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Members of We Are Change UK went to Parliament Square armed with boxes of chalk. Despite being in the SOCPA zone no applications were submitted and no arrests were made.


Simply brilliant.

Agreed - simple and brilliant = Simply Brilliant

I love your indefatigable creativity and the joy and fun you all bring to your work.

I can't wait to get over to your side of the pond and join in sometime soon.

Keep up the GREAT WORK !!!


(Any Chelsea fans out there? Good luck tomorrow against big red).

The truth shall set us free (some of us will have more time to play/coach/ref/watch football/soccer, too).

Love is the only way forward.



With you in solidarity,

P.S> everybody be sure to go to YouTube and rate this video and favorite it! We have strength in numbers.


I sense the message is finally getting through!

Nut case 'no planer' Paula

Nut case 'no planer' Paula Gloria was on the Howard Stern show Monday promoting the government's cointelrpo disinformation (hologram/particle beam) 9/11 theories. Straw man theories which are favorites of Popular Mechanics to knock down because they’re so illogical. Anyway, Stern's people used to prank call her on a new age cable access show so they had her on to discuss it. That's when she took the opportunity to explain her theory of TV fakery which is absurd. Stern, staff and callers belittled her and assumed that all 9/11 truthers believe as she does. They totally took the bait. This is part of controlled opposition by design. She made sure to mention that thermite was not the cause. She came off as loopy and disjointed mentally. A perfect Judas goat to sabotage REAL 9/11 truthers in the minds of those who still aren’t knowledgeable on the subject.

Then I found out that Nico Haupt is a co-host of her show. The same provocateur that once attacked We Are Change members and held signs that said, “we did it” implicating truthers in the Times Square bombing Geraldo style. This was disinformation at its worst. The same idiots who invaded the Clout blog. Gary the producer of the show said he found her with a picture of a swastika on the web. She tried to argue some phony spiritual angle. During the wrap-up show Gary also said that his thirteen year old son tried to get him to watch Loose Change and he had to explain to him that it was bull shit. Stern really showed how naive he was in this interview.

Paula Gloria & Nico Haupt:

Paula's Stern appearance in no particular order:

As hard as the co-intel preps are working...

to belittle the Truth Movement or obfuscate the real known physical facts, the are now fighting a loosing battle. You can only lie, obfuscate, mis-direct so much before the holes left behind bring the whole house of cards tumbling down.

I am seeing that now...more and more people are comming to grips with the reality that these lying bastards own the media, the politicians the economy - our lives. People in mass are slowly recognizing the propaganda tools being used to control their though processes. Here, we easly recognize orchestrated propangda, what is heartening is that now the general public is catching on to it as well.

Howard is MSM with a few swear words.

Personally I'd rather see Howard interview Dominick Suter, the Urban Moving System boys, and maybe throw a few questions to Sivan Kurzberg about "flicking a cigarette lighter in front of the smoldering ruins in an apparently celebratory gesture." ( Globe and Mail Dec 17/01)
When's that gonna happen Howie ?

That was excellent! Thank you! Big "cheers" from the States!!!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

Extremely Cool!

This is an extremely cool video clip!

An inspired 9-11 Truther with an extraordinary passion to accomplish this street act!

Chalk should be considered a 9-11 classic.

...don't believe them!

Bush did 9/11?

What happens when random members of the British public are told Bush did 9/11?

Published on Sep 11, 2015