Just 2 of the reasons I don't believe the government story

Naval Air Station Fallon, NV is approximately 40 miles east of Reno and anybody in Naval or Marine Corps aviation has been there more times than they'd care to remember, usually in detachments lasting 2 weeks. We started our weapons detachment about the time a Marine AV-8B Harrier squadron was leaving, but since one aircraft needed a starter, they left a maintenance crew to fend for themselves. The starter arrived a few daze later and the crew was able to set it into the fuselage and reassemble the airplane, as the wing section had to be removed to facilitate this maintenance evolution. They towed it out to the flight line and started low power engine run up when the governor in the starter failed and it came apart, taking bits and pieces of the airplane along for the ride. All operations were ceased from that moment and everybody was instructed to go out to the line and pick up Harrier parts, as they were everywhere. Our squadron was split in half and working 24 on & 24 off, my half was off, but the duty crew made certain we heard every sordid detail, including the officers on their hands and knees with flashlights.

Compared to a Boeing 757, an AV-8B Harrier is a very small aircraft, but it nevertheless produced a considerable debris field. Has anybody been able to produce the FOD* from the wreckage at the Pentagon, as by all rights there should have been a lot of it. All I ever heard of was a compressor stage that could have been compatible with a particular model of a BQM-34 Firebee, but even a BQM-34 hit would have produced more FOD than that. Any idea that the aircraft disintegrated in the fire is absolute hogwash and come to think of it, nobody ever mentioned seeing aircraft debris at either of the towers. The hot sections of both engines would survive any structure fire with no difficulty. Where did it all go? They made a warship from the steel of one of the towers and I would have imagined they would have made something out of the aluminum from the aircraft. This is like a murder without a body.

Another thing about the towers is concrete doesn't pulverize in a fire and produce a massive choking cloud of fine dust. Heat from fire would cause fracturing as it does in nature, but it doesn't pulverize, as that requires an intense, concentrated release of energy, which would be, I dare say, on the order of a fairly powerful explosive device. From what I understand the owner of the buildings got the insurance money, so the destruction of the towers could have been an elaborate insurance fraud for all anybody knows.

FOD = foreign object debris, which is also known to cause foreign object damage

The recovery timeline for the Pentagon is absurd

The Pentagon was not only the site of a major terrorist attack on a military target on US soil , it was also a crash site for a major airline passenger jet.

Yet it wasn't until 9/21/01, ten days after the attack, that the Pentagon turned the site over to the FBI, who finally designated it an official crime scene.

September 24, 2001

WASHINGTON — The mood at the Pentagon was relaxed but purposeful Sunday, with search-and-recovery personnel still looking for victims of the Sept. 11 attack, working side by side with FBI agents who are combing through the debris for clues concerning the terrorists.

Late Saturday night, the recovery team located additional remains, bringing the total number of remains removed from the crash site to 118, according to Army Lt. Col. George Rhynedance, a Pentagon spokesman.

"We are still in the middle of search and recovery, with people making their way back to the most damaged area," Rhynedance said Sunday morning. "Heavy-construction teams are also sifting through the rubble and shoring up construction.

"Everyone is working really hard," he said.

As a result of the attack, 125 Pentagon workers were killed or remain unaccounted for.

Another Pentagon employee died last week of injuries she sustained when her office collapsed, and 64 passengers on the hijacked American Airlines plane also were killed in the crash.

Military personnel are taking the remains to Dover Air Force Base, Del., where forensic specialists have positively identified 60 individuals so far, Rhynedance said.

On Friday, the Arlington County (Va.) Police Department turned over the crash site to the FBI, which then designated it an official crime scene, Rhynedance said.



The following Tuesday (9/25) the FBI turned the site over to the DOD to begin rebuilding.


FBI turns Pentagon crash site over to Army for rebuilding, renovation phase

September 28, 2001

WASHINGTON — The Federal Bureau of Investigation turned over formal responsibility for the Pentagon crash site to the U.S. Army Military District of Washington on Tuesday, Pentagon officials said.

The transfer gave employees an opportunity to begin retrieving some of their personal belongings from damaged offices, said Army Lt. Col. George Rhynedance, a Pentagon spokesman.

"What you’re seeing here is a transition from the sterile, sealed crime scene investigation into a renovation and rebuilding phase," Rhynedance said.

Small groups of Pentagon employees — mainly from the Army, whose offices received the bulk of the damage in the Sept. 11 attack — lined up in the courtyard on Tuesday, waiting to get into their abandoned offices to search for lost items.

"Some people left without even taking their wallets," Rhynedance said.

The FBI will continue to search for clues to the attack, but most of their focus will now be on sifting through the mountain of debris that firefighters and rescue personnel have transferred from the crash site to the Pentagon’s north parking lot, Rhynedance said.

Approximately 10,000 tons of debris has been removed during the rescue and recovery efforts at the Pentagon, according to officials at the Military District of Washington.

The Military District of Washington also has responsibility now for ongoing security operations around the damaged area.

Pentagon officials now begin the enormous job of repairing the damaged spaces, a task that will take at least two years and cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

In the mean time, the search continues for some of the 125 Pentagon employees and 64 aircraft passengers who were killed in the attack. Another woman initially survived, but later died of her injuries.

Army forensic scientists have positively identified 78 victims out of 118 remains that have been located in the wreckage and transferred to Dover Air Force Base, Del. "We still have hopes of finding more remains in some of the [damaged] spaces," Rhynedance said.



Then only 8 days after that , the FBI gives up looking for remains!

At this point only 118 remains (not bodies) had been recovered. There is no mention of anyone recovering plane parts or the victims that were on board.


Focus Shifts to Identifying Victims at Pentagon Crash Site

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Oct. 3, 2001 – The search for remains in the debris at the Sept. 11 airliner crash site at the Pentagon has ended. The FBI has stopped sifting through debris looking for evidence and remains, however, more than a third of the victims of the terrorist attack are still unaccounted for, according to Defense Department officials.

"The identification of the remains we have is a high priority, but we don't expect to find any more remains at the crash site," DoD spokesman Brian Whitman said.

At last count, 125 Pentagon military personnel and civilian workers were killed or remain unaccounted. One of the dead succumbed days later to injuries suffered in the attack. Another 64 persons, the passengers and crew aboard hijacked American Airlines Flight 77, died on impact. To date, 118 remains have been recovered and taken to Dover Air Force Base, Del., for identification.

To date, Dover has identified 93 victims



There is no way that anyone could have done a proper job recovering all of the remains and an entire passenger jet in less then 3 weeks. The recovery effort at the Pentagon was an apparent sham.