Jesse Ventura's Minnesota Homecoming (pt.1 * 2)

Jesse Ventura's Minnesota Homecoming (pt.1)

Jesse Ventura's Minnesota Homecoming (pt.2)

Looks like the governor is running against the media

from the start. Is he still scheduled to go on Larry King?

Thanks for posting this, constitutional911.

Way to go Minnesota We Are Change!

I hope you guys can take a squad to Minneapolis and St. Paul for the fourth National Conference for Media Reform on June 6-8 and do some extended outreach.

Here's the link:

Carol Brouillet from our group will be there and if I can find a way to get there, I will go too, as we had great success at the last one in Memphis in January of 2007.

Peter Phillips and Project Censored should have a table there and they are very truth friendly.

I think we should also scout the area in advance of the GOP convention in September.

Keep up the good work!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Jesse Ventura

is a fine character. My respect for him has increased exponentially over the last few months.

Great book and there are a number of videos of him on the Net doing exhaustive interviews with the CNNMSNBCABCFOX etc crowd where he discusses issues related to the 2 Party Dictatorship, 9 Trillion Debt, Independent Candidates, Constitutional Issues and yes 911 Truth.

I believe I have posted some for those who have no seen.

Jesse Ventura Discusses Politics - Larry King Live!
Pls see:

There is much more on the Web.

JV is a good example of Inspired Leadership by example. He is not afraid to talk about demolition issues, WTC7, Gulf of Tonkin, false flag and in the MSM.

Ron Paul has not gone that far. What we need now is more straigh talk and direct hard questions and issues like what JV is raising. We have a 9 Trillion Dollar indebted 2-Party Dictatorship and we need to FIRE THEM once and for all.

Through accountable and audited voting systems. Not Diebold hoaxes.

Mr Ventura's example is one that should be followed by public servants throughout every county,town,city and state in the United States.

An oh yes, on the Hill of all places.

I hope he runs for the Senate.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Jesse Ventura

Could call him Captian America. We are change needs to do a video with him.
He is a very great allie for the truth!

TV Commercial with action figures

"See Jesse THE MIND Ventura battle the New World Order!!!"

"Twilight of the Psychopaths" - Dr. K Barrett

Dear Jesse

I agree with everything you say.........except one thing. You say you're not a patriot. I say you define a patriot.