President Bush Negotiates With Terrorists

Since "officially" 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, shouldn't Bush be thrown in a FEMA camp for negotiating with terrorists?

- Either you're with us, or you're with the terrorists

I guess the president is with the terrorists:

Saudis reject Bush's call to raise oil production

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia's leaders made clear Friday they see no reason to increase oil production until customers demand it, apparently rebuffing U.S. President George W. Bush amid soaring gasoline prices.

It was Bush's second personal appeal this year to King Abdullah, head of the monarchy that rules this desert kingdom that is a longtime prime U.S. ally and home to the world's largest oil reserves. But Saudi officials stuck to their position that they will only pump more oil into the system when asked to by buyers, something they say is not happening now, the president's national security adviser told reporters.

Gettin' richer and richer, Yeehaw.

I'm more inclined to believe Bush said, "keep up the great work pardner. Me and all my folks is all invested big in oil. Hey, hey, nyuk, nyuk."
We all know there's one story for the media and the gullible public, and then there's the truth.
All the while negotiating with terrorists by his own definition.
Check out this beauty. This is what happens when attempting to shout moronic statements with a tone of authority (the favorite tactic of bullies,) doesn't succeed.
This guy is the result of a failed education system.
Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.