CNN anounces 50 story building collapses at 10:45: Airtime 11:06 a.m.

BBC was not the only network to 'get it wrong'.


You Tube Video.

CNN reports possible third collapse on 9/11

1 minute 13 seconds.

911veritas weighs in on the issue as well (in comments)...


Nobody is saying specifically which building it was and there is lots of TV-footage
shot from that location with WTC7 standing so I don't think this really "proves" anything..
..that "firefighter said it was 50 stories" remark IS a bit strange, assuming the reporter even got it right .

Anyway, there's quite a lot of reports about "concerns for the stability of WTC7" starting as early
as around noon if you go over all the news-coverage in the archive .
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