FYI: AfterDowningStreet Posts Yellow Journalism Story About "Truthers"

I like ADS and David Swanson so when I saw this "article" posted on their main site, I lit into him about it. I didn't even question why the author of it, Matt Taibbi, would write it; I focused on why, in heavens name, would ADS publish such an unresearched and laughable example of yellow journalism.

The guy attacks all "truthers" and the movement itself with completely unsubstanciated stawman arguements. It is really idiotic when you read it. So much so, he offers as his final "evidence", a made up conversation about the planning of the attacks. I shit you not.

"f there was such a conspiracy, remember, something like the following conversation would have had to have taken place:"

Look, do us all a favor, I left a, hopefully, thought provoking comment that put out there some facts for people to check on and so they can see that one side of this argument still uses "facts" rather than just insults.

Then I called into question why David Swanson, one of the biggest advocates of regime change in this country, would post this on his site.

I hope that some of you would have the time to go by and have a crack at Taibbi's work. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. Maybe David will get the point and do some research of his own.


Doesn't allow my comments.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

Scarcely the first time

This is not the first time Taibbi has attacked 9/11 Truth. Remember who the shills and gatekeepers are for future reference.

Some great comments have been posted on ADS...

... and I guess some of you have taken part in that.

I like ADS. It's a great pro-impeachment site.

The comments being made are 100% in favor of a new investigation. They are smart and well supported with links and information and they are coming from a place, not of anger but of concern for getting the truth out there.

This seems to be the general consensus where ever I see a reference made to Taibbi article.

It makes me proud to be a 'truther".

and I am sure it isn't the reaction that Taibbi's editors wanted.