William Pepper on new Sirhan Sirhan evidence

This was broadcast on CNN International on May 17, 2008. There seems to be a remarkable difference between the kind of coverage that CNN International gives to Dr. Pepper and his work, v. CNN's coverage in the U.S. (See also Sirhan Sirhan acoustics.)

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Sirhan was Hyno-programed?

What is hypno-program?

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I wonder if they can do that to "pilots".

Arab ones, like.


Probably, but it doesn't sound like it was too effective, besides getting the patsy there with a gun and then having them not remember too much. Others actually had to do the effective work of the killing etc. As far as the pilots. I'm sure they'd try anything on them, but it was probably more simple to use remote control technology. That seems to make the most sense to me anyway.


From your wiki link I found this interestng:

"MK-ULTRA, perhaps predictably, plays a part in many conspiracy theories given its nature and the destruction of most records. Some claim the MK-ULTRA project was linked with the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. They have argued that there is evidence that the assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, had been subjected to mind control, though such ideas are generally dismissed due to a lack of supporting evidence. Recently, these views have become more widespread after the evidence cited by Sirhan's most recent lawyer Lawrence Teeter, in the June 11, 2003 Interview with Sirhan's attorney Lawrence Teeter on KPFA 94.1 / Guns & Butter show"

The 2003 Lawrence Teeter interview confirms Hypno-Programming and gives misconduct details related to the Trail (audio):

Still, this stuff is close to science fiction. I guesse Truth is stranger than fiction.

William Pepper . . . MLK

In William Pepper's book, there is testimony that ties Raul, Ray's handler, with Jack Ruby in Dallas.


Recent William Pepper Interview - We The People Radio Network

Tuesday May 13, 2008

William Pepper and James Earl RayAttorney William Pepper shares his amazing journey toward the ultimate truth of the murder of Martin Luther King on We The People Radio's "911 and Empire" with Kevin Barrett

(38 Minutes - 5.5 Meg)

We The People Radio Network

"In 1977 the family of Martin Luther King engaged an attorney and friend, Dr. William Pepper, to investigate a suspicion they had. They no longer believed that James Earl Ray was the killer. For their peace of mind, for an accurate record of history, and out of a sense of justice they conducted a two decade long investigation. The evidence they uncovered was put before a jury in Memphis, TN, in November 1999. 70 witnesses testified under oath, 4,000 pages of transcripts described that evidence, much of it new. It took the jury 59 minutes to come back with their decision that exonerated James Earl Ray, who had already died in prison. The jury found that Lloyd Jowers, owner of Jim’s Grill, had participated in a conspiracy to kill King. The evidence showed that the conspiracy included J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, Richard Helms and the CIA, the military, the Memphis police department, and organized crime." - (TUC Radio)

Internet Resource Page:
An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King

their are a lot different

their are a lot different drugs they could have pumped into his arm before they gave him the gun....
this would explain the memory loss...

my children are not cannon fodder for the n.w.o.