Philip Shenon, author of "The Commission," asked 9-11 truth question during "Checks and Balances" panel at LA Times Book Fair

Philip Shenon was on a panel at the LA Times Book Fair about a month ago titled "Checks and Balances." I decided to ask him about taking 9-11 truth into the courtroom. He dodged the question a bit, but definitely did not poo-poo the 9-11 truth movement or the millions of Americans who don't believe the official conspiracy theory.

This video has a little of the middle-section when I was interrupted edited out. A fuller, unedited version might be forthcoming.

After this, Shenon ended up coming out to the 9-11 truth information table to speak with us. He was a very gracious man, but appeared to dodge some questions. See what you think from these videos. Higher quality (audio/video) recordings are becoming available as we speak.

In part 4, after interpreting his phrase, "He's the real thing?" in reference to Company Man Michael Scheuer at :17, check out his reactions to the phrases "compartmentalization" at :30 and "undercover operation" at :32

The talk about Michael Scheuer was in reference to this encounter with Scheuer at the Hammer Museum back in April:

Getting right to...

...the heart of the matter, you two have put a central component of the lie on "the hot seat". Their house of cards is falling down on them. Great Job!

Glad to be part of this whole truth and accountability quest,

Stewart Howe

"Few victories can rival the initial one of parting company with the spectators and stepping into the arena" - Stewart Howe

Nice work ! Shenon and Scheuer Sidewacked

Great work I loved it ! You kept Shenon in the loop for along time! I think he realized that he wasn't the expert even though he wrote the book. He hung around to hear the facts and at least acknowledges that some smart and professional people are questioning the official story. However, at the end of the day he's still in denial of the physics ( claiming he's not an expert and for every expert that says demolition there will be 20 others that will say no.) I doubt it . Sorry but I think he knows his conception of the facts doesn't add up and never will. He's checking out the competition that's all. You guys overwhelmed him and he knew it but couldn't let his guard down. Oh and building 7 well I guess it just doesn't matter right--I don't think so. If the theory doesn't hold up for all the data then you don't have the right theory , accept it dude. Oh and why would Rummy be in on it when he was in the building right? Well it was the opposite side of the building and it was the only part to be recently reinforced for an explosion and by the way those records saying trillions of dollars are missing they just happened to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time right. Yeah right.
And the other expert Scheuer, give me a break he doesn't even know about building 7, but he's sure bin laden did it cause his fat cousin said he did. Oh and he's an expert in analyzing voice tracks that can't be faked, I doubt it. Thank god this guy doesn't have the nuclear launch codes!

Shenon and Scheuer are either fully indoctrinated products

of their environments who never question the orthodoxy or are being incredibly disingenuous.

I'll leave it up to each individual to decide for themself.

Have any of you read Mr. Shenon's book?

It is nothing but a cover-up diversion of a cover-up on an obvious false flag event.

Someone needs to ask Shenon if he's read any independent critiques of the 9/11 Commission Report, like Dr. Griffin's.

The guy was totally plugged into the commission staff, so frame your questions with that in mind. I emailed him some questions months ago and have still not heard back from him. Ask him what the staff thought about WTC 7? Was there any discussion? What did the staff think about William Rodriguez's 2.5 hours of testimony? What did they think about Sibel Edmond's 3.5 hours of testimony? What did they think about the put options? What did they think about the Mineta testimony? What did they think about not being able to get the Secret Service log books? What did the staff think about the destruction of the air traffic controller debriefing tape?

As for the insurance companies "investigating" and not finding anything, maybe the "institutional investors" that made billions on the suspect put options (and other very strange financial transactions) were the re-insurance companies and they more than covered their loses.

Mr. Shenon obviously flies frequently as part of his job. Has he ever asked a commercial pilot for an opinion on piloting planes into buildings? How about four hijackings in one day after NO hijackings for 25 years in U.S. airspace? There are no credible airport security tapes showing "hijackers" boarding planes on 9/11/01, not one. Has he seen the chain of custody proof for any DNA evidence? Did the commission staff?

Mr. Shenon's recommendation that university department heads are apolitical and could head up a new investigation is ludicrous. Academic institutions, such as major universities (e.g. UCLA) are some of the most political institutions in the country, they depend on hundreds of millions of dollars in federal grants. Does anyone seriously think that they would provide an independent, objective look at the events of 9/11/01?

As for Mr. Scheuer, he has to be the most ignorant "intelligence professional" I've seen on camera in a long time. Someone needs to ask him about Abu Zubaydah's interrogation and statements, and why the FBI is protecting Ali Abdelsuad Mohammed. Ask him about Omar Sayeed Sheikh's recruitment by MI6 and his role with the ISI, the Taleban and "al Qaeda". Ask Mr. Scheuer why Turkish Intelligence states that "al Qaeda" is just a code name for a western intelligence operation. Ask him about money and heroin.

These two guys are total distractions and complete diversions from what we should be looking at.

Shenon's great scoop was Zelikow's phone calls to the White House, not too hard to imagine and not a surprise for a Bush administration insider.

Scheuer's mantra is " the tapes are real, bin Laden did it". What a joke.

Even if they knew anything, they will run you in the other direction and that is the key, what they don't talk about.

If you choose to question these guys, study their work, find the lies and nail them on their own lies. They will turn around and walk away every time when they are caught out.

We can choose to be generous and assume these two gentlemen never think outside of the box, and they were both educated in very small boxes.

That's as far as I'll go in cutting them any slack, anyway.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

You're too generous

I don't think they deserve that much slack. Call me paranoid if you want.

As with any massive psychological op, there are many disinformation agents assigned, and Shenon and Scheuer are among those working some of the latest disinfo angles.

Shenon works for the Project Mockingbird branch of the operation, of course. His assignment is to misdirect skepticism regarding the 9/11 OTC over to the incompetence thesis of 9/11. (Indeed, any reporter known to publicly entertain the false flag thesis of 9/11 would be shown the door at the NY Times faster than you can say "New York minute.") Central to that assignment is out-finessing the 9/11 truth movement, so when he went to the table he was simply trying to "know the enemy."

Scheuer's assignment is one of the oldest tricks in the book: a disinformation agent impersonating an independent intelligence expert. What a laugh riot.