Alex Jones To Have Dish Network TV Show

Digg it!: Alex Jones Moneybomb to fund cable TV Network Are your friends and family still asleep? Imagine being able to watch, on a dish network, at your friends house, all of the content found on and other like-minded minded organizations. Imagine the conversations that will occur after they see and hear some of the news they haven't been getting from the main stream... It is time to get Alex and others on the "tube" as we have only just begun to fight the InfoWars.

It is time to wake up America, here we come!

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Alex Jones and all.

Can you imagine having Luke Rudkowski as a nightly reporter. On location. Reporting from various events around the country. Interviewing etc.

Alex on TV


IMO, This would put a monkey wrench into the NWOs plans

I hope he raises enough to get his TV show going