Hey Howard Stern...

Tomorrow (5/19/2008), you are going to have on people that DO NOT represent the 9/11 Truth Movement. My name is Jon Gold, but I was previously known as Gold9472 on the old HSBB (Howard Stern Bulletin Board). I spent months on your site educating people about the problems concerning the official account of 9/11, and ultimately, as a result of frequenting your site, I started my own. The reason I chose your site was because you openly questioned the official account on your radio show. I believe you posted a film entitled, "Pentagon Strike" on www.howardstern.com's front page.

Howard, I have listened to your show since you were in Washington D.C. When I used to visit my family in Maryland, I would listen to you in the morning. When you finally arrived on 94.1 WYSP in Philadelphia, I listened to you every morning on my way to school, and every morning on my way to work until finally, you went to Sirius radio. I even attended the funeral for John DeBella. I don't listen to you now simply because I can't afford to.

While I was posting on your site, I made every attempt to be a guest on your show. You did not have me on. However, your competitors Opie & Anthony did. The interview I gave then, is NOT the same interview I would give today. I have learned a lot over the years, and would like the opportunity to represent the 9/11 Truth Movement if you'll let me. Take note, at the end of the O&A interview, I gave you a nice little Sirius plug. I even have your recording from the day of 9/11 posted on my site.

I'm asking you to please... don't represent the individuals of your interview as members of the 9/11 Truth Movement. They simply are not. Thank you.