The Conservative Movement: From Failure to Threat

The Conservative Movement: From Failure to Threat

By Paul Craig Roberts

18/05/08 "ICH" -- - U.C. Berkeley tenured law professor John Yoo epitomizes the failure of the conservative movement in America. Known as "the torture professor," Yoo penned the Department of Justice (sic) memos that gave a blank check to sadistic Americans to torture detainees at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. The human rights violations that John Yoo sanctioned destroyed America's reputation and exposed the Bush regime as more inhumane than the Muslim terrorists. The acts that Yoo justified are felonies under U.S. law and war crimes under the Nuremberg standard.

Yoo's torture memos are so devoid of legal basis that his close friend and fellow conservative member of the Federalist Society, Jack Goldsmith, rescinded the memos when he was appointed head of the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel.

Yoo's extremely shoddy legal work and the fervor with which he served the evil intentions of the Bush regime have led to calls from distinguished legal scholars for Yoo's dismissal from Berkeley's Boalt Hall.

I sympathize with the calls for Yoo's dismissal. In the new edition of The Tyranny of Good Intentions, my coauthor and I write: "Liberty has no future in America if law schools provide legitimacy to those who would subvert the U.S. Constitution."

However, John Yoo is but the tip of the iceberg. Scapegoating Yoo diverts attention from a neoconservative movement that has become the greatest enemy of the U.S. Constitution.

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Betsy, I am glad you posted it.

I just blogged this without realizing it was already sent in.


As a conservative myself, disgusted and furious with this rape, plunder and hijacking of traditional conservative values, I share Dr. Paul Craig Roberts outrage.

A Must Read.

Especially those who don't fully understand the nature of the Neo-Con Beast.

Also now morphing into Neo-Liberalism.

Watch out Obama fans.

ZB is looking over his shoulder.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

I can't find Zbiggy linked to Obama

I've been searching here for about 15 minutes....

THE Richard Clarke?

"Senator Barack Obama's foreign policy advisers, who on average tend to be younger than those of the former first lady, include mainstream strategic analysts who have worked with previous Democratic administrations, such as former national security advisors Zbigniew Brzezinski and Anthony Lake, former assistant secretary of state Susan Rice, and former navy secretary Richard Danzig. They have also included some of the more enlightened and creative members of the Democratic Party establishment, such as Joseph Cirincione and Lawrence Korb of the Center for American Progress, and former counterterrorism czar Richard Clarke. His team also includes the noted human rights scholar and international law advocate Samantha Power - author of a recent New Yorker article on U.S. manipulation of the UN in post-invasion Iraq - and other liberal academics. Some of his advisors, however, have particularly poor records on human rights and international law, such as retired General Merrill McPeak, a backer of Indonesia's occupation of East Timor, and Dennis Ross, a supporter of Israel's occupation of the West Bank."


But then, advisers are only advisers.

And sitting down and talking with Iran is OK too.

And bombing an innocent country for their oil using 9/11 is not OK.

ZB is an advisor or

ZB is an advisor or consultant . . . . He (Obama) is being surrounded by certain ppl who will or will not influence him . . . (not as trite a stmt as that sounds) . . . I often wonder, does he Know? (of) the shadow forces behind JFK, RFK, MLK Jr, Malcolm X, Wellstone, and, of course 9/11 . . . I think his AfAmerican/black background makes him more open to the Realities of our country . . . . and not the white bubble many of us live in . . . . And that will be a good thing if he is elected. I only hope he is protected . . . .

He'll make a fine President

And I can only be thankful that after all these years of GOP Tyranny based on the attack on me and my city, I will be avenged this November by such an excellent, intelligent, and progressive man.