First Ever Hunger Strike For 9/11 Truth: Phoenix Activist Challenges Senator John McCain

The first ever hunger strike for 9/11 truth moves closer to Memorial Day when Phoenix activist Blair Gadsby will begin a hunger strike aimed at improving the understanding that the Presidential candidate, Senator John McCain, has about 9/11.

Using a hunger strike to bring public and media attention to the cause, Gadsby is challenging McCain to give the Phoenix 9/11 Truth group two hours of his undivided attention for presentation of evidence and facts, followed by a debate between leading investigators and scientists on both sides of the issue. AIA architect Richard Gage has agreed to participate in the presentation before Senator McCain. A hero of September 11th has also agreed to attend the meeting with McCain.

Blair Gadsby, a professor of religious studies, and Phoenix 9/11 Truth activist, Tim King, will be interviewed by Cosmos on Truth Revolution Radio (WTPRN) on May 18th. Other 9/11 truth groups across the country are organizing events in solidarity with Gadsby's hunger strike including groups in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and New Mexico. Phoenix activists are urged to come out and support Blair and demand press coverage (

We are hungry for 9/11 truth.

"....Gadsby, an Arizonan who

"....Gadsby, an Arizonan who is represented by Senator McCain, stated for the record, "I believe Mr. McCain is a man of deep integrity. He has stood up to corporate influence in campaigns and to the very powerful Military Industrial Complex in the past, and he has a record of being a maverick. That's why I've chosen to offer him this opportunity to face the issues head-on publicly. He may be one of the very, very few who have the integrity and stature to keep the military loyal and find the broad-based political support to bring about a change in our great country. But today, he is in a perilous position. By writing the Foreword to the official cover-up story, he has sided with the corrupt and war-mongering elements in our society and government. But if he can be made to see that he has been lied to, like the rest of the American people, he may be able to pull us back from the brink of an America perpetually at war. In the end, that's what this is all about - a wartime economy that is out of control We need someone to rein it in, and I'm pinning my hopes that Senator McCain will do the right thing, and not be so desperate to become President that he will sell himself out. I only hope it's not too late......"

"....I believe Mr. McCain is a man of deep integrity...."


Who here believes that?

Let's get real people. If one believes McCain is a man of integrity one does not know John McCain well enough.

Take a good look please.

Please lets not be naive and gullible.

McCain, the foreword writer of that "famous" Popular (in name only) Mechanics book is an INSIDER true and true and a phony war hero. And a defacto war criminal singing bomb bomb Iran as well as covering up for the real perps who bombed the WTCs and are singing all the way to the bank.

He is involved deeply with the Neo-Cons and anyone who thinks he is a man of integrity is wasting our time and efforts getting 911 Properly Investigated.

Please be more credible unless you are expecting me and the rest to agree with you that John McCain is indeed a man of integrity. I might as well say that about the "born-again" Chi$tians in the Whit Hou$E who are such "Truth Teller$.

Get real.

Professor Blair Gadsby you are making us a laughing stock with your comments on integrity and people like McCain standing up to the Military Industrial Complex.

Next thing you will be telling us is that there is indeed a 2 party system in the country.

There is and has been for a long long time only one party. Standing on the premise of self deception and attempting to use that to get a national politican who is a servant of the Neo-Con War Machine to get to 911 Truth is a farce.

Ask the Vets who know the TRUTH about McCain whether he is a man of "integrity".

BTW, what is your definition of integrity or is this a publicity stunt?

I initialy wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt but right now feel some sort of explanation is in order on why we should accept the statement on McCain's "integrity".

I know of a few vets who strongly disagree with disgust.

I too disagree and feel very strongly that you should be held accountable for your statements.
Your intentions on fasting may be noble and I am willing to applaud that, however your ignorance and naiveity on McCain's history and corruption is going to do us more harm than good.

Think about your strategies first please before carrying them out.

You only make yourself more foolish and us too.

Next we will be hearing about the holiness and "integrity" of Perle, Wolfowitz and Bush.
Which btw are ALL GOOD PALS of the McCains (no -tax returns wife included!!!!!).

Wake Up!!.

Have a look :
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


Non-violent opposition works when those doing it assume and expect the best of their opponent. In thinking the best of McCain, the fellow probably has the right attitude for doing the hunger strike. Why? His views are much more likely to be heard, if he starts out that way.

Anyone can change. Non-violent opposition banks on that possibility. Success comes when the opponent does indeed change.

I hope this fellow's message reaches McCain. If dozens did the same that this fellow is doing, with the same trusting attitude, think of the potential result.


Take plenty of vitamins.


Thank you so much for your courage.

This is a great moment.

The great Gadsby

Blair the Brave you've got my support ! I don't trust McCain but why not put him on the spot. Any media we can get on this will be great. I suggest we all email McCain and call him a coward if he doesn't respond to this. Maybe State Senator Johnson can help us get some press. Go Gadsby ! Go Phoenix! Go Arizona!

If you want to talk to Blair

Call in to Truth Revolution Radio tonight

Blair and Tim will be on 8:30 - 10:00 PST

call in number: 512 646 1984

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