My Last Comment to David Swanson of ADS About the Taibbi Article

David, you are too good of a writer and researcher not to see the glaring problems with Taibbi's arguments.

You ever notice how people like Taibbi here can only attack "truthers" personally, and not on facts alone? There's a reason for that David; because the facts just don't add up.

Let's put it this way:

Someone kills your family (or a neighbors. whomever) and the Sheriff refuses to launch an investigation for 400+ days until the family members go to the press and get so much attention, that sheriff is forced to investigate.

But at first he puts a detective in charge who has already been accused and tried (Kissinger) of lying and manipulating evidence in other cases (Chile Sept. 11 1973) and he has business ties to one of the suspects (bin Laden family, who, by the way, the sheriff also has business ties to).

As the investigation goes on, they don't look at key evidence (NIST and FEMA BOTH never tested for explosive residue, even though that is STANDARD in fire/arson investigations), evidence was removed from the scene without being tested (structural steel removed under guard by city and federal authorities to be melted down), and even the investigators themselves say that the investigation was tainted from the start and that key testimony was falsified, under oath.

Then, After all of this, you find out that the leading forensic team in the investigation (NIST) admits they can't explain (with the common theory of what happened) why the events happened the way they did which lead to the deaths of the family members (NIST admitted recently that they can't explain why the buildings collapsed. Most of the 3000 victims of 9/11 died when those buildings came down.).

Now, David, you play all of that in your head, and then pretend that well intentioned people in the community are taking up your cause and doing legitimate forensic research into what happened. All with the intention of helping YOU put this to rest...

...and along comes Taibbi who attacks these people with nonsensical strawman arguments (because he can't dispute the facts intelligently) and a bunch of websites like this one give Taibbi's BS a forum.

I lived in New York for 5 years. I worked on Gansevoort street for 2 of those years, which is very close to the towers. I have friends who ran down and helped for hours with the wounded. I even have a friend who worked in the towers and I thank God she got out.

By putting up this drivel David, it makes me think you agree with it. Do you think I am an idiot David? Do I sound like an idiot? Because that is the root of Taibbi's argument; in fact he says it several times.

Would you appreciate someone calling you an idiot for trying to find out what happened to your neighbors family? Especially when you yourself clearly know the lengths that the sheriff will go to get what he wants?

You don't put up Steven Jones research, or Jim Hoffmans analysis of collapse time or David Ray Griffins or Richard Gage's structural evaluation of the collapse...

Instead you choose to put up Taibbi's rant about how stupid "truthers" are based on ...Taibbi's impression ...of what he thinks a conversation would be like? And truthers are stupid?

I have been supportive of the impeachment process for a long while, and I will continue to do so. By the same token, I have been supportive of this site, linking it several times from my own.

But this insult to the good solid work of the people that I have mentioned as well as thousands of others, this is a deal-breaker, David. This insult will not be forgotton even if you choose to continue to ignore these comments.

In time, the truth of these crimes will finally be uncovered when the MSM can no longer ignore the obvious facts, and at that time David, this post will remain as your legacy to the call for real justice for the vicitms of 9/11.

Another Analogy

A man takes out a million dollar insurance policy on his wife a few months before she dies in a horrific event that is quickly ruled an accident.

The man collects his million dollars but is never investigated by the police. There is some dispute whether the man should get all the insurance money but in the end, an official with ties to the very same man rules that he should get the full amount.

There is no investigation into whether the man had anything to do with the fatal event even though he collected a large sum of money resulting from his recent purchase of an insurance policy. The man also gets extra payout because he purchased additional insurance in the event that his wife died in the exact way she ultimately died.

In any rational/sane police investigation, the man would be the primary suspect and would be assumed guilty by investigators. This is police investigation 101. The media never reports any of this.

The man then goes on TV and accidentally slips and is recorded saying that he killed his wife. This is not reported by the media. Some of the media spin a bogus story about what the man really meant when he said that he made the decision to have his wife killed.

The very rich man then goes on to marry another woman in Chicago . . . probably purchases insurance . . and again none of this is covered by the media.


...that works too.

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