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Good day all,

Our new website is now up and running at www.eastangliatruth.com so please do take some time to check it out - we hope you may find some useful downloads there to use, such as converted files for mobile phones and the 9/11 Tour Display you see below (of which the A4 fact cards have all been saved as pdr and so can be downloaded by clicking the link):-

Given the difficulty (and most probably the impracticality) in attempting to cover the huge range of 9/11 anomalies on this one display, we have put together a selection of A4 fact cards that cover what we feel are the most relevant issues surrounding the events of 9/11 and the subsequent whitewash of a investigation. We hope this will be both educational for 9/11 Official Conspiracy Theory believers as well as useful for the many 9/11 Truth activists involved in this growing global movement.

Note - A large percentage of the material here was produced by East Anglia Truth, however, some was taken from other sources. If the producers of this material object to us using it then please let us know and we will of course remove it.



Each of the numbered links below will take you to the appropriate pdf file

(please feel free to download and use for your activism)

1. 11 Remarkable Facts about 9/11 (1)

2. 11 Remarkable Facts about 9/11 (2)

3. Connecting the Dots

4. The Mysterious Collapse of Building 7

5. More on Building 7

6. Fire, Steel and the Towers

7. The WTC Towers and their Strength

8. The Numerous Characteristics of Controlled Demolition on 9/11

9. The World Trade Center Steel Anomalies Suggesting High Temperature/Explosives

10.The 9/11 Ommission Report

11. Phillip Zelikow - The "Bushite" Leading the 9/11 Commission

12. Some 9/11 Commission Context

13. The Commission's Ommissions (1)

14. The Commission's Ommissions (2)

15. Bush's Insistence on a "Limited Investigation" and Secrecy Concerning Own Testimony

16. What Hit the Pentagon?

17. The Hani Hanjour Airshow

18. One Slips Through the Pentagon's Net?

19. The Shanksville Crash Site and Flight UA93

20. Osama Who?

21. Atta - Terrorist, Patsy or Scapegoat?

22. Planes Being used as Missiles Unexpected?

23. Siebel Edmunds - FBI Whistleblower and Most Gagged Person in American History


24. 9/11 Truth Now

25. Expose the 9/11 Cover-Up

26. We Can Do It

27. 9/11 Truth Movement Montage

We will be adding to these activist tools as we go, so please check back for updates in the near future.

Oh, and please do let us know if you spot any errors or you feel we have missed anything significant.

All the best,
East Anglia Truth

Many thanks

And good day to you as well. Great work and much appreciated.

Very Nice!!!

Like the Links. Peace. Hope you get a lot of traffic :)

Please think about including the "9-11 Truth for Peace" in n°27

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,

Thank you for this work and I am going to try and have the cards translated into French so that I can display them on my local Market and perhaps at CAEN FRANCE for the opening of the 911 exposition

Could you please think about including the "9-11 Truth for Peace" banner found at
in the montage n°27 ?

Thanks John

Very impressive site! May God bless you all your hard work!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321


..for the comments, we're pleased they'll be of use to some of you.

We're also producing some cards detailing historical false flags, an overview of the (controlled) media as well as more connecting of dots in terms of civil liberties and the police state. And for those that are based in the UK, we'll also be putting together a display covering the 7/7 issues in the near future - i'll make sure these are all posted here as soon as they are ready.

This gives me an opportunity to thank you guys too for all your efforts and, although I rarely post, I do visit Blogger most days and much inspiration is received from here.

Onwards and upwards!

All the best,
Ian & EAT

P.S. "Could you please think about including the "9-11 Truth for Peace" banner found at
in the montage n°27 ?"

Done. ;)

This looks like a very

This looks like a very useful presentation. Different forms of delivery work with different people. I am sure the slick concise style will appeal to many.

Many people are now fighting struggling with congnative dissidence over 9/11. The majority of USA citizens know this goverment is the worst government in the history of the USA and are capable of untold lies, corruption and murder. Once the internal mental battle is decided infavor of the side seeking to understand why this country is in the state we are currently in, then materials such as the one shown above will be EXTREMELY useful openings to allow newly converted truth-seekers to the actual avenue of truth discovery.

Please send me the text of each card inWORD or other file!Thanks

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,

I have printed all the 27 pages ( please do not put so much background in black as it drains my printer's ink ! ) so that my son can translate the text into French. However if you have the text on word we can gain time by translating 90% by SYSTRAN and correct the eventual 10% miss translations by hand. If you have this text please send me the word document or other at
mouv4x8@club-internet.fr ===> object ==> " attention 911blogger source text ! Do not delete !"

If the pictures are in color I will try to print it on a color printer.27 cards.



PS I would like to use your documents for the coming opening exposition at CAEN the 6th of June 2008


Display Card Content

Hi John,

I've been through and copied all the text across to a word document and emailed this to you.

Like I say, apologies for the delay but I've been rushed off my feet with preparing for our first festival of the season next week and I only read your message an hour ago. I hope this hasn't reached you too late to have saved you some time.

I wish you well on the 6th June.