New Truther Website = Meet The Truthers Featuring Video Interviews With 911 Truth Leaders

website features videos with Luke, Abby, Dylan, Cosmos and other leaders and members of the truth movement.

These are a few of many videos that you can see at
It is all about letting people know who we are and helping to create a deservedly positive image in the public eye.

9/11 Truth does not need 'leaders'

American's need to be led is part of the problem with getting them to recognize truth. Unfortunately many of the activists i have met still cling to bad habits with which society has been manipulated.

If you are in nyc, I recommend staying far away from Ground Zero & the group that gathers there. Many people have been so abused by the aggression there that they have lost motivation. It is also best to avoid St. Mark's Church & the group that gathers there. Their leaders are not open to input and have consistently fostered ineffective methods.

That being said, it is important to note what can be inspirational in this truth movement. For me it is The People. The individuals that take action. The 2006 anniversary was amazing (the only time I still go to GZ), i credit all the individuals that showed up. My impression is that the turn out that year was a surprise to the 'leaders'.

Any 'leaders' assuming credit always reminds me of Guiliani & the nypd taking credit for the steady decrease in violent crime. Why not give credit to The People? Is that too empowering to be allowed?

Think for yourself. Be led by no one. Be an activist locally on your own or with a couple friends. The model of diffused actions, IMO, is highly effective. Be extremely wary of groups that focus on fear or fighting anything. 9/11 truth is an historic opportunity to assist positive change and you can be a part of it all by yourself, but it is ok to bring a few friends too.

"notable activists"

would have been a better choice of words than "movement leaders".

i meant by "movement

i meant by "movement leaders" those who are the most active, effective and prominent.
not anyone who says "i am in charge here.. i am the law here now" lol
nope if you see someone like that then run the other direction!

doesnt anyone have a comment on the content of the website itself? i do see people going there!

Meet The Truthers

alas, I have heard words like those

from a few people featured prominently on the site. Not going to name names though, not looking for an internet cat-fight. Let's just say I live in nyc.

What I think would make the MeetTheTruthers site more interesting is if it featured original video interviews. Go out there and interview the 'ordinary' activists. This could be a really good concept for a website, just place the focus on everyday or "entry level" activists. People that are not involved in the movement would probably find this more encouraging.

Best of luck to you, I did enjoy some of the video clips.

Hmmm, brilliant minds often think alike....

Stay tuned....

***sly grin***

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

to wtc eyewitness omg! did

to wtc eyewitness

omg! did you even look at the site???
i was in NY to do interviews and also in SF and i have close to 40 interviews on the site.
where were you in ny? i was there!

Meet The Truthers

Semantics, I know.

The website itself seems like a good connection point for activists looking for motivation, inspiration, ideas, networking, etc. Good job, I'll check it often.


Agreed with the noble activist thing. How about activists doing interesting things instead? To start putting us into hierarchies serves no useful purpose and it can alienate a bunch of good people.

Leaders? Please.... I'll



I'll take the team over the "coaches" any day. They're far more real.

Great minds ... think for themselves.

While I heartily applaud the concept,

I couldn't watch past the first two minutes as the audio was hard to listen to and the video angle and unsteadiness made it hard to watch, as well.

If you want to create something to appeal to the general public, it is best to strive for as high a production quality as possible and keep it short and to the point.

I have a video project I will be starting up soon along similar lines.

I look forward to seeing other videos from and of people in the truth movement.

We do need to get away from the leader/follower paradigm and encourage everyone to take the lead in their own way and in co-operation with as many others as possible (think truth community).

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

folks, enuff about this

folks, enuff about this ranting about "leaders" ok? please? lol
first... there is nothing wrong with leaders as long as they are leading by example and encouraging others to do what they want to do to help. leadership is a positive trait. what is the opposite? people who dont think, dont take initiative, dont encourage others to do good things.
maybe leadership has a bad name because we have seen too many leaders rule with force and arbitrariness and forget the basic truth that to command is to serve so the more that you are a leader the more you can do to help other people

we are all leaders in our own sphere and there are people who are helping to steer this thing and they should be applauded!

Meet The Truthers