Kevin Ryan & on WTPRN - Richard Gage, AIA - Ron Brookman, S.E. - Kamal Obeid, S.E. - Scott C. Grainger, PE (AZ.)

Carol Broulliet had a great 2-hour show last night, with Kevin Ryan, architect Richard Gage, AIA, and Engineers: Ron Brookman, S.E., Kamal Obeid, S.E. and Scott Grainger, PE, all signees of the Petition.

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Mon., May 26, 2008

"Name one..."

"Name just one. Name just one structural engineering expert who said it is not feasible that the planes caused the towers to go down."
- Amy Goodman, May 26, 2004.

Surely, Amy will now bring back Griffin, sans Chip Berlet, and let the skeptics have their say?


hopefully when the truth comes out americans will ask........Where the F**K was the media on this, and why did they ignore all these justifiable questions?

It seems that the media

has always been this way . . . it is worse now but even though we had 24/7 coverage of Watergate in the 70's, we never got the whole story.

the opportunity is for us together and individually to become the "disruptive technology" that ends state monolopy control of the news.

seems to be working.

what's important is to become active and avoid becoming the critical bystander.

some can be very effective online and others are very effective up close and personal.

William Pepper on the Jeff Farias Show
Thursday, May 29 2008 7pm EST

Additional Richard Gage Radio including Christine Craft ABC Radio interview:

great show

The show was fabulous, it is always a pleasure to hear Kevin Ryan and Richard Gage, and their clear explanations of things. It must be said, however, that Carol sounded woefully unprepared and stumbling half the time. She didn't seem to have questions ready to go, and the show ended on a sour note, with Carol suggesting that engineers and architects not questioning the official story must have been paid off, warranting a sharp, though seemingly justifiable rebuke from one of the guests, as she seemed to suggest all architects and engineers must be on the take.
Just a bit of frank, constructive criticism....

Criticism Justified

There was a divergence of opinions on how to structure the show and I goofed right off the bat by not following the original plan. We also had a number of callers- who brought up points we certainly didn't anticipate. I did raise the point of hush money and I got an honest rebuke, but I didn't mean to imply that all architects and engineers on the take. However those that are awarded million or multimillion dollar fat government contracts for supporting the government's political agenda I think are somewhat suspect. One also needs to look at how many of the families were paid off to lose their rights to press civil or criminal charges- which might bring forward evidence pointing at the genuine perpetrators of the crime of 9/11. 40 billion was directed at NY in September 2001- i suspect some of that must have been "hush money"...

As for being woefully unprepared, I had a family to feed, plus I had a press conference today, and a lot of demands on my time. It's a miracle I can even do the show. I do the best I can, but I'm a hard working activist with no staff!

Carol Brouillet


Hey Carol, I'm sorry about the tone of the comment, and yes, I certainly understand being up to your eyeballs in responsibilities (I wonder how I find the time to do 9/11 work). There is no doubt that the coterie of engineers and firms linked to NIST and getting gov't contracts are getting hush money, indeed "help-me-cover-this-up" money. I guess that the way you phrased it made it sound like an accusation against engineers or architects generally. You will certainly agree we can't alienate engineers who are new to the movement and make them think we're kooks, even inadvertently.
All the best, love your work,

Alienating Architects and Engineers


I love Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. I certainly didn't mean to offend them, and I'll try to be more careful when I raise questions, and not load them with false meanings which could cause offence. I especially wanted to do the show because I was so impressed by the structural engineers who spoke at the filming of Richard Gage's new DVD- particularly Kamal who mentioned that engineers had taken an oath and were committed to exposing fraud. I have the highest regard for those who are speaking out, including Kevin Ryan, who I think is a real hero and example to all scientists.

Carol Brouillet

Enjoyed the Show... Carol was Bubbly and Polite...

Was one of the best Kevin Ryan interviews I've heard, covered all his key papers, great stuff !!!

In the interview Kevin mentions a new set of pictures (approx 150), would be great if he reads this, to zip them up into an archive and allow researchers to download, i.e. or similar.

Many eyes and hands make light work, I for one would love to view them, I'm pretty sure a good few other archivers and researchers would love to check them out too !!!

Anyway, half way through the second hour, really good stuff, thanks to all who participated from and Carol.

Best wishes


You need to get a righteous college kid to help you out. It's a win -win for everybody~