Graeme MacQueen - 3.19.2008 - University of Waterloo

911blogger user 'AConfederacyofDunces' felt that Graeme MacQueen's recent lecture at the University of Waterloo was important enough as an introductory piece that it should be viewed on it's own, so here it is;

Great presentation

Since viewing this a couple of days ago, I have watched McQueen's presentation several times and passed it along as a must see talk. There is no getting around the clarity with which he presents what he has found in his close studies of the Oral Histories. It should be a template for others talking about the eyewitnesses to controlled demolition in the towers. Thanks for focussing on it.

How he presents the eyewitnesses as not only "hearing" explosions, but experiencing them with multiple senses, hearing, seeing, and feeling, is a potent way to counter the arguments made that the explosions were smoke bursts, electrical transformer explosions, cracking beams and columns, but cannot explain people being thrown around, burned, windows blown out in areas far away from the strike zone.

His treatment of the visual evidence of acceleration of the antenna and roof line fits perfectly with the same analysis others have shown with WTC7. The curves of distance dropped versus time very nearly match, and are damning for those who claim the lower, intact structures were destroyed by the falling mass from above, in the case of the north tower, and a random, falling down in the case of WTC7.

Thanks again.

Looking for "WHAM"!

I've looked -- as most of us have -- at volumes of material attempting to get a handle on the events of 9/11. What I find most impressive about this talk
is its simple, iron-clad logic. It's short on hyperbole and long on science (Newton's 3rd Law of Motion). The science of 9/11 has been my focus since
being challenged for my skepticism of the official narrative. Well, the science is there... and growing.

Professor MacQueen gives clear, concise presentation that should both be applauded and emulated. My hope would be that this lecture go 'viral' as
it captures the attention of the uninformed, leading them to further investigations of their own. Our focus as "Truthers" should not be to get people to
'believe' that it happened, but rather present the evidence in a manner that they can see and understand that it did happen.

Thanks, Reprehensor, for posting this.

No Wham

This is an EXCELLENT talk. I'm impressed that a theologian knows his physics so well. The piece near the beginning where he analyzes the downward acceleration of the antenna on WTC1 particularly struck me because I did exactly the same measurement while playing around with Physics Toolkit. The difference is whereas I simply noted the acceleration he tied it to a very convincing disproof of the Sledgehammer Hypothesis. If the Sledgehammer had actually hit the building to begin demolishing it, it would have undergone a radical momentary deceleration. The fact that it continued with perfectly smooth acceleration proves the Sledgehammer never hit anything. That's a downright brilliant observation!

Theologian takes on NIST in physics dual. Zap. Theologian demolishes NIST with knockout punch in the first round.

Any Current Contact w/ FDNY & NYPD Witnesses?

The examples of eyewitness testimony of FDNY and NYPD personel was riveting. Have these named individuals given any more current statements?

Curious if they have been told or ordered to keep their mouths shut.

I found his description

of "liquid" nature of the World Trade Center collapse enlightening. An assymentriac collapse, such as a falling over, would be due to the building's ability to push against something attached to the ground. The symmentric nature of the plume indicates that all such attachment has been severed, and that the demolished parts push against each other in mid-air, but not against anything attached to the ground. It is like pouring too much coffee into a cup. The coffee equally flows out on all sides.

I am wondering. These issues would be simply settled if someone with expertise on assigning causes to a fire or building collapse investigated the debris. There must be volumes of photographs and footage that have not yet been made available to the public. Is it not a simple matter of forensic analysis, perhaps by an investigative body of the New York City fire department, that can pronounce judgement on this? Or perhaps an insurance investigator? Can a company be hired that will examine the evidence and pronounce a judgment? Even without determining the cause of the destruction, evidence of the use of explosives and of foul play should be simple to determine. Did the NYC fire department issue a report?

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For those hoping to view this video full screen here's a link to the Google Video website's original vesion:

psychology vs. logic

911 ws a "psyop" (psychological operation). It was not a "logop" (logical operation).

Jones, Griffin, MacQueen and many others have done great forensic work on the collapse of the buildings.

Logic is not enough.

Now we need a forensic examination of how a psyops works on the human mind. We need a powerful presentation by an emminent psychiatrist or psychologist.

Amazing how silent those people are.

Important point

There are published analyses of the psychology of denial
but not of the operation itself.

One clue: not only first-hand witnesses but even persons who merely viewed the attacks/collapses on television in other countries suffered PTSD.

From pg. 19:

"Further, recent research has shown that children in London exposed to television film coverage of the traumatic events of September 11, 2001, experienced intrusive visual imagery of this trauma viewed indirectly. Intrusions were associated with levels of PTSD-type symptoms."

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson


I agree zmz. I'd be fascinated to read an explanation by a psychiatrist. Another professional who would have insight is a media studies professor - because they study propaganda.

When I was building my website, I included a section on the 'silent war' against the American people. Technically it's called low intensity conflict. In doing so, I found a very interesting page on psychological operations written by a military person.

Here is the link:

One thing I do know both from personal experience and reading is that the vast majority of people will not challenge authority. Read about the Milgram Experiment. It's a very famous study on that subject.


One of the best presentations on the CD theory that I have yet seen. Very thoughtful, rational, and engaging.

Burn to DVD

Agree. I think this presentation is the one to lead with.

Of course there's volumes of material that expand on this, but this is a great eye-opener and ice breaker for newbies.

Thanks for isolating this.

Powerful. Elegantly reasoned. Thank you, Graeme.

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson


...Debunkers beware

Analysis of the psyop

An excellent analysis of the psyop of 9/11 was written in two parts - the first is linked here:

Faulty Towers of Belief: Part I. Demolishing the Iconic Psychological Barriers to 9/11 Truth
Laurie A. Manwell, M.Sc.

and the second here:

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

Excellent Presentation, Top Quality...

Great job by Graeme MacQueen...

Highly recommended viewing, very powerful presentation.

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Many thanks and best wishes

Simply the best 9/11 beginner talk I've seen

This would be a great companion piece to Richard Gage's Power Point presentation DVD. Indeed, I'd encourage MacQueen himself to develop the substance of this talk into a Power Point presentation, expand it to an hour and a half (notice MacQueen's repeated mention that he doesn't have time to go into all the detail he'd like), and, after testing it with a variety of live audiences, get it onto DVD.

Though I've never seen MacQueen live, based on this filmed talk and on some earlier Snowshoe short films featuring him, I believe he is -- or would be, given the opportunity -- the "great communicator" (to adopt the old phrase used to describe Reagan) of the 9/11 truth movement. He has a virtually perfect knack for selecting key points, putting them in terms to which listeners can personally relate, and a no-nonsense yet empathetic delivery style.

(As important as are the information and ideas they offer, 9/11 truth spokesmen like Griffin, Jones, and Gage simply are markedly less compelling in their manner of presentation.)

Really Great CD Presentation

I liked that he focused on the explosion of the North Tower. And that he discussed eye witness testimony, especially how credible witnesses not only saw & heard but felt explosions.

Where can a DVD quality version be downloaded?
I'd like to had that out for free.

"...DVD quality version..."

I've found that the "flv" files that can be downloaded from Youtube and video google (use make "ok" dvd's, especially considering that we're not talking about an action movie or National Geographic. My standards are probably a bit low -- I have a 21" tv, not one of those mega tvs I see advertised for $3000 -- but I find dvds made from these very watchable.

It takes a little learning to figure out how to convert an "flv" file into a dvd, and I would gladly upload finished versions of dvds, but I only have a telephone modem. It took about 7 hours to download the MacQueen talk, but the dvd ends up being about 4 times the size, and it would take a long time to email it or whatever to anyone.

I'm open to suggestions for doing stuff like this. If I could really be of use, I can, from time to time, get access to high speed internet connections and could get them out sometimes. Snail mail another possibility.

Fred W

Youtube link

Graeme MacQueen - A Forensic Analysis of 9/11