truth movement's work has all but destroyed that possibility now, thus H.W.'s tears at that event with Jeb. They know they will have to flee to Paraguay at some point, just one of the prices you pay when you do the dirty work for the elites.

How dark some take their soul, glad I chose to dance in the light instead.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Twas the internet radio

I beleive a caller on the Mike Malloy show mentioned the following two internet resources. I couldn't find the boeing and I ordered the film. Subsequently, I read Griffin's works and Ruppert's "Crossing The Rubicon"

Hunt the Boeing

In Plane Site

David Ray Griffin- Media

No offense, but why do you want to know?

What is the goal of the poll?

Wendy told me...

that when she was feeling down about her activism, she would log on to that thread, and draw inspiration from it. In part, she said;

"Sometimes when I feel like giving up, I have read the people's entries to give me support, knowing that in so many cases, it took years before they faced the truth."

She's not alone.

I agree with that Rep

Going on seven years , and fighting an up hill battle, one tends to want to give up hope. We can't give up ! I am sure all of us here get excieted to hear when a big event touches the masses. United we stand.

Whenever I get down and need a boost to get going

I watch 9/11:Press For Truth and the Jersey Girls and Bob McIlvaine get me fired right back up.

They are my heroines and heroes, along with John Feal and all the other wonderful, hard-working activists I work with in the movement.

I get such a great high working with all these great people and working to finally make our country the great country it can be, a true leading light in the world.

While I have been truly ashamed of the U.S. government (and my complicity with it) since the Contra war against Nicaragua in the 1980's, I love the American people because, in their hearts, we are a loving people who come from all the corners of the world and really do care about the things that matter. We've just been mis-educated, mis-lead and intentionally distracted for far too long and it is way past time to become fully conscious as a people and a nation, face our history and reconcile with all the people of the world, starting with the first inhabitants of North America.

(sermon ends)

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Right on man. We need to

Right on man. We need to know that we are numerous and many

Ofcourse this thread

Ofcourse this thread can be used by the disinformation artists, and I hesitated responding. However, the Truth is so over-whelming that nothing can change the fact that people all over the world now KNOW 911 is an inside job.

Perhaps this thread will help them get it right the next time, by which time they will all be in jail.

I also considered this thread as a method of profiling the way people think, then I remembered how all 911 Truthers are sticking their necks out for the sake of Truth to bring justice and stop all those 911 bogus terror wars.

If only to help Wendy keep her courage, I responded.

I slept in on 9/11

and a call from my Dad informed me of the attacks and that the towers had been blown up! I said what? Then I turned on the t.v. and watched in disbelief I immediately thought that the planes should not have brought down the towers (in fact it was part of my conversation with Dad)! I also knew something was up when the families had to fight for an investigation! It was actually not until 2006 that I fully woke up when my brothers both joined the military, and I got cable internet then I saw Zeitgeist started looking at all the other info and trying to tell everyone I knew about these anomalies, lies, etc.! I am wide awake now!

Contact your represenatives! http://www.congress.org/congressorg/home/

Similar story

This story is similar to mine. My first gut reaction was that the collapses were highly suspicious. But because there was such a loud chorus of "Bin Laden did it!" I held my tongue. But an additional piece for me was the way that Bush, et. al. responded. When Bush got all "cowboy" and bellowed through his bullhorn and started talking about smoking them out, something didn't smell right. I knew that at the very least, they were exploiting the attacks shamelessly. It wasn't a big leap from that position to LIHOP.

That was where I ended up for a few years. I think it's interesting that it was my "rational self" that short circuited my initial gut reaction. I started thinking, "How in God's name could they have pulled off the demolition of the towers in secret? Why would they want to bring the towers down completely when the airplane crashes were pretty damn spectacular by themselves? " Then in the summer of 2005, a good friend of mine gently coaxed me to re-visit the collapses. Interestingly, my initial gut reaction was almost hostility toward him. I practically accused him of being being a paranoid "conspiracy theorist" (ARGH!). Amazing how my gut had been twisted 180 degrees. At first it was telling me the truth, but then it had been commandeered somehow. Eventually, after a few weeks, the light turned on and I saw the horrific truth.

Bush & Cheney...

Asking Tom Daschle to "limit the scope" of the Congressional Inquiry (depending on who you ask, they may have asked him not to investigate it at all). Then, after hearing about how no one in Government had any idea something like 9/11 could happen, that there were no warnings... over and over and over again, news about the August 6th, PDB came out. Then, I saw the families had to fight for an investigation.

During this time, I was definitely suspicious, but not completely down the rabbit hole. It wasn't until a friend of mine sent me this article that I really started to research the attacks. That article, as well as finding out that they WANTED to go to war.

Once I found out they wanted to go to war, I was pretty much off to the races. I didn't know a 9/11 Truth Movement existed until June 2004 when I saw 9/11 CitizensWatch on C-SPAN (RealPlayer required). Up until that time, I did my own research, contacted my local and state representatives, the media, etc... I did that for about a year or so. I would say sometime in late 2002/early 2003 is when I finally got started.

After seeing Citizenswatch on C-SPAN, I called Kyle and asked him if there was anything I could do to help. Then, I got introduced to several different 9/11 sites, and settled at septembereleventh.org. There, I met Janice Matthews, and a bunch of other people...

I don't know exactly when I started. I do know, however, that I haven't stopped since I did.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

The Nova Special....

How the Towers Fell was the show that got me thinking, Then I went out and bought A New Pearl Harbor. 8 books later I'm a completely changed person. Then the Internet and all of it. of course a lot of friends and family think I'm nuts, they're all seeing the same things I'm seeing in a world that's fast changing before our eyes. I read this site daily and infowars, daily. Alex Jones is a monster.

"Alex Jones is a monster."

I think I know what you mean by that, but would you mind expanding on that a little.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

I meant to say I admire the man

I've become a huge fan. He's a 'monster 'of truth and knowlege. That's what I meant to say, sorry. I've learned more from hin than anybody regarding 9/11, false-flag terror, etc.

" key for me was Kevin Barrett"

While some friends of mine had mentioned 911 was an inside Job, I didn't start considering it seriously until I saw the media etc attacking Kevin Barrett everyday in the news and going after his job etc. Then I watched him make a couple of comments and frankly he didn't seem too "kooky" to me, he seemed like a responsible college professor etc. A few days later after surfing the net, I love that term, my eyes opened up and my heart started beating faster and for a few days I was so disturbed (maybe even paranoid ) . I really didn't want to tell my wife and family for awhile, I saw how simple life was still for them and I remembered how easy it was to live in that unaware dream like state. But alas things are much different now and the truth is our only chance. Some people say aren't you afraid that they may kill us, but the truth is they already are and have. Sometimes when I get discouraged I see great comments on this site, or hear some very smart people on the 911 truth team, and when I think of the suffering of people like Donna Marsh O'connor, her I am taking back my daughter speech really moves me. I am more determined never to let it go!

What's the point if we can't help each other and try to safeguard the world for our children.

Agreed - If we don't do it, who will?

We have to take back our country and work for a sustainable and peaceful future, there simply is no other choice as far as I'm concerned.

Our lives, and the lives of all who follow us, literally depend on it.

It doesn't get any more basic than that, brothers and sisters.

I hope that you and yours are well, peacefulwarrior.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


I remember being just as scared, just as angry and just as 'out for blood' after 9/11 as most people in this country. My brother was in the vicinity of the Towers when they were struck and collapsed (luckily he didn't get hurt). NYC is my hometown, and I worked for a very long time in that area of Manhattan - the loss I felt was deep.

I began questioning what was what when we invaded Iraq - I wondered what the hell we were doing there, if UBL was actually in Afghanistan; why were we trying to topple Sadaam? It was at that point that I began to really mistrust Bushco.

My introduction to 9/11 truth came through a film called "9/11 - In Plane Sight". I was at a new job, on my lunch hour, with nothing to do, and somehow I began drifting from website to website, reading about 9/11 truth and skepticism, and that eventually led me to the film. Needless to say, I didn't want to believe it at first - it sounded so incredible. But the more I listened, the more the Official Story didn't make any sense. After that, I was hooked, and I couldn't find enough to read or watch about the subject.

But the clincher for me, the one who convinced me completely that 9/11 was an inside job was DRG. I saw his lecture regarding his book, "9/11 Commission - Omissions and Distortions", then I read the book. It was then I was sure.

Ever since then, I've introduced my entire family to the concept. They, in turn (especially my husband), tell everyone they know or meet about it - sometimes really convincing that person to look further into this. I don't know how much we have contributed to waking up the public, but we certainly do try each and every day.

There will always be those who don't want to see, who wish to block out the sun with their finger (an old Latin American expression). These people we cannot do anything about, unfortunately, and they will only wake up when it is no longer possible to live in denial. But I know this movement has done wonders to help the people realize where we are, where we're going, and the need to stop it before it's too late.

I'm a mother of three, and the grandmother of 3. Whatever I can do to expose this lie, and help make their lives better, I will do, no matter what the cost. In my opinion, nothing is as important as exposing this colossal lie.

Right on, sister stellapena!

Thanks for taking the time to write that. If more people, and families, just did what you and yours are doing, we would be past the tipping point right now.

I could not agree more with you about the importance of this issue and its relevance to the future of humanity.

Keep up the great work!

We all need to plants the seeds of truth, brothers and sisters, wherever we go and whenever we can.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Truth Virus

"There will always be those who don't want to see, who wish to block out the sun with their finger (an old Latin American expression)"
The good news is that once someone has crossed the bridge to reality, it is impossible to go back to dreamland. In other words everyone you and your family awaken to the truth will stay awake and probably tell more people etc till it becomes viral. Since the MSM isn't on our side it is on us to spread the word.

I always knew

that the story behind JFK was Bullsh**t. In looking for more info on line i stumbled across Loose Change. After seeing how fast , and the way the towers came down i was a believer from that point on.
The more i looked the more convinced i was. I find it hard to believe that anyone who looks can't see it.
It also opened my eye's to how manipulated ,and controled our major media is. That is the part that scares the hell outa me.
I've spent hundreds of hours looking into things that the masses are unaware of. Like googling the money masters, and learning what i felt all along. Our politicians are nothing more the puppets on a string, and the two party system sold out us americans a long time ago.
(Their are exceptions to my past beliefs that all politicians are crooked. Ex Cynthia McKenny, Jesse Ventura)
Another problem with our country is the unfederal , no reserve bank.
In my opinion for first time truth seekers. It has to be Richard Gages How the towers fell.

911tv.org shot a new studio version of Richard Gage's

presentation this past weekend. It is in the first phase of post production now.

If anyone wants to contribute to the making of this dvd, go to ae911truth.org or 911tv.org, trust me when I tell you that they won't say no.

Richard Gage is an amazing and beautiful individual (even for a recovering Reagan Republican, LOL, he is and I'm kidding, of course).


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

I knew it was a staged event

I knew it was a staged event even before the towers came down. I was sitting on my parents porch watching the entire thing unfold and I told them to just wait a few years and it will all come out. I was right. The official story collapses a little more with each passing week. Twenty years from now it will be common knowledge that it was orchestrated by criminal elements within our intelligence community and the military industrial complex.

Devvy Kidd Article On 'In Plane Sight' Vid, Ruppert, Jones ...

A Devvy Kidd 'News With Views' article on the 'In Plane Sight' video was the start. Then I watched the video. Then I read 'Crossing the Rubicon'. Then the 'Terror Timeline'. Then I watched AJ's 'Rise of the Police State'. Then LC 1 & 2. Then read Steve Jones' paper.

Prior to that, I'd heard references to the Meyson book and thought it sounded absurd. I thought 9/11 couldn't possibly be an Inside Job.

Now it seems it can't be anything but an Inside Job.

It was fishy from day one

1. By year 2000 airline hijackings had become impossible out from W. Europe and USA due to security at airports. To my knowledge no airlines had ever been hijacted from any western airport in twenty or thirty years prior to 911. Suddenly we had FOUR on one day all out from continental USA and from different airports.(I was right, I just did a quick check on the history of airliner hijackings as I write)

2. The cell-phone calls that were made from the aircraft, I knew to be impossible.

3. The aircraft passenger lists (always sacred documents in case of crash) kept changing, and then suddenly the lists disappeared off the radar.

4. WTC was not a convincing target for TWO planes. And defnately not convincing as a FIRST target.

I listened and explored. It took ProfJones finding demolition explosives (pre-positioned thermate requiring weeks if not months of preparation) in the dust to convince me 100% that 911 was an INSIDE JOB rather than just "they let it happen".

QED (quite easily done)

911 mysteries

The video 911 mysteries got me started. I still think it is one of the best 911 videos out there.

BLOGic Me too.

Me too.

How I woke up to 9/11


For me it was a National Geograpic show about 9/11. They said that the Twin Towrs were hollow and only supported by the perimeter walls. Then they ahowed a piece about the Pentagon and the diagram they were showing had a plane with no wings. I didn't start right away but those things kept niggling at me until I heard that there were conspiracy theories about 9/11. I looked on the internet....and here we are.

Seeing the Twin Towers EXPLODE ..

made me suspicious to say the least and the fact that the Pentagon attack succeeded was the nail in the coffin .
I knew instantly on 9-11 that there is no way in Hell that is possible unless someone let it happen .
I had already read the PNAC-paper and knew that the "real" Pearl Harbor attack was allowed to happen .
Why should 9-11 be different ?
( OK it is different in the sense that 9-11 wasn't just "allowed" to happen )
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

On the 'anniversary' 2006...

I sat on my job staring into the computer screen as usual. But because it was September 11 I for some reason turned to Video Google and started watching the actual news reports from the different TV stations. Think they were called 'September 11 As it happened'. From there - God knows how - I stumbled upon Loose Change 1st Edition, 9/11 Mysteries, Barrie Zwicker's Great Conspiracy, Jim Fetzer's Top 10 reasons why the hijackers are fake and David Ray Griffin's Copenhagen Speech.

I believe I understood the lies about 9/11already as I watched Loose Change 1 and definitely after watching 9/11 Mysteries. There was simly too many anomalies to pass me by. And I felt like I had discovered a secret, something nobody else new about! I felt I had to tell the rest of the world. Initially I was probably over-excited. Many of my friends found me manic... I felt the need for my country(Sweden) to know about this so I started coding my webpage investigate911.se. At first with only 2 or 3 documentaries and speeches. I had some mail correspondence with Jim Fetzer who gave me alot of encouragement and took the time to answer some of my 'beginners quesions".

9/11 Truth was for me an awakening. Awakening in general. As if I finally grew up. I saw not only 9/11 with new eyes but the whole world appeared in new light before me.

The fact that my personal life was in a deep crisis and I was divorcing my wife, might also have been a 'catalyzing event'... Some friends and relatives accused me for burying my personal problems in 9/11, so that I could focus with all my energy on something else, and feel I did something good... This was probably true to some extent. Maybe it was also, bad timing.

Nowadays - the struggle goes on, and we must never give up. In times of fatigue and despair, these kinds of thoughts might indeed be encouraging. As Jim Fetzer once said "We can do it together".

Twin Towers...

What I found most revealing from day one of my 'awakening' (and still do to this day) were the Twin Towers, and how they came down.
This is still the most outrageously obvious lie in the official story of 9/11!

Sven Olof Joachim Palme -

A friend of one of my brothers is a former Swedish intelligence officer. He was assigned to investigate the Palme assassination and when it led back to the Mossad, he was told to terminate his investigation. When he refused he was threatened and advised to leave Sweden, that's when he moved to California where my brother met him. I have spoken with him for hours about his investigation and what he uncovered about the Mossad.

Needless to say, he keeps a very low profile.

I hope that you and yours are well, and that Sweden does well in Euro 2008.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Hey Leftwright! This is hot news for me

There was something very murky about the Palm assasination and the way it was never resolved. I never hear of a Mossad connection. Has this been documented anywhere?

Greetings to you, how did your radio talk show go?

I know of no independent documentation

and I have promised to keep him out of it as he and his family were threatened and are keeping a very low profile.

I will post the link to my interview as soon as it is up.

I think it went well and I would enjoy as much feedback as possible, I was a bit tired and too wired, but had fun.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

a "lone drug-man" did it !

Krister Pettersson,who was tried and acquitted for the murder, apparently confessed to
the assassination and claimed it to be a matter of "mistaken identities" as he had been hired
to shoot a drug-gangster who just happened to be wearing the same coat as Olof Palme .
Strangely, it appears Swedish Police knew of the plot, had surveillance-teams in place but decided to
withdraw them shortly before Palme left the Grand cinema .
Pettersson apparently confessed shortly before he died after being hit in the head with something heavy
by a "drug-friend" Or so the story goes now ..
To me it sounds like a bizarre mix of Robert Ludlum and a Gladio-operation .
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

researching many years

I had been listening to a local guy "ACE HAYES" about government changes. I was also watching the CNN congressional hearings (house and rep), The bills that have been passed have been working up to this point to make things go smoother for the corrupt group that is in office.

I think I becan during WACO. During Waco I saw "friendly fire"being blamed on the Davidians. I'm still waiting to find out why Oklahoma City Bombing didn't ever explain the extra bombs in the building, let alone happening on the aniversary date of WACO. Was the building in Oklahoma city suppose to be the first building to totally collapse?

I watched a meeting of family case workers with Bill Clinton, when Bill said I told you what you can do, so do it, no one will stop you. I knew then that this ment that our government seem to be under the impression that no one will stop them. paraphrasing

I saw a video of someone with 9/11 evidence that went to Lee Hamilton, Lee told him he wasn't going to look at this evidence and if the guy wanted anyone to know about the evidence that he would have to take it to the public himself without the help of the media. Paraphrasing

Now, I just want all my family and friends to see.

I was shocked

that the towers collapsed, but did not put two and two together at that time. I thought that a new way had been invented for controlled demolition--just fly planes into buildings. I did think the emergence of 19 suspects so soon after 9-11 was totally bogus. I had heard of a book in France that suggested a government conspiracy. But It finally took a Japanese architect who I met in a cafe in New Paltz, New York in 2003 to explain to me that the buildings could not have collapsed by the aircraft impacts alone. After that, I understood. Am I totally embarrassed and ashamed at having been taken in? Yes absolutely! But to make amends for my stupidity, I have opened the eyes of a few people to the bogus nature of the war on terror.

I was bored at work in 2003

I was bored at work in 2003 or early 2004 and I wanted to see pictures of the re-assembled planes from 9/11. I just assumed that reassembly had been done, since in every jet plane or space shuttle crash in my entire life, all of the pieces were gathered, taken to a hangar somewhere, and put back together and photographed. That's what the government normally does when they want to figure out what happened to an aircraft that crashed.

No luck. Couldn't find such photos anywhere. Thought, "hmmm, that's odd...let me look for pictures of the wreckage." Found nothing but photos of a tiny piece of scrap metal outside the pentagon and a couple small scraps by the WTC, and absolutely nothing in Shanskville. I thought, "wow that's really strange." Then I stumbled across 9/11 In Plane Site, which in retrospect is a pretty bad 9/11 truth documentary, but it was enough to get me started questioning the government's story and researching further on my own.

I still remember driving home from work that day and the disillusionment and shock I felt. You know, that feeling you get when you realize there's no Santa Claus, it was just your parents all along, and everybody's been lying to you. At the time I felt like the only person in the world who knew and I thought I always would be. But in the years since, 9/11 truth has exploded and now I feel like at least 30% of the people I encounter in a day think the way I do.

2006 was a big year for 9/11 truth (probably because it was an election year), 2007 was pretty lame, I felt like the movement crested in 2006 and was waning in 2007. Now in 2008 I feel it swelling again, and see it reaching a crest by this fall that's even higher than the 2006 crest. Will it be high enough to finally reach the tipping point? I hope so. I'll be doing everything I can to help it get there.


2002, i stumbled upon the indestructible pentalawn webpage. although, from day one i
was extremely suspicious about the official account(s) of 9/11. so - pentalawn. :)

"wtf i hate all cops"

For me,

it was on day 1, I just suspected that it seemed too convenient for these criminals to stop the anti-globalization movement which was (at the time) spiraling out of the criminal's control. And it worked. The anti-globalization movement in the U.S. is essentially non-existant to this day, for the most part.


When I first saw the collapse of the Twin Towers in 2001, I said to myself that it looks EXACTLY like a controlled demolition. Then in 2006, I saw the video of "Loose Change 2nd Edition" & agreed 100% with what it had reported.

What I went through

In September 2001, our affinity group were planning on getting gas masks and participating in the big international demonstrations against the IMF, the World Bank, and the Bush Administration at the end of September. We were plotting a media campaign against “Corporate Cannibalization” with a focus on “Chocolate,” the use of child slave labor in the Ivory Coast which produced 42% of the world’s cocoa- the high human and environmental cost of the “cheap goods” consumed by the “Industrialized World.”

Our plans collapsed with the World Trade Center buildings on September 11, 2001, as we watched with shock and horror. I remember wondering, “Who could possibly benefit from such a terrible event?” Even more frightening than the images of the disaster was the spin coming out of the mainstream press, beating the drums of “war.”

In the wake of 9-11, IMF/World Bank meetings, and plans to build a two and a half mile fence around a key part of DC, were cancelled, the major protests were cancelled, even criticism of Bush was curbed by the “Sierra Club,” but about half of my “affinity group” chose to go to DC to support demonstrations against the IMF and the World Bank, but mainly, to oppose an impending war against “Afghanistan.”

We marched in three large anti-war demonstrations, and that is where I first learned that the war had little to do with “catching terrorists” and a lot to do with “oil.” We took flowers to Barbara Lee, lobbied our representatives against the attacks upon our civil rights, against military action against Afghanistan, and against legislature which would permit the World Bank to force even more brutal conditions upon indebted Third World countries.

In some ways, my deep concerns over Y2K, were manifested in the U.S. government’s response to 9-11- the Patriot Act, Anti-Terrorist Legislation, the HomeLand Security Act, nightmare legislation, the new climate of fear, the selective imposition of Martial Law. The War on Terrorism was being used to pass legislation to blatantly destroy hard earned civil liberties, turn back the clock on the feminist, environmental, peace, justice, anti-nuclear, ever-increasing social movements, and especially target the growing coalition of diverse forces that were merging into a worldwide anti-globalization movement. Especially terrorized were people of color, people from the Middle East, over a thousand of them were disappeared in the U.S.. Immigrants, too have been targeted, reminding us of Pastor Neimoller’s words-

“In Germany, first they came for the Communists and I did not speak up because I was not a Communist. Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak up because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Trade Unionists and I did not speak up because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Catholics and I did not speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me - and by that time there was no one left to speak."
Truly, I believe that is the best historical parallel to the present day, from the targeting of political opponents, to the dismantling of democracy, to the invasion of other countries; Bush II is plagiarizing Hitler.

Through the internet, I received articles, clues, bits and pieces, and eventually what I considered to be “the smoking guns” which made sense of the events of 9-11. I began to understand 9-11 as “A Special Operation” designed to gain public support for a war by the world’s richest country against the world’s poorest country, to justify a war without end against a new “elusive” enemy, justify a police state, and redefine opposition to corporate/government policies as domestic “terrorism,” to give the green light to the crushing of dissent worldwide, to permit the militarization of space by a small minority to control the world’s resources and people. It was a crime against humanity, with clear victims and clear beneficiaries, which demanded a loud public outcry.

On November 30, 2001, I was delivering letters to Senator Feinstein’s office and I asked for a meeting with staff to discuss 9-11. I invited Senator Boxer’s staff to attend the meeting, and sent both Senate offices hard copies of key articles about 9-11 which had raised my concerns. I spoke with other peace and human rights activists. Kevin Danaher, of Global Exchange, suggested that we demand a Congressional Investigation of 9-11. I sent out word, and invitations to people to join us for a March on Senator Feinstein’s office, and to be part of the Delegation Demanding a Congressional Investigation of 9-11 on January 8, 2002. On January 7th, I learned of a Petition to Demand a Senate Inquiry of the Oddities of 9-11 with over 2000 signatures (Now up to 20,000!); we were not alone in our concerns, but the tip of an enormous iceberg.

While we didn’t receive mainstream coverage, we did get some press, and the very next day, Bush asked Daschle to limit the investigation to why the CIA failed to prevent the attacks, and how the CIA could justify increasing its budget to prevent future terrorist attacks. The official whitewash began in earnest.

My article on our March/Demand for a Congressional Inquiry evoked a huge wave of response from people across the country and around the world. I received a flood of e-mails, more bits and pieces of evidence, articles, phone calls, encouragement, more information than I was able to handle, digest and disseminate; I felt I was witnessing the birth of a movement.

What surprised me the most, was the failure of the established Left to pick up the issue. Instead I learned about the “Gatekeepers” of the alternative press, who attacked those of us who were challenging the “official story about 9-11.”

The attack upon “conspiracy theorists” totally caught me by surprise. It is ok to “attack a system, the structures, the institutions of power,” but to actually name names, point out the specific crimes of power holders turned out to be the forbidden realm of “conspiracy theorists, paranoid people, who believe everything is corrupt.”

Then it dawned on me at how social movements are manipulated, neutralized, deflected, controlled, to prevent serious, dramatic, substantial change, and infiltrated by false leaders whose very purpose is to mislead the many. To divide and conquer has always been the modus operandi of the ruling class; it is small wonder that Right is pitted against the Left, and rarely do we see analysis bringing together those on the Bottom against those at the Top. The truth about 9-11 could form bridges and alliances all across the spectrum, hence the attacks upon those who simply “Question” the official story.

My greatest mentor was Bill Moyer, who wrote Doing Democracy: The MAP Model for Organizing Social Movements which indeed maps out the stages of social movements, explains how activists can play key roles effectively or ineffectively at the various stages, and how all social movements pull one another long. Bill recently died of liver cancer, but he had a tremendous effect on those who worked with him and came across his ideas. He looked at individual, social and global transformation from multiple angles and how we can move out of the “dominator” mode, which we unconsciously adopt growing up in a dysfunctional system, to a “peaceful” mode. He taught people how to really “listen” without feeling compelled to defend to the death their own “worldview or perception of themselves.” Bill taught me that one person can start a social movement by questioning “something” that others accept without “question.”

Recently, I saw the film J.F.K., again, and realized how insightful it is into the world of covert operations, and saw how understanding the assassination of President Kennedy, leads to insights into the why, and how of the attacks which occurred on September 11th. In the film, Mr. X, played by Donald Sutherland, meets with Jim Garrison, the New Orleans District Attorney who bravely launched the only case against one of the conspirators behind the assassination. Mr. X is based on the actual person, Fletcher Prouty who spent 9 of his 23 year military career in the Pentagon (1955-1964): 2 years with the Secretary of Defense, 2 years with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and 5 years with Headquarters, U.S. Air Force. In 1955 he was appointed the first "Focal Point" officer between the CIA and the Air Force for Clandestine Operations per National Security Council Directive 5412. He was Briefing Officer for the Secretary of Defense (1960-1961), and for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Mr. X patiently explains how special operations work to Garrison in the film. In real life after he resigned from the government in 1964, Fletcher Prouty, wrote many articles and two books- The Secret Team, JFK, the CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy, and spoke with my dear friend, Dave Ratcliffe, who recorded their conversations and edited them into a book entitled - Understanding Special Operations And Their Impact on The Vietnam War Era 1989 Interview with L. Fletcher Prouty Colonel USAF (Retired).” One of the key points that Prouty, Garrison, Ratcliffe made in the film, book, real life, was that the fingerprints of a special operation were the things that “didn’t happen.” For example in the J.F.K. assassination, the Secret Service was called off that day, standard operating procedures to protect the President “especially in hostile territory like Dallas” were violated, something that only could have been done at the highest levels of government, for example, by the General who sent Prouty out of the way, to Antarctica, when Kennedy was killed in Texas.

On September 11th, the most damning evidence pointing to the complicity of top U.S. officials was the utter failure of our multi trillion dollar Defense Department to stop those planes from crashing into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. It was a violation of the most standard operating procedures. General Myers, the top Pentagon official at the time, testified that no planes were scrambled until after the Pentagon was hit. There were no reprimands or enquiries, no one lost their job for goofing up that day. Myers was then elevated to the highest military post in the country. There had to have been stand- down orders issued at the highest level of government on that day. This was never seriously examined or questioned by the mainstream press or Congress! The alibi for the general failure of our expensive military/intelligence complex “We were so surprised, totally unprepared…” has been shown to be a complete lie.

In the immediate wake of 9-11, however, the lies were flung out right and left, recorded by numerous media outlets, swallowed and disseminated by the “Press.”

A great peace activist, John Galtung, when asked once what the difference was between the Russians and the Americans replied, “In Russia, when people hear the Party Line, they know it is the Party Line. In America they don’t.”

The sheer audacity of trying to pull such a stunt in the “information age”is one of the most frightening things about 9-11. The Press hardly bats an eyelash accepting, without question, the official narrative and lies. In a pamphlet, "NBC Spins 911", George Trinkaus focuses his analysis on NBC and writes

"Media critics commonly talk about "bias" or "distortion," but what we are dealing with here is proactive propaganda. NBC is spinning 911 out of whole cloth. Rigorous censorship is, of course, essential."
What doesn’t fit into the official storyline, might appear once on live television, but is never referred to again. The culprits, themes, are planted from the very beginning, as all planes are grounded. The skies are silent for days; commercials disappear from the airwaves, as a continual bombardment of war propaganda and terror stream into the psyches and homes of Americans, compelling us to accept THE BIG LIE and to realize that as a consequence of the trusting, vulnerabilities of our open democracy, changes must occur to regain any sense of security; we must sacrifice our freedoms.

George W. Bush wasn’t joking when he said on September 11th - “Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward,” he just neglected to say who was really behind it, who profited the most from the attacks, and why he was going along with it.

I used to wonder whether those in power were evil or stupid or both, until someone kindly pointed out that “Evil is applied stupidity.” The utter shortsightedness of short-term profit and neglecting the dire consequences of violent, criminal acts leads me to believe that it would be a kindness to rein in the war mongers, so eager to wreak havoc upon the world.

We asked Congress to investigate; we gave them the information; they went along with Bush and Cheney’s request for a limited “Inquiry” overseen by the very men who breakfasted with the Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmad, the “Moneyman” who had $100,000 sent to Mohammed Atta, whom the FBI identified as the lead pilot in the WTC attacks.

The problem is that 9-11 can’t simply be blamed on the Republicans drooling over the oil and heroin profits from Central Asia. There is a continuity to American Foreign Policy which transcends “party lines.” CIA Director George Tenet served Clinton and Bush. Zbigniew Brzezinski who hatched the idea of destabilizing the U.S.S.R. with Islamic Extremists, and launched the first covert operations in Afghanistan under President Carter was a Counselor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Professor of American Foreign Policy, National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter, Trustee and founder of the Trilateral Commission, International advisor of several major US/Global corporations, member of NSC-Defense Department Commission on Integrated Long-Term Strategy Under Ronald Reagan, The Council on Foreign Relations 1988, Co-chairman of the Bush National Security Advisory Task Force, Brzezinski is also a past attendee and presenter at several conferences of the Bliderberger Group. If we look at the long range planning documents, Zbigniew Brzezinski’s own book, The Grand Chessboard, which details the need for an event like “Pearl Harbour” of “9-11” to gain public support for an imperialistic war; we can see how the groundwork for “9-11” was laid out over a series of decades.

The heart of our global economy is a war economy, weapons, drugs are a major part of the financial system. In order to justify an enormous military budget, the U.S. needs credible enemies, which is why we fund, train, arm so many countries, and created a “terrorist threat” to replace the waning “Communist threat.” Al Qaeda was a creation of the CIA and Saudi Arabia funded to the tune of eight billion through the Pakistani ISI, in the biggest CIA operation in history. “Terrorism” is a complementary tool of “Corporate Globalization” seeking to destroy secular governments, dissolve national boundaries, destabilize regions where mercenary forces and global corporations can operate supreme.

Al Qaeda is a CIA asset, and is being supported militarily in selected parts of the world while loudly targeted, conveniently, where the U.S. wishes to deploy forces and build bases. Now Iraq, enemy of Al Qaeda, is the “new enemy,” but with the broad stroke and support of the propagandists- Bin Laden, Saddam… they are all the same…

(I just grabbed this from my first public presentation on this topic posted at http://www.communitycurrency.org/Truth.html with links....)

Carol Brouillet

The Deception Dollar

is on my fridge. You are a most powerful ally. Thank you!

Since I haven't posted on this thread yet and may not due to time limitations, my suspicions about 9/11 were most aroused by, the NORAD stand down, WTC 7, and the obvious squibs/explosions from the WTC complex.

I had already been a vocal antiwar activist but 9/11 Truth connected many, many dots I had not previously put together.

Indeed, 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!!!

Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence.

~Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

By complete accident. During

By complete accident. During the summer of 2006, I was looking for video clips of the attack to assemble a pro "war on terror" 9/11 tribute video. In the process I stumbled on Jeff King's website and Dustin Mugford's "September 11th Revisited" . Obviously I started to wonder what was up with all the explosions being reported at the World Trade Center, so I went back to review my recorded live VHS of the attack, sure enough same thing, and there was Pat Dawson on NBC reporting secondary explosive devices. After what was, initially a brief study of this, a link led me eventually to Paul Thompson's 9/11 timeline and I've been questioning and studying the attack ever since. A total paradigm shift from supporting the official version and the war, to the exact opposite,

I was anticipating it

My journey down the rabbit hole began as a teenager -- when LBJ had the presidential limousine "refurbished" immediately after the JFK assassination. What struck me most about this was that, although it was reported, none of the adults around me seemed to think much about it. My coming of age in the 1960s showed me that "social reality" is a construct and by logical extension, a "construct" can be altered and re-constructed. As the years went by I watched as our society with a lot of already fascist tendencies continued, little by little, down the path. After Vietnam, the "War on Drugs" became an interest. I met Peter Dale Scott in 1997. Then Michael Ruppert in 1998 and began lurking on a yahoo group "cia-drugs" where various researchers shared information about the cia-drugs connection and the 'deep state' in general. From all this I concluded that if what I thought I was seeing was correct, then it logically followed that at some point there would be an "event," probably a "terrorist" event, that would further cement various fascist agendas both domestically and internationally. The Friday before 9/11, Michael Ruppert sent out an email alert that something was about to happen. His analysis was that this would be in the financial arena, as that is what he was most closely monitoring at the time. When 9/11 came around it was clear that this was the "event" I had anticipated. I was shocked, horrified and most of all outraged but, unlike most of my fellow citizens, the focus of this outrage was not captured by the "hijacker" mythology which simply could not account for WAY TOO MANY anomalies. Bush's apparent initial lack of interest, the SS allowing him to remain in a disclosed location for quite some time, no one seemingly able to explain how all this could happen, the complete lack of military response, the subsequent lack of any meaningful investigation, no one in a position of authority held accountable. But, of course, the dead giveaway was the rapid decent of the towers. I'm not a structural engineer or an architect but I knew enough to know that what we were seeing presented to us was an "explosive" event. Everything reduced to POWDER? It takes energy to produce work -- where did that energy come from? The potential energy in the upper stories being acted upon by gravity was clearly inadequate to explain the rapidity of decent, the symmetric nature of their decent and everything else visible. I began pointing out these anomalies on forums right away and asking the question, "Does 'this' and 'this' and 'this' seem CREDIBLE to you?" Some people listened but most everyone was in a state of shock which -- it seemed to me, despite all the high-weirdness that followed -- didn't begin to change noticeably until LC2 made it onto google video. Finally, a clear crack in the "credulity" market.

Once you understand that being lied to by government and media is not the exception but the rule, everything begins to make a lot more sense. Clearly, waking up as many as possible is what is needed and that has been happening. Unfortunately, absent media cooperation, it is a long, slow process. But, then again, we are in an unprecedented situation -- the threat of technological totalitarianism is very real (See Naomi Klein's recent article: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/story/20797485/chinas_allseeing_eye ) but so is the possibility of lateral (as opposed to top-down) communication across many barriers. At least for now. And we are confronted with very real economic, environmental, potential false-flag and hydrocarbon energy dependence issues -- any one of which (not to mention the possibility of multiple combinations including an all out global war) could change the day-to-day conditions of our lives. However it is going to work out, the future will not be like the past. That world is now gone and lives on only in our memories and even they are often distortions of what actually happened.

For me, all this has (for lack of a better word) a "spiritual" dimension. It may turn out that the best we can do is free ourselves from the tyranny of the senses, seeking within ourselves energies and qualities of being that are independent of the outer conditions of life. Quiet meditation helps. Experiencing the flow of energy in and around the body helps. Bringing attention to the complexity (mental, emotional and physical) of the human beings we are, helps. As Terence McKenna once said, "Think about our dilemma on this planet. If the expansion of consciousness does not loom large in the human future, what kind of future is it going to be?" We all have far more energy and power than we know -- tapping into it requires a quality of attention we are not shown how to develop. So, as I see it, this is far bigger than 9/11 -- the future of the human experiment is at stake. This can not be tackled only along one line (political, for example) but must ultimately include a complete re-evaluation of what it is that we are and what kind of world we really want. The chaos that is coming (is there any doubt?) will be an opportunity as well as a catastrophe of unprecedented proportions. Whole civilizations have come and gone before us but never before has humanity had a 'sense of itself' as a global (as opposed to local or sectarian) entity. The question is, what form of 'control' will be implemented and by whom? I agree with Barrett that what we may be witnessing is the "Twilight of the Psychopaths" http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/home/Frontpage/2008/01/02/02073.html Perhaps sufficient numbers will yet realize that they can do nothing if we simply refuse to cooperate. But that requires something of us, too.

Very well said, painter

I agree completely that a deeper understanding of 9/11 truth results in a spiritual awakening (for lack of a better term) and that is why I am so positive when I undertake my public outreach activities.

This really is about humanity realizing its inherent power, that together we can create a peaceful and sustainable human future filled with infinite diversity.

Peaceful social evolution, not violent political revolution, is the path we must all create together.

I look forward to meeting you sometime.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Reading this:


Seeing Pentagon Strike flash video (missile strikes Pentagon) and stumbling upon wanttoknow website. It's funny because now I sort of think a plane did strike the Pentagon; well, at least I haven't confirmed one Pentagon theory or another yet, unlike my certainty with WTC demolitions and Air Force Stand Down and Whistle Blowers and Insider Trading, etc...

For me...

Michael's Moore Farenheit911 was the eye opener in regard
to 911truth. I saw it in late 2005 (if I'm correct).

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

The theatrical release UNITED 93 started my suspicions....

In 2006, on a faint whim, a buddy and I went to see the theatrical release UNITED 93.

Watching the dramatically interesting film, I immediately felt as if I was being bombarded with untruths. That was unsettling.

UNITED 93 raised high suspicions about what was being purported to be the truth. Heretofore, I had bought the whole "it was SOLELY al qaeda" myth hook, line, and sinker. The fallacious production of UNITED 93 awakened my sensibilities.

I fortunately came across the works of David Ray Griffin and Paul Thompson's 9/11 timeline. The game was up. I soon realized that 9/11 was the latest pitch of a long line of atrocities, lies, and attacks on the minds of the public by a power elite that knows no bounds.

I am glad to see that minds of humans worldwide are being awakened. And, more so, it's gratifying to see that peoples everywhere are tuning into their own personal powers and the ability to shape our planet for the better.

The explosions below and above and up and down the WTC Twin Towers blew the buildings and thousands of humans apart - literally to bits and pieces in all directions. Instant cremation for those folks.

The distraction of the planes crashing into WTC 1 & 2 obviously served as a distraction, fireballs and all - a made-for-TV extravaganza.

Let us not see the evil perpetrators' work of destruction go to waste. Let it be the beginning of a new awakening, a new Renaissance - the destruction of an old way of thinking, blown apart and crumbling down, and seeing ourselves and the world and our personal power anew.

Building 7

Saw an Alex Jones video about building 7 about four years ago. Until that time, I assumed it went down pretty much the way the Bushies said it did, except that they probably lied about how incompetent they were.

Now for me the most solid piece of research is the stuff that Stephen Jones is doing, hard to argue with his findings, should be enough to make anyone take a second look.


In fall of 2005.

First, it was Eric Huffshmid's Painful Deceptions and his beautiful full-color book Painful Questions, then Loose Change 1, In Plane Site. While they were certainly attention grabbers for me, I was still looking at the issue as a freakshow, more of an entertainment than something to be taken seriously.

The turning point was seeing David Ray Griffin at Madison on CSPAN (through YouTube). I guess I am a typical American -- I have to see something on TV in order to believe it... :) There he was, a completely sane person by my standards, laying it all out in a plain, calm and systematic manner. After reading Errors and Omissions and working through 9-11 Research (Jim Hoffman et al) the deal was pretty much sealed for me.

Like for many others, the 9-11 was a real eye-opener for me. The bogus war on terror, election irregularities and the general fakeness of the entire American democracy, Oklahoma city bombing, press censorship, the Federal Reserve and a host of other issues started to line up. Without 9-11 I would have probably not taken these things seriously for a long time. I guess, the powers that be have really outdone themselves with 9-11. They have really exposed the ugly underbelly of American reality.

I admire people who saw this thing through from the beginning (2001-2002) when Dr. Griffin, Dr. Jones and many other fine researchers were not yet around (in the Truth movement).

As much as I disliked the pods-under-the-planes roundrip that Loose Change 1 and In Plane Site made me to take, they were still good attention-grabbers at the time. I wouldn't recommend them now, but they served a purpose with me. For example, it was In Plane Site that gave me a jolt with media censorship. I still vividly remember the Oklahoma coverage on TV when I was watching it and the absence of any mention of secondary devices which Von Kleist so clearly exposes. (The point being, even if the numerous local media reports of such could later be deemed erroneous, why censor them altogether from national media? This reveals a purpose.)

2006, 2007

I was bored at home and decided to have a good laugh about those 9/11 conspiracy theroies. I never laughed.
What hooked me was the speed of the collapse.

Then again when I learn that Amy Goodman from DemocracyNow! was at building 7 (on tape). If she was lying then I knew the the rest of the media is not "just bad". The media is guilty.

Funny, on September 12th a close friend came up to me and told me that "Bush blew up the buildings", I agreed and continued on my way. I had always assumed that the powers controlling Bush&Co. were ultimately responsible, I just didn't know to what degree. I wish my friend had shook me and yelled at me until I understood. The day I woke up I was on the streets.

Make no mistake about Amy Goodman, she knows and does not doubt that thermate bombs destroyed the three towers. She is not talking about it for the same reason that Fox news is not talking about it. I fear the day when they do start talking about it

Thanks to the great website

Thanks to the great website telepolis.de, that began with a series called "WTC Conspiracy" already two or three days after 9/11, i was always suspicious.

The final step I took in august 2002, when I left this comment in their message board:


... telling, that the whole school scene with bush on 9/11 doesn't make sense to me and that i'm probably naive but i'm just not willing to believe what the official statements told to this sequence.

Then a person answered me, that what i was doing right now is not naive at all, but rather the first step in rational thinking. Since then, i followed the 9/11 truth movement and their surroundings....

Michael Ruppert's Truth and Lies of 9/11...

one year after the event at a public library screening.

Before that time I had assumed that 9/11 was "too big" for them to have done to themselves. I was unaware of most of what our CIA has been up to through the 90's.


Ruppert's film is an amazing 2 1/2 hour compendium of facts. I believe he made a handful of errors during the presentation, but most of it is solid, and shocking.

Ruppert's website was also a great source for news about 9/11 for several years:



Ruppert also has a blog which lives on:

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at-- yahoo.com.

Guilty of at least 'accessory before the fact'...

The first thing that got me suspicious was that a detailed "explanation" of how the Twin Towers failed was published in the LA Times on 9/12, before a single piece of evidence had been analyzed (ha!). The 'put option' anomalies re. AA, United and several brokerage houses was the next thing that raised my eyebrows, a few months later. Then the refusals and balking and blocking by the Bush Administration into any form of investigation was the last straw for me. When it comes to "giving them some slack", perhaps one can reasonably allow the official story one major problematic issue.... but THREE?.. forget it. BushCorp, you're busted. So, by then I was a skeptic. Of course, the tally of serious problems with the official story now runs into many hundreds.... there is no question now.

Loose Change

I have always been a skeptic of what the government tells us, but I can tell you the defining moment that got me into the 9-11 Truth movement. I was at work and I overheard to coworkers talking. One of them said to the other, "Have you seen the movie LOOSE CHANGE? It says that no plane hit the Pentagon."

I instantly remembered how odd the footage of tthe Pentagon looked back on September 11, 2001, and that I never remember seeing a plane in that footage. BOOM. That was it, that's all I needed and I was off and running.

With you in the struggle,

Isn't it Ironic

I started to suspect 9/11 was an inside job sometime towards the end of 2003. I was skeptical at first, and I made the some of the same lame arguments that debunkers make today. Once I saw the collapse of WTC7, I was open to the possibility. I then watched some videos, such as "Painful Deceptions" and "In Plane SIght."

It is interesting to note that I initially did not consider a lot of people in the 9/11 Conspiracy crowd as being very credible, Alex Jones included. My brother then mentioned that even Michelle Malkin thought that Flight 93 might have been shot down. As a longtime conservative I had known about Michelle Malkin since the late 1990's. I thought that she was credible. That helped to bolster my other suspicions regarding 9/11.

It is ironic that it Michelle Malkin later became one of the biggest public critics of the 9/11 Truth Movement,.

Barrie Zwicker's The Great Deception

Zwicker's The Great Deception appeared in 2002 and I purchased a VHS copy, but for various reasons I wasn't consumed by 9/11 until later. Maybe it was because there wasn't a broad 9/11 Truth community at the time? I was also politically naive, I think.

I guess it was Loose Change next. Then I consumed anything I could find: In Plane Site, Painful Questions, etc.

I moved away from many of the theories in Loose Change, but it was the catalyst for me. Then I read Ruppert's Crossing the Rubicon, still a classic after all these years.

The people who have informed me most since, I think, are (in no particular order): Michael Ruppert, Peter Dale Scott, David Ray Griffin, Mark Rabinovitz (OilEmpire.us), Jeff Wells (Rigorous Intuition), Nafeez Ahmed, Jim Hoffman, Jon Gold, Reprehensor, GeorgeWashington, and Arabesque. I appreciate the entire 911blogger community for what it is, but I feel like these people have provided substantive information to forward the cause, and I generally agree with much of what they say.

There are of course many activists here who are inspirational, but intellectually I think the aforementioned folks were most instructive for me.

Holy sh!t moment.

I had what I call my "holy shit" moment the first time I saw the collapse of WTC7. I believe it was while watching LC2nd edition. I certainly credit that documentary with waking me from sleepwalking through my life despite the fact that I knew some parts were speculative. Before that I had my suspicions very early due to the behavior of the Bush administration and their lies, obfuscations and stonewalling.
Thanks Rep for giving us the chance to share our stories. There is therapeutic value in being able to share our stories with fellow travelers on this journey that doesn't often offer a lot of hope.
I've been hanging around here for a while and the posts that have touched me deepest have been personal testimonies. I have sat here with tears rolling down my face reading a post from someone (you know who you are) who poured out her grief and anger on her first post here on 911blogger after having spent a couple of traumatic mind opening days online. I had the same experience while watching Donna Marsh O'Connor refusing to let Bush use her daughter's name to support his lies.
Ironically one of the things that clinched it for me was a comment from a friend who had never thought to question the official story. He was watching the events unfold on 9/11 and he turned to his wife and said, "those fucking buildings will never come down." The point is, he knew instinctively what most people conveniently have blocked out since; that any building of that size in a civilized country that would house people, would have to be built to withstand every thing that man and nature could throw at it and still stand tall.
Sadly, common sense has deserted a lot of people and they will believe any thing as long as they don't have to believe the "good guys" are actually not that nice.

First Awakening

In 2002, after hearing a radio announcement of a lecture to be given on the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead, I mounted my trusty bicycle and rode through moderate traffic for an hour and a half to the location. The speaker had studied at the Claremont School of Theology, and she highly recommended the work of David Ray Griffin, one of her teachers. I subsequently ordered several of his books from amazon.com and found them to be superbly enlightening in the area of process philosophy. (See, for example, "Reenchantment without Supernaturalism," "Parapsychology, Philosophy, and Spirituality," among numerous other books to his credit.) In the spring of 2004, amazon.com e-mailed me a notice of DRG's latest writing, "The New Pearl Harbor," which I ordered immediately. The rest is history . . . As a former resident of New York City and citizen bystander, I had monitored the ultra-massive construction of the World Trade Center as it slowly climbed into the sky over a period of six years. On 9/11/01, watching these buildings crumble to earth in seconds seemed both surreal and devastating at the same time. Many books, articles, and videos later, I have learned a lot and have attempted to share these matters with others at all opportune times, meeting with some success but much resistance. Onward and upward.

LC 2, Everbodys Gotta Learn Sometime, William Rodriquez

Spring of 06' I looked on YouTube for the first time and chanced upon a 911 memorial video. Oddly, I had just had a dream about 911 the night before for the first time. I clicked on the video, felt sad again and saw the list of "related" videos to the right and clicked on those. I clicked on one of the LC2's posted and could not believe what the hell I was seeing and hearing. It blew my mind. I tried to rationalize what my eyes were seeing with the squibs and the sounds of "explosions" I explained it away---I had to make sense of it ya know, cuz, this couldn't be true right? I kept watching, more and more info kept filling me in on things I had never been told before. It was overwhelming. I thought WTF? Why haven't I ever heard about any of this?

I was devistated with what I was hearing, and even though it was all brand new to me, it made sense. I felt I knew I had been lied to, deceived by my own government. I learned a lot that night. I went from one video to the next and the next. I discovered so many things I never ever would have suspected otherwise.

I know I was also affected by "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" and William Rodriquez's story.
Wow. These FACTS are tough to swallow, but you have to if your not an idiot and you give a damn. That is how I see it.

2002 or so, 2005

Practically right after the attacks, I had heard garbled newspeak about how some crazies figured George W. piloted the airplanes. At least that's how it sounded to me. Immediately dismissable. Then in some "viral flash" email forwarded from God knows whom, I saw a presentation about what real airplane damage looks like, and how the crashes at the Pentagon and Shanksville don't look at all like that. Got my head reeling for a bit, and from that point on I was skeptical of any official story.

Then in 2005 or so, idle curiosity about some third building I was only vaguely aware had collapsed on Sept 11, led me to google WTC 7. I was in a hotel room and I replayed probably 40 times the one clear news video of that building being brought down. At that point the floodgates opened for me. No random collapse could have caused the fall of #7, I could plainly see, so I started collecting all information I could about the entirety of events.

Since then I have tried to open some minds, and argued with what I am sure were disinfo agents on far-flung websites... but here I want to thank all involved for providing access to your intelligent resourcing, arguments, videos, and civil discourse. You provide a great community, though I rarely speak up.

It began

in the summer of 2005 when I had nothing to do so I downloaded massive amount of documentaries, most were about the Iraq war, and I think it was in Pilger's Breaking the silence where PNAC was mentioned that was the brought me to investigate 9/11.
I took notes from a lot of documentaries and begun to search for sources and found that a lot of it matched. Interest rises and it was an obsession for a while. Now I know enough to talk about 9/11 with pretty anyone and try to raise other people's curiosity by for instance asking them different questions...

Also watched a whole lot of other conspiracy stuff but don't believe in most of it really.

I think the first documentary I watched was The truth about 9/11 by Michael C. Ruppert, also read on that webpage.

These days I use Michael Meacher's piece "The war on terrorism is bogus" as an introduction to those who are curios, as it points out the need for a new pearl harbor and the middle-east oil as great motives for it happening.

I also direct people here and ask them to read a couple of months...sort of like saying..hey, are you sure you are open minded? Then give a chance.

cooperativeresearch is another great source. I use the dominance link for a great and short enough timeline to point out the interests in the middle-east.

I also point out that Osama could not have known that the airdefence was crippled on that day + not wanting any investigation + wtc7 + airquality + downings street memos etc to show just how much we're being lied to constantly.

Pilger's documentaries are great.

Damned greatness.

Never heard of anyone getting to 9/11 via Pilger before.

what got me going on 9/11 truth

I was in London on business and wandered into a bookshop on Oxford Street. Saw The New Pearl Harbor, picked it up, browsed through it, bought it and never stopped reading until I was through. That got me started. David's credentials told me he was no kook. To make sure, I bought 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions. Devoured it and that was enough for me. So David made me a convert. He defines an American patriot.


i was suspicious from day one.
First question was, how did they manage to hit those buildings. twice.
Then the 'collapse' i certainly found 'strange' too. Unfortunately, i can't remember exactly what i was thinking. Would be interesting to know, from todays standpoint...
But thoughts like 'its just too big' , the media hype, etc, left me in a LIHOP state, for a few years.
I didnt really spend much time thinking about the whole issue during that time. Even though it has always been very clear to me that this event gets exploited to the extreme, and that the 'war on terror' is not quite what it sais to be..
Once i came across Steven Jones' work (in 2006), and came to realize that it is actually pretty damn obvious that those buildings were blown up, this all changed alot.
And from my experience i guess its save to say im not the only one for whom it went like that.
Realising the demolitions is imo crucial. Its one of the few givens , in the midst of fog and smoke and deceipt and dubious stories about double or tripple-agents and conflicts of interests of all sorts.
Physics and your eyes dont lie. Its the one thing that leaves no backdoor for a more comfortable personal view of the whole event. Like my apathetic 'they let it happen/ too big to be a full-on fraud' pre-06 position was.

Controlled demolition

I had always considered "deliberate negligence" but [although I always despised the Bush administration] I never thought it could have been an inside job, that they actually staged it all themselves. In fact, I found these allegations quite ridiculous. But then in September 2007 I read about the controlled demolitions of World Trade Center 1 + 2 and I learned of Building 7 for the first time - and this really struck me like the planes struck the towers. These had to be controlled demolitions, Al Qaida obviously couldn't have done it - so it MUST have been an inside job, no matter how hard I resisted against this conclusion. This is why I consider the evidence for controlled demolition as the best way to truth - nothing else leads so directly to the actual inside job it was.

Then I started reading about JFK, MLK, RFK, JFK, jr and things like Northwoods, MKULTRA or Gladio and all this drove me near to the edge of insanity for some time. I had always regarded the CIA as a criminal organization but these dimensions were bigger than anything I had ever thought of. And what disturbed me the most was that the real murderers of JFK, MLK, RFK and JFK, jr will never be punished for these crimes. That's a driving force for me: that at least for 9/11 there will be truth and justice. I'll do my best for helping achieve it.

So my world view came down by controlled demolition, one might say.

Just a few months ago I was

Just a few months ago I was playing an online, international scavenger-hunt-type game to promote the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. At one point in the game, I needed to know more about the signs of the zodiac, so I googled it. My first hit was a website that had at the top of the page a review of the Zeitgeist movie. I had no idea what it was about, but they made such a big deal about how many people were watching it that I had to take a peek.

My mind was blown wide open. It had never occurred to me to question the official account of 9/11, although now it seems so painfully obvious that the towers shouldn't have collapsed the way they did. I was even tempted to turn the documentary off when I realized that it was promoting a conspiracy theory. I didn't want to sit and listen to lunatics talking about secret codes in dollar bills and the end of the world. I made myself keep watching though, since the piece up until then had impressed me. Afterwards, I emailed the link to my entire family and started doing research. All of us were shocked (except my Dad, who refused to watch it), and now I feel a little less safe but much more wise. I think its a fair trade.

Hearing Paul Thompson on the

Hearing Paul Thompson on the radio discussing NORAD's (lack of) response, Born into an aviation and Air Force family, that drew me in right away.

Never Trust a Neocon!

Since Reagan/Bush and their secret little wars and corruption I never trusted them. And when GW brought aboard his daddy's old cronies I knew that things were going to be bad, but I never imagined how bad.

I never bought the fable that there were no bombs in the building. The first thing I said when I saw the video of that day was that there must have been bombs in the building before the planes even hit and nobody has ever been able to convince me otherwise. In fact to this day nobody has ever argued to me face to face that I'm wrong about that.

I've always suspected that it was allowed to happen but that was only because of lack of information that I didn't know the whole story. The MSM has really done their part in keeping America uninformed. The funny thing is that it was a friend who recommeded Fahrenheit 9/11. After watching it I asked him if he thought it was an inside job and he said he wasn't sure. After that I had to find out more. I found Loose Change and made my friend watch it and he thought it was excellent but he didn't want to believe that the govt. could do such a thing. He hates Bush and the rest but he can't accept it although he does want more questions answered. I stopped pushing him on it. But I did tell him that it was his fault for making me watch Fahrenheit 9/11!

LC 2E did it for me

On the morning of 9/11, as the buildings were burning, I remember asking myself, after
seeing all the "hijackers" pictures in a nice little row, how
they could possibly know all of this so quickly. They even knew who
was "flying" each plane, etc. Then I buried it.

Then one night, about 3 years ago, I stumbled across one of the
Top 100 Google videos called Loose Change. It was something about 9/11.

Well, after my jaw hit the floor, I was hooked. I haven't been the same since.
I knew nothing about WTC7. WTC7, and a total lack of wreckage at the Pentagon and
in PA sealed the deal.

How anyone can see these three things, and not, at the very least, have doubts about 9/11,
boggles my mind.

I'm originally from NYC, and I'd been in those buildings quite a few times.
They were absolutely MASSIVE! I was absolutely devastated, and still am, that they're gone.
I could see them being built from my high school, right across the East River, in Brooklyn

The build up to the Iraq war...

I haven't posted here in a long time. For me it was the push for war against Iraq. I was a Bush supporter at the time and was all gung-ho to bomb the "terrorists". Then in late 2003 I stumbled upon "Road to Tyranny" and I saw the squibs in one of the clips of the north tower exploding. I knew this didn't look right. This was before the demolition hypothisis was widely accepted as fact.

After I accepted it was an inside job, I tried to rationalize it by thinking that maybe "they" had to do this for the greater good for some reason. Sick reasoning, I know, but I soon came to my senses and was disgusted with the whole thing, as any rational person would be. My whole world view had permanately changed.


It was the summer of 2003 and I was backpacking through Europe with a friend of mine. We were in Berlin, looking for what remains of Hitler's bunker. It's now a parking garage. For some reason, when we were about a block away from it, I started talking to my friend about 9/11 and how odd it was that our defenses had done nothing. He was skeptical about what I was saying... there must be a real good reason for it! I didn't have the info that I have now to rebut his arguments with.

I didn't think about this stuff for another 3 years, until I saw a little film called Loose Change. This was the first edition, and opening with the "pods" immediately put me on the defensive. I heard that the film was interesting, but I wasn't buying it at this point. As the film progressed, however, it became more and more compelling. Upon finishing it, my mind was not exactly blown, but very, very thirsty for more evidence of an inside job, and even thirstier for evidence that things were just as the news had told me. I didn't want to believe any of it, but I couldn't unsee what I had seen.

"In the beginning of a change, the Patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." - Mark Twain

Aaron Russo

Until 12-06, every time I heard some one say the govt was invloved in 9/11, my reaction was always "get a life". I do recall waves of indignation start to sweep over me, but nothing major. Then I saw America: Freedom to Facism. I was amazed about the federal reserve info. While searching for more info about Aaron and watching and reading his work, I came across a video where he was talking to some people in a book store. (At this point he was my new hero.) Then he asked the people there "do you think the govt was involved in 9/11? I do because of......" In an instant I lost all respect for him and as I was moving the mouse to click the back botton, I hear him say "WTC7".

About 2 months later, for the 1st time ever, I was sitting at a blank google screen and wondered what to search for. I have no idea why, but WTC7 popped into my head. About 15 fasts minutes later I understood the whole thing. I then spent the next 6 months trying to prove the official story true. The more I looked, the worse it got.

On 9/11, I wondered why they wouldn't show the planes in PA and at the pentagon, why the TV screens were nearly covered with banners, and how they knew who the 19 hijackers were so fast. My wife kept asking why the buildings collapsed. It didn't make any sense to her. But we, like good sheep, pushed those thoughts aside.

My real eye-opener was after I watched Zeitgeist. I already knew parts 2 and 3 were true, and even though part 1 was very interesting and made a lot of sence to me, I knew it was a lie. It pissed me off because I wanted to share Zeitgeist with everyone but couldn't because of the blatant lie in part 1. Then I had a brillant idea: I'm a catholic, I'll just go to the vatican's website and show why it's a lie.

Well, 9 months later, I'm convinved all 3 parts of Zeitgeist are true. Not because of what he says but because of my subsequent investigations.

Thanks to all here. You're very inspiring.

a couple things got me going on 9-11

Stumbling onto '9-11 In Plane Site' with Dave Von Kleist was when I turned white and said Holy F%$#! THEY DID IT! Yes, I am a pod believer...something untoward was on the bottom of that jet...distraction or not...And watching David Ray Griffin's presentation in Madison cinched it. (I went and met Kevin who introduced DRG, shortly afterwards...handed out about a hundred 'Jimmy Walter' REOPEN 9-11 dvds after that, on the way back to WA state...PDs, FDs, Vet halls, etc ...
Attending the Chicago truth conference was quite a thrill too and kept me active til recently...

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.
- Dale Carnegie

First thing was I wandered into my local library....

And I picked up a book called "Crimes Against Nature" by Robert Kennedy Jr. As someone who was interested in global warming, it was a book I just happened upon. As an extremely unpolitical person, I had voted for Bush (twice) and so I was quite surprised to learn about the Orwellian legislation that dismantled so many protections of the commons. While checking out some of the facts that Kennedy cited, I stumbled upon Prison Planet and ended up watching Loose Change. I immediately set out to discredit it, imagining a site something like screwloosechange that I would set up to discredit this "crazy" movement, but obviously I couldn't find enough material to defend the official explanation, so I thought if I can't beat 'em, join 'em! Well, actually, it was far more spiritually motivated than that...

Since then, I've about lost everything from relationships to material possessions, but I swear in a thousand lifetimes, I never would have met so many moral, intelligent, and courageous patriots as I've met in the 9-11 truth movement and I'm grateful to be part of the solution rather than the problem and I haven't looked back to regret anything except 39 years of political apathy.

What convinced you?

I was completely disgusted with Bush and his cronies by April 2007. I had just purchased a new laptop with wireless internet and was logging in a lot of internet hours, looking at a lot of news sites. My first area of interest was in impeachment and the web sites I visited then were mainly about that. But, on my birthday last year, while hosting a birthday party for my daughter, my daughter's 15 year old best friend overheard me talking about Bush's antics and asked me if I was talking about the Pentagon crash hole and how the wing span of the airplane couldn't have gone through that small hole. I replied that I had not given much thought to what had happened on 9-11 and left it at that. But, then, it was as if a switch got turned on in my brain and I started looking at everything I could find on the internet about 9-11. I really discovered the value of YouTube which I would never have looked at before and watched many videos. I bought David Ray Griffin books and would read them out loud to my husband whenever we were traveling. Within one short month, I knew that 9-11 did not happen the way we were told by the mainstream media. So, I credit my daughter's best friend to putting the thought in my head initially. Of course, I already thought that I would not be surprised by anything Bush and Cheney did, especially after reading the book "Dick - The Man who is President". But again, thanks go to that friend, to YouTube and to the internet in general, and to David Ray Griffin books. Life for me has not been the same and never will be.

Caught on from the "get go"

Russ Hallberg
I do admit to believing 9/11 was a LIHOP operation on 9/11. I recognized it as a MIHOP operation the next day.

Yes before, I had joked with a Filipino colleague to "Remember the Maine!"

"You SOB's blew up your own boat to start a war!" he retorted.

My efforts, prior to 9/11, to expose the insurance money laundering behind many automobile accidents and the Yogurt Shop Murders had already made me well aware of the complicity of the mainstream press.

For me it was...

For me it was when I happened to stumble across a website that was making "wild" accusations about the government not telling the truth about 9/11. I initially scoffed and wrote it off as nonsense. I mean that next election, 2004, I voted Bush... my very first election and I was blinded, I was asleep. Seeing this website disturbed me, even more than that it pissed me off. At first I was satisfied to write anonymous attacks on the message board. After awhile I kept seeing more and more about this so-called 9/11 conspiracy. After awhile I decided I was going to prove to myself that this was all bullshit. I spent many hours reading and researching and at some point the awful realization set in, we do not know the truth about 9/11 and based on what we do know all the evidence points inward...tragically. This was perhaps the most devastating realization of my life thus far but a neccessary one nonetheless. Keep searching for truth...

I saw Building 7 come down...

...on 9/11. I was glued to the tv all day until at least 7 pm. I remember when 7 came down I felt something in the pit of my stomach, like something wasn't right, but I got caught up in the hysteria post-9/11 and didn't think about Building 7 since it never got replayed. Back in those days Noam Chomsky was my hero and I listened to everything he said. In a way I was lucky because I was already awake to the crimes of transnational capitalism and rogue states. For instance I knew of Operation Northwoods years before 9/11 because of Chomsky. I also surfed alot of the "progressive" news sites. I read in the weeks after 9/11 the famous "19 Muslims defy laws of physics on 9/11" on one of those sites and it definitely struck a nerve. But me I need a lot of proof before I believe something. I remember the Power Hour (remember the pod theory?) was one of the first documentaries I saw about it, along with Loose Change. One specific day I won't forget, I downloaded an Alex Jones show where he was interviewing Stanley Hilton about his lawsuit he was trying to bring against Bush, Cheney et al for 9/11 crimes. I got really excited because here was a lawyer wanting to bring this to court. I was very sad when his case was denied. He had a good website and I learned alot from it. But in the end it was Building 7 that brought it all back. Watching it again, I remember I said to my roommate in the summer 2005 one day when he came home "that's it, the government did 9/11," and I had been watching videos of Building 7. From there everything I read confirmed it and only added to the story. Crossing the Rubicon was a big book for me. When Steven Jones came out with his paper I was already fully awakened at that point and the news of it overjoyed me. The idea of a peer-review of the 9/11 conspiracy theory. I knew in my heart I was right so I wanted to get it analyzed from all angles and it seemed like the best way. Since then it has been more about spreading the word and debating my friends (haven't lost yet heh heh heh.)

"Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government." -The Declaration of Independence

2001 The very first time that I saw Bush in the classroom

First, thank you so much, Reprehensor for reinstating this blog.

I knew nothing about controlled demolitions on 9/11 so when I saw the towers fall, it didn't make me suspicious. I don't remember what day it was (it may have been that day), but whatever day it was, it was when I saw Bush televised sitting in the Emma E. Booker Elementary School classroom, that I said to myself, "Oh my God! He knows." No one, no matter who they were, would just sit there. I ran upstairs where my husband, a computer systems analyst who has done contract work for the government, was at his computer and watching the television at the same time. I semi-screamed, "Bush knows" and my husband turned around and said "I know." I'm a liberal Independent, but one of my friends is a conservative Republican doctor and I ran my thoughts by him and he said the same thing basically as my husband (he thought so too).

I started doing all the research I could, and am still learning to this day. In 2003 I started talking about 9/11 on a stock website and eventually convinced almost everyone that 9/11 was an inside job. But it was frustrating in that it took years for some people to open their eyes. I'm now an assistant on a 9/11 board on a different stock website and trying to do the same thing there.

My two favorite sites are this one and Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth.......

I keep a running tally on the amount of architects and engineers who sign up, and the number of professionals has grown from 185 in October of last year to 384 now.

I do remember comments

almost immediately after 9-11, maybe even on the same day, that Bush acted as if he knew. I cannot say that I am so perceptive that I would be able to read someone's thoughts and body language, so I think it is remarkable that people were able to cal this. At the time, I was much more favorably disposed toward Bush than I am now. And certainly much information has come out that would tend to bolster the impression that he knew. Hopefully people will share in more detail how Bush's reaction demonstrates that he knew. I don't necessarily doubt it. but I just have to admit that it is beyond my capacity to intuit.

My interpretation....

...is that he seems to stifle a small smile after "being told" by Card that the second plane has hit....

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

My path started investigating a new career choice.

I work in the manufacturing sector as a Tool Engineer in the Metro-Detroit area. Work has been very slow and especially a little over a year ago. I found myself with virtually nothing to do but surf the net. My company is a family owned Tool and Die shop and the owners are very good down-to-earth people. They care about us - the people working for them and keep paying us even when there is no work. They are very optimistic about the jobs coming back, much more optimistic than I am. I decided one day early last year to figure out how this "service economy" actually worked to prepare for a new career when/if my company went bankrupt. I spent all my time for about two weeks reading, searching and investigating how it was possible to have a whole country like the U.S. employed with service and government jobs and still prosper. I finally came to the conclusion that it doesn't work. From everything I read the base of any economy is mining, agriculture and manufacturing. Basically money is a device that makes "trade" easier. If you have nothing to trade or produce you eventually end up broke. A service economy will always fail because all you are doing is moving money back and forth and it eventually goes where the goods are produced. IE - China. I became convinced that we were in big trouble as a nation and we were on the verge of a new depression. A good portion of my research led me to whatreallyhappened.com. I remember thinking - This is a great site! All their information checks out every time I try to debunk them, except they seem to be promoting this 911 conspiracy crap.... But other than that it's a great website. It wasn't too much longer after that where I decided to make an effort to look into 911. It was because of the credibility of the website whatreallyhappened.com that made me decide to go down that rabbit hole. It was WTC7 that convinced me. The fact that I hadn't heard about it before and here it was 2007. The first time I saw the Silverstein video, him admitting "they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse". AT FREE FALL SPEED! It was so obvious. I remember going home being depressed and freaked out telling my wife - "They blew up those buildings and killed all those people." I am so lucky to have someone like my wife. She's on board as well after checking out the info I showed her. Now we feel like we're living in the Matrix. But we feel fortunate that we know. It's like we are witnessing the greatest deception the world has ever known and being the fortunate few to actually see through the deception. I know that eventually the truth will come out and we're going to win. Someday we'll tell our grandchildren how we were apart of the great 911 revolution.

Loose Change was the first

Loose Change was the first movie, at first I thought it was interesting and dismissed it as fiction, though in the back of my mind said at some later time (preferably never) would fact check, and went back to the matrix. Though how aggressive debunkers were with their labeling and namecalling raised an eyebrow, like 'why are they so dissrespectful?' 'are they hiding something', 'what you can't have a difference of opinion' which led to more questions of obfuscated facts. Then the Architects and Engineers came out and 'How the Towers Fell' put much more doubt and was the demise of the official story for me. After that, put some research into false flag events from a historical context and the constant rhetoric of 'spreading democracy' to justify any and all atrocity. The use of DU and White Phosphorus was questionable by the "good guys (US)". Movies like Everyone's gotta learn sometime, Press for Truth, 9/11 Mysteries, Iran-Conta's Oliver North criminality and Rupperts expose of the drug war farse and Zeitgeist (not the religion part) and finally No End in Sight. No one held accountable in the administration as they didn't want to blame anyone. Whistleblowers being relentlessly pursued and not touted as heroes and patriots for risking the expose of potentially threatening information to national sovereignty and safety like Sibel Edmonds. Prominent individuals from all walks of life who were speaking out. The obvious trend of the media to be biased made an obvious conclusion of propaganda. Astronomical spending on defense and the curtailing of liberties made me think if the country has gone insane and has lost its sense of identity. Throw into the mix the blatant attempt to enter Iraq on the pretext of 9/11 and I think you have a truther. Alas it wasn't until 06 that it was time to find those with like minds that could objectively raise questions and even provide answers, and research further.

Those who stood their ground and were persecuted early on like Barrett, Steven Jones molten metal analysis, and the victims families who fought for a commission in the first place really are the brave souls that paved the road for others to speak out.


Building 7, the magic number. Did I mention 7? Oh, and while I'm at it Building 7. And then Building 7
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The smoking gun, Building 7

My story

Three days after 9/11 an older secretary came into my office and proclaimed that she was sure the CIA had done 9/11. I sat there stunned, listening and trying to stay composed, but in total disbelief. I also remember being surprised by the photos of those 19 evildoer hijackers that appeared in the paper only a few days after 9/11. But that's as far as it went.

Two years later, I thought Bush was bluffing when he was threatening to invade Iraq. No one in their right mind would do that! When the war began, I knew something was very, very wrong. I started reading stuff on the internet, I watched Loose Change 1 and Alex Jones' first film on 9/11. Then a coworker briefly expressed his doubts about 9/11 to me, and then I flipped to the Truth. I still remember the twinge in my gut.

Another 'twinge in the gut' came in the spring of 2006 when Steven Jones posted that video of thermite flowing like lava out of the WTC window. I knew it could only be thermite. I was emotionally shaken when I realized *that* was the smoking gun, which I had wondered if we would ever see.

As a civil engineer, when I

As a civil engineer, when I saw the Twin Towers come down on 9/11, my thought was that some engineers have some pretty tough explainin' to do, since I knew that buildings are always designed to deform under duress, but not totally collapse. This had to be a monumental failure of the structural design. Unfortunately, I didn't pursue that suspicion at the time.

It wasn't until 2006, that a I took up conversation with a young fellow whom I'd never met before at a small gathering. He told me that there were explosions in the towers before the planes hit. I excoriated him for buying into conspiratorial speculation, claiming that the "fact" that Al Qaeda did it was "well established."

Shortly thereafter, I did stumble across the video "September 11 Revisited." Here were MIT engineers explaining why the case for controlled demolition. I was stunned. I spent weeks and months trying to understand what happened more fully. It was only when I read the paper by Gordon Ross on Momentum Transfer and the Collapse of the WTC (posted at the Journal of 911 Studies) that I became comfortable putting my professional reputation on the line. I was one of the earlier signers of the AE911Truth engineers when they emerged.

I had a psychological need.

Never ever did I want to believe the mundane truth that 19 fundamentalist Muslims did it.

All along, I only wanted to believe in a sophisticated, grand conspiracy.

I found it very comforting emotionally to believe that my own government was complicit in the 9/11 attacks!


Actually, I was never very skeptical of the offical story, despite the fact that my wife would always ask nagging questions like "how do we know Bin Laden did it?" (I also remember watching a NOVA special on the towers collapse that seemed to create more puzzles than answers about what really happened)

It was around Spring 2004, while I was discussing the reports of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib, someone informed me that an old professor of mine had just written a very important book about the war and the 9/11 attacks.

The book was A NEW PEARL HARBOR by David Ray Griffin.

I bought the book, assuming that it would deal solely with the Bush administration's incompetence and with the Bush adminstration's manipulation of 9/11 as a justifiction for war. I had no idea he was proposing the thesis that it was an inside job.

As I started reading about the failures to intercept the hijacked planes, I started asking myself, "is he saying what I think he's saying? I sure hope not!"

In any case, I was able to put aside my initial prejudices and look at the evidence presented by my former professor. I was pretty well convinced that the US was complicit in the attacks, though I was not quite sure about the case for controlled demolition. It just seemed too "out there" to be believed.

While Griffin gave a good argument for CD in NPH, I wasn't really convinced until I read Steven Jones' 2006 paper. "Why Indeed Did the World Trade Towers Collapse?" It made far more sense than the official explanations I had encountered before.

The research and writtings of Jim Hoffmann and Kevin Barrett were also very influential in my walk toward the tuth.

An arduous journey

Living in southern ca on 9/11, I was awaken by phone call from friends wondering if my husband was at home, he was a capt. at that time for AA, I heard tears on the line when they asked if he was in NY, my response was he had left home a couple of hours before, then they instructed me to turn on the tv. It was obvious my husband wasn't involved because of the time constraints, and most likely he was probably on the runway at LAX, which he was.

WTC 1 had already been hit and while watching the reruns I saw world WTC2 being attacked and I couldn't believe my eyes. Seeing how fast the building came down and no air support from the military ... it was obvious that something very bizarre was happening. Then hearing the interview with Jerome Hauer, naming OBL minutes after WTC 1 exploded into an abyss, I shouted in my mind "if you know this soon afterwards ... why didn't you stop it from happening"?

At the time, seeing the leaning over of the top 30 or so floors on WTC 2 before the progression of implosion, I thought there had to be this huge section of 30 floors at the base that surely would be found the next day. However, the next day nothing was found but steel and pulverized dust.

So from the start it didn't look, sound, or smell what was being reported. Then cognitive dissonance set in and I was one of the herd. Later on during 2005-06, the idea that our borders were wide open made no sense if, indeed, we were being threaten by so called terrorists. I became weary of dramatic speeches by bush sounding like scary campfire stories, all the while our borders are wide open. Then I saw LC 2, and the rest is history.

I had an issue on 9/12/2001

I stood in Union Square Park in Manhattan where a spontaneous memorial of candles and signs and groups discussing had come together. I had my wife on the phone and kept telling her, "This doesn't make any sense. What could they have hoped to gain. We're being sold a bill of goods. Something's wrong." My suspicions bubbled and faded to the back of my head until June 2002 when I found Mike Ruppert's website "From The Wilderness" and his discussion of the stand down of NORAD that day. I actually woke my wife at 2 in the morning completely frazzled and upset and nothing was ever the same again. My next major leap into the fray was after seeing "Loose Change" for the first time and them watching it again 110 more times, then burning 100 copies for friends and family.

It's been a long ride and I've lost a few friends along the way, but I'm still here.

When the Pentagon Was Hit: WHERE'S OUR DEFENSES"

I suspected the worst. Then searching around I began to visit Michael Ruppert's" From The Wilderness".
I was paying attention to the press for an investigation by family members.
It was when the "Commission" appointed Henry Kissinger to head the investigation that finally sealed it for me.


11/30/99- politically awakened by mass demonstrations in Seattle per the WTO globalization summit

9/11/01- acute skepticism of official reports after seeing the destruction of WTC 7

~9/11/2006- finally moved beyond personal speculation and expressed my opinion publicly after being informed of Prof. Jones scientific reports (thank you Dr. Jones)!

The power of denial and propaganda blinded me until 2006

The day of the attacks, as the video of the towers collapsing played endlessly over the next several hours, I remember thinking, “Something about the way those buildings collapsed doesn’t look right.” However, I quickly became lost in the patriotic propaganda that followed immediately and over the next few years.

In about March 2006, my fiancé forwarded me an email with a link to a popular video clip making its way through the internet – Hunt the Boeing. I was unconvinced that it displayed evidence contrary to the official story because the clip really didn’t show anything but a white streak and an explosion. I set out as a skeptic of the alternative theories eager to show that they were incorrect.

The first video we purchased was “In Plane Sight,” but I found that it raised more questions than it answered. Ironically, I find in hindsight some of the assertions in that documentary to be weak. A seed of doubt lingered in my mind, but my own denial of the obvious was still strong. It wasn’t until four months later that I bought a copy of the 9/11 Commission’s Report and DRG’s “The 9/11 Commission: Omissions and Distortions,” as well as the DVD, “9/11 Mysteries.” Hauntingly, the elementary laws of physics I learned in high school and college came rushing to the forefront of my consciousness as I watched the clips of WTC7 and the twin towers.

I didn’t spend any time in the LIHOP camp because a few basic questions convinced me that only the MIHOP hypothesis can fully explain the events of that day and everything that has happened since 9/11. Who had the means to plant the explosives? Who had the means to stand down the military? Who had the means to prevent an investigation from revealing the truth? Who has the means to continue perpetrating the falsehoods of the official conspiracy theory and who benefits from this perversion of reality?

In the two years since I came to that conclusion, my wife and I and others in my family have copied and distributed DVDs, engaged in street actions such as freeway blogging, written letters to the editor and state and federal governments, gone door to door, attended lectures by DRG, Dr. Jones, Kevin Ryan, Kevin Barrett and others and held community lectures and DVD viewings at our local library. For the love of a great idea called the U.S. Constitution and for the victims and their families, I will fight for the truth of that day and to bring the criminals to justice until I draw my last breath.

David Ray Griffin's book 'The New Pearl Harbour'

David Ray Griffin's book 'The New Pearl Harbour' got me started.
I picked up a translated copy in September 2006 and couldn't believe it. I was very sceptic at first, but double checked most of Dr Griffin's research and was soon caught up in a full scale investigation, resulting in my own book (in Dutch as I live in Belgium) called '9/11 Myth of the 21st Century'. I opened a website www.911belgium.be where I try to post news that is ignored by the mainstream media (a lot of it from this website, thank you very much!).
It has resulted in a small but tenacious group of Belgian and Dutch 9/11 Truthers and a debate in the European parliament.