June issue of The Rock Creek Free Press is out

The Rock Creek Free Press is one of the very few off-line newspapers that tell it like it is about 9/11. To view the latest issue, go to: http://rockcreekfreepress.com/

I just submitted my story "Media Echo White House 9/11 Talking Points" on Digg under Political Opinion. Please read and give it some diggs to move it to the homepage!

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Here's a better link to my story


I'd never submitted anything to Digg before this, so didn't realize how this works...the story starts dropping immediately (as newer stories get added) unless it gets "dugg." So it becomes hard to find if you want to digg it. Use this link instead to find it easily:


Glad to see you're blogging

Glad to see you're blogging here, Sheila! :-)

I put a link up over at Reddit as well.


Great article Sheila!!! and Rock Creek Free Press!!

Great article

One of the better articles I have read in a log time. thank you. I particularly liked you arguments about how the establishment left media will accept that the government has perpetrated all these other evil acts, but has that intentional blind spot regarding 9-11.

great analysis and arguments.

Rock Creek Free Press looks

Rock Creek Free Press looks like the best newspaper in the country.

Second that greenback...

The Rock Creek Newspaper does exactly what it says on the tin...

It ROCKS !!!

Great job by everyone there, best wishes

Good article

The subject of the article remains one of the great mysteries concerning 911 truth.
Why on earth is the liberal/left media so hostile to 911 truth movement? This is question is
perhaps more important than 911 truth? This sad state of affairs must have been going on for a long time.
Like from 1963 and through all political assassinations during the 60's. It must have been obvious
for people with half a brain that the official story (Warren- commission) was a fairy tale.

And it is from this time the term "conspiracy-theorist" got its bad reputation.

If you like the "Creek," distribute it in your town

It's easy and free, once you get a box set up. I put a box at the bus station in my town and now receive 100 papers by mail every month direct from the printer. Although based in DC, the Creek gets mailed to 9/11 activists across the country. I just heard that Colorado 9/11 Truth is going to start distributing in Denver/Boulder.

it is a free paper, there is no money to collect, and is a labor of love for everyone involved, especially the editor and publisher. If you would like to become a distributor, or just get a subscription for yourself, send an email to editor@RockCreekFreePress.com

Mailed subscriptions are $20/year. The paper comes out monthly.

The great thing about the Creek is that it reaches out to the non-Internet savvy population. Although there is a plethora of 9/11 information online, you have to first be searching for it. With the Creek, it could just be some guy waiting at the bus stop who picks up the paper cause he's bored and then reads it on the bus. He finds it interesting and starts watching for when the next issue comes out. And bit by bit, he gets educated.

Am I...

The only person who has a problem with Wayne Madsen's reporting?

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

Further explanation?

What problem with WM's reporting concerns you (I probably agree with you)? It helps to state your own reasons for doubting the writing of a well known, if controversial, source.