Scientists, Architects & Engineers 9/11 Truth Radio Show w' Kevin Ryan, Richard Gage, Ron Brookman, Scott Grainger, Kamal Obeid

Monday May 26, 2008

Kevin Ryan

Richard Gage

Kamal Obeid

Listen 10:00 pm - 12:00 midnight (CST) to Questioning War- Organizing Resistance on the and to our guests - Kevin Ryan, Richard Gage, AIA, Ron Brookman, Kamal Obeid, Scott C. Grainger, PE.

Kevin Ryan is a former Site Manager for Environmental Health Laboratories, a division of Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Mr. Ryan, a Chemist and laboratory manager, was fired by UL in 2004 for publicly questioning the report being drafted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on their World Trade Center investigation. In the intervening period, Ryan has completed additional research while his original questions, which have become increasingly important over time, remain unanswered by UL or NIST.

Through interviews, presentations, and his work as co-editor at the online Journal of 911 Studies, Mr. Ryan works to bring out the truth behind the events of 9/11/01 for the benefit of all people. His story and articles are available through including a paer he co-authored which was published in the peer reviewed Bentham Open Civil Engineering Journal entitled Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction

Richard Gage, AIA is the founding member of He has been a practicing Architect for 20 years and has worked on most types of building construction including numerous fire-proofed steel-framed buildings. He is employed with a San Francisco Bay Area architecture firm and has most recently performed Construction Administration services for a new $120M High School campus including a $10M steel-framed Gymnasium. Currently he is working on the Design Development for a very large mixed use urban project with 1.2M sq.ft. of retail and 320K sq.ft. of mid-rise office space — altogether about 1,200 tons of steel framing.

He has been one of the most tireless speakers on the issue of 9/11 truth, and more specifically on challenging the official narrative of the disintegration of the 3 major skyscrapers in the World trade Center complex that took place on September 11th. He has been lecturing widely across the US and in Canada, most recently at M.I.T. Those who see his presentation rarely walk away still thinking that fires alone could have brought down the buildings.

Ron Brookman, S.E. is a member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. He is a licensed structural engineer in the state of California. He obtained B.S. Civil Engineering (1984) and M.S. Structural Engineering (1986) degrees from the University of California at Davis, and has over 21 years experience in structural analysis, design, evaluation and rehabilitation of buildings in northern California.

In his public statement he says-

    One of our primary responsibilities as architects and engineers is to ensure public safety in and around our structures, and we take this seriously. It is also our responsibility as concerned American citizens to ask questions and seek honest answers. I encourage everyone to read the numerous books, technical reports and papers about the WTC; look closely at the photographs and videos; listen to the speakers with an open mind. Decide for yourself, and take a stand for what you believe. As a structural engineer I believe in the laws of physics and rely on them every day.

    After much reading and studying it is obvious that NIST, FEMA and the 9/11 Commission have all fallen short of a detailed accounting of the catastrophic collapses of the three World Trade Center buildings in Manhattan on 9/11/01. A few examples of unexplained details include the "severe high temperature corrosion attack on the steel" as described in Appendix C of the FEMA Building Performance Study, the complete symmetrical collapses following asymmetric structural damage and short-term fires, and the chemical signature of incendiary compounds found in the toxic WTC dust.

    I would really like to know why complete collapse of the twin towers "became inevitable" as expressed by NIST without any scientific analysis to substantiate it. Why would all 110 stories drop straight down to the ground in about 10 seconds, pulverizing most of the contents into dust and ash - twice? Why would WTC 7 fall straight down to the ground in about seven seconds the same day? It was not struck by any aircraft or engulfed in any fire. An independent investigation is justified - and necessary - for all three collapses.

Kamal Obeid, S.E. is also a licensed Structural Engineer who signed the Architects and engineers for 9/11 Truth petition and wrote this statement:

    "Only recently have I begun to examine the structural collapse of the buildings. Photos of the steel, evidence about how the buildings collapsed, the unexplainable collapse of WTC 7, evidence of thermite in the debris as well as several other red flags, are quite troubling indications of well planned and controlled demolition."

Scott C. Grainger, S.E., President and Chief Engineer, is a licensed Civil and/or Fire Protection Engineer in the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, New York, Virginia, California, Nevada and Washington. He is the owner of Grainger Consulting, Inc. A fire protection engineering firm (23 years). Approximately 50% of his work is forensic. In addition to my forensic work, a good portion of my work is in the design of structural fireproofing systems. Regarding 9/11, he wrote:

    All three collapses were very uniform in nature. Natural collapses due to unplanned events are not uniform.

Additional engineers may be added to the show. It is heartening to see experienced professionals come forward in support of truth and challenging the fraudulent science which has backed official investigations into 9/11

Questioning War- Organizing Resistance is hosted weekly by Carol Brouillet, a longtime activist, who organized three conferences on Strategies to Transform the Global Economy, and (the first) marches on her Senators and Congresswoman in January 2002 to Demand a Congressional Investigation of 9-11. She publishes the Deception Dollars, and Co-Founded the 9-11 Truth Alliance, and the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance . She organized premieres of films, educational events, marches, rallies for 9-11 Truth, the San Francisco International Inquiry into 9-11, and produced the film Behind Every Terrorist- There is a Bush. She is also a mother of three boys and held a weekly Listening Project in downtown Palo Alto from October 2001 to October 2007, now she holds it once a month on the 11th, in solidarity with other 9/11 Truth activists worldwide. She ran for Congress in 2006 on the Green Party ticket on a 9-11 Truth, Peace, Impeachment platform and will be on the ballot again in 2008.

Past shows are archived at- 2008 Shows and 2007 shows.

I just heard that Jesse

I just heard that Jesse Ventura will be discussing 9/11 on Hannity and Colmes tonight among other issues. Donahue bitch slapped Sean Hannity in a previous segment about Iraq using the term "lap top bombers".

Was Jesse Ventura on Hannity and Colmes again?

Was he on? Got an update?

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Nice to see you here Carol!

Nice to see you here Carol!

Correction- Designation for the Structural Engineers

I was just informed by Ron-

FYI. The structural engineers should be noted with S.E. rather than P.E. There is a legal difference in California. The S.E. license is obtained several years after (if at all) the P.E. license is obtained. All SEs are PEs, but not all PEs that practice structural engineering are SEs. A P.E. can not legally use the title "structural engineer" without having the S.E. license.

I should have written- Ron Brookman, S.E., Kamal Obeid, S.E., and Scott C. Grainger, S.E.. Please forgive the mistakes.

Carol Brouillet


Carol, if you have time to do it, why not resubmit this as a corrected blog entry? That way if and when anyone copies it or cites it, they will get the more correct nomenclature.

Blog entries stay put here as they are, unless we alter them or remove them. And people do consult them as a resource.

Correction made.

Credentials updated.

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