***Opinions Needed***

One of the most frustrating feelings generated from this exploration of truth for me is the sense that, well now I know... now what?
I have done my best to wake up friends and family with a good amount of success but I suspect they feel the same as I do, now what?
I applaud all those street activists who have bravely weathered critics, government lackeys, and the just plain ignorant.
I admittedly have done nothing that could be called street action.
So as time passes I feel more and more uncomfortable with this admission.
I feel I need to do something but that creeping feeling of helplessness is washing over me, even with the prospect of joining others in the street. After talking to a friend of mine I arbitrarily mentioned that, "if shit doesn't start happening I am going to drive down to D.C. park my ass at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and go on a hunger-strike until we have our day in court!"
I was not serious when I said it at first but it got us talking and I am actually considering doing it now.
I started thinking what if ten other people joined me, better yet a hundred people. It would be an event the press could never in a million years suppress. However, If I am going to do this I DO NOT want to half ass it.
Of course I will need to drink water but I will literally sit in front of the Whitehouse and not move or eat until we A. get positive press coverage or B. a new investigation. Well anyway I wanted to hear what others thought. Criticism welcome but keep it civil please.

Well, here's...

...my opinion. You're absoulutley correct that SOMETHING needs to be done by "We the People" of this Constitutional Republic. However, just how many of "us" is there? I'm just a little peice of krill in this great big ocean of a corporate owned world. The way it's set up, I can't afford to take time off work to protest or voice my opinion. I pray that in the big scheme of things, when our men & women in uniform are asked to do things that they know goes against their morals or the Constitution, they will finally come to their senses & amass with "us". That, in my honest & humble opinion, IS what needs to happen.
But your idea is okay by me if that' s what you feel lead to do I will support that kind of action any way I can. Within reason, of course.
Remember: "Them or Us"!!

It's great.

I hand out deception dollars when I can and put the occasional sticker in a well placed location. Sidewalk chalk has been fun as well. But I know what you're saying. And if you are seriously thinking about a hunger strike in front of th white house, you can count me in. I'm ready. Although I imagine we'd be arrested and removed from any prominent location. But if not... Anyway. Add me to the list of people to contact regarding that action.

Most people...

...have their hands tied in this modern world with bills and being overworked they just don't have time for activism on this or any subject. That is unfortunate because democracy cannot survive in that kind of environment, and the elites have set up the world like this for exactly that reason. They don't like democracy very much, and much prefer fascism where they are in control. This is where we are headed. That's the paradox. Activism has never been more important and at the same time more difficult to have time to do.

If you have the time to do it, of course you should, while the Constitution still applies, before another false flag terror attack. I have had in my mind for awhile the idea to go on a hunger strike outside CNN demanding that they cover 9/11 truth issues and have on the most respectable names in the movement. I was convinced otherwise by someone who told me that Gandhi said to only use hunger strikes on those who love you, not those who are against you, for they will just let you die. I am not sure anymore whether or not reporters are my friend or my enemy these days, and as a result I am unsure whether or not I should go on a hunger strike outside CNN because Gandhi was my inspiration for the idea.

Basically I think you have a good idea and if you can do it, you should. Good luck to you my brother in the struggle.

"Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government." -The Declaration of Independence