A Suggestion to All Being Interviewed...

When watching Jesse Ventura on Hannity and Colmes, I had a critique. It was true that he spoke truth to power (major kudos), but he could have done one thing significantly better. There was not one mention of controlled demolition (other than he was a demolition expert w/ frogs), only evidence of cd (ie, free fall speed, 3 buildings 2 planes, etc.). If you mention free fall speed of collapse out of context, you lose people.

A suggestion for everyone to say, "The controlled demolition hypothesis is the only one that is supported by the facts." Then list it off the many talking points from architects and engineers.

Good point. Without

Good point.

Without mentioning controlled demolition by name, merely the "freefall speed," some of the real dumb Joe Sixpacks out there could be like: "Uh. OK. So what are you saying?"

Hopefully the majority are not THAT stupid though.