BOOK REVIEW: Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder (Bugliosi)

Saive Mug Prosecute Bush
I'm currently reading Bugliosi's latest book by this title:

"Dad, if we don't fight them here, we'll have to fight them on the streets of America. They proved that on 9/11......we don't want IED's and suicide bombers on the streets of America." (A final phone conversation between a young, misinformed soldier in Iraq and his father in the States)

So we have the grotesque spectacle of soldiers fighting bravely and dying in Iraq believing they are fighting the people responsible for 9/11.
This myth was documented to be wide-spread among the American people and military personnel but Bush was better served allowing them to die believing the lie.

Bugliosi cites a 1963 Illinios case: People v. Coolidge: " follows that if one willfully does an act (with consequences that the loss of life will be certain) .... the irresistable conclusion is the destruction of such other person's life is intended. "

Bugliosi believes the courts are very likely to allow the "intent to kill " requirement as a charge of first degree murder against Bush.

The book also spends time analyzing degrees of probable guilt when troop commanders knowingly give illegal orders to subordinates they know will result in the illegal deaths or physical harm to innocent civilians or military troops.

BUZZFLSH Book Review:

The title of the book, with photos of American soldiers killed in Iraq, lining the inner jackets, goes where few legal experts will go: indicting George W. Bush for the unnecessary murder of our service men and women.

"In 'The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder,' Bugliosi presents a tight, meticulously researched legal case that puts George W. Bush on trial in an American courtroom for the murder of nearly 4,000 American soldiers [it is now more than 4000 GIs killed in Iraq] fighting the war in Iraq. Bugliosi sets forth the legal architecture and incontrovertible evidence that President Bush took this nation to war in Iraq under false pretenses -- a war that has not only caused the deaths of American soliders but also over 100,000 innocent Iraqi men, women and children [the Lancet survey projected out now would make that more than a million dead]: cost the United States over one trillion dollars thus far with no end in sight: and alienated many American allies in the Western world.

"As a prosecutor who is dedicated to seeking justice, Bugliosi, in his inimitable style, delivers a non-partisan argument free from party lines and instead based upon hard facts and pure objectivity."

In a nutshell, "Bestselling author Vincent Bugliosi has written the most important and thought-provoking book of his prolific career. In a meticulously researched and clearly presented legal case that puts George W. Bush on trial for murder after he leaves his presidency, Bugliosi delivers a searing indictment of the President and his administration. With what he believes is overwhelming evidence that President Bush took the nation to war in Iraq under false pretenses--a war that has caused great loss of life, cost this nation close to $1 trillion, and alienated most of our allies in the Western world--Bugliosi argues that it is George W. Bush who must be held accountable for what Bugliosi considers to be monumental crimes. In this groundbreaking book, Bugliosi, in his inimitable style, presents a powerful case against the man in the oval office."

Bugliosi came to fame as the LA District Attorney who prosecuted Charles Manson and wrote "Helter Skelter." But in BuzzFlash's early days, not long after the theft of the election in 2000 by five members of the U.S. Supreme Court, Bugliosi wrote, "The Betrayal of America: How the Supreme Court Undermined the Constitution and Chose Our President." In that book, he wrote the case for impeaching the felonious five (they appear as mugshots on the cover of the book).

We interviewed Bugliosi twice in 2001. Being a famed prosecutor, he asked that we pull the first interview because he was concerned that he had become too vernacular and not stuck strictly to the legal case that he presents in "The Betrayal of America" against Nino Scalia and the four concurring justices who broke the law by violating the U.S. Constitution for political purposes. In our second interview at that time, he stressed how the mainstream media was refusing to interview him because of the explosive nature of his "criminal brief." After all, Bugliosi has bonafides to make such a case. He's not your conspiratorialist without credentials; he's a professional, highly successful criminal prosecutor: "In his career at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, he successfully prosecuted 105 out of 106 felony jury trials, including 21 murder convictions without a single loss."

Don't expect "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder" to receive a lot of publicity on the morning talk shows, the radio, or in print. The title alone is going to cause a lot of corporate publishers and producers to spike any coverage of it.

About the Author:

Vincent Bugliosi received his law degree in 1964. In his career at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, he successfully prosecuted 105 out of 106 felony jury trials, including 21 murder convictions without a single loss. His most famous trial, the Charles Manson case, became the basis of his true-crime classic, Helter Skelter, the biggest selling true-crime book in publishing history. Two of Bugliosi’s other true-crime books-And the Sea Will Tell and Outrage-also reached #1 on the New York Times hardcover bestseller list. No other American true-crime writer has ever had more than one book that achieved this ranking. His latest book, Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, was also a New York Times bestseller, and is being made into a ten-part HBO miniseries, for which Tom Hanks will be a producer. Bugliosi lives with his wife of many years in Los Angeles.

Most importantly to BuzzFlash, Bugliosi is the author of "The Betrayal of America: How the Supreme Court Undermined the Constitution and Chose Our President"

When we came across some copies of "The Betrayl of America" and resold the book in 2007 on BuzzFlash, we wrote:

Several years ago, BuzzFlash offered Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi's vital legal critique of the Supreme Court action that gave birth to this Bastard regime. We also interviewed Bugliosi, who -- interestingly enough -- was the lead prosecutor in the Charles Manson case.

Now, with the ongoing runaway administration steaming ahead toward Armageddon, it is important to read this book to remember that all of this current horror and destruction of democracy came about as the result of a partisan crime sanctioned by 5 members of America's top court.

It is both fitting and appropriate that the felonious Supreme Court five grace the cover of "The Betrayal of America" in the form of mugshots.

But we were the ones mugged by their theft of democracy.

Bugliosi dissects what the felonious five did and decides that if there were justice, what they accomplished was the biggest heist in American history -- and for that, they should be held accountable.

Since that time, we as a nation founded on Constitutional principles -- and the world -- have suffered grievously.

It is time to revisit the scene of the crime -- and Vincet Bugliosi serves as a legally incisive, impassioned guide through the mugging of democracy and the birth of a regime of insidious, carefully calculated tyranny.

Even George W. Bush -- as feeble-brained and psychiatrically-impaired as he is -- knows that if you can steal a presidency, you can pretty much get away with anything, even signing a death warrant for American GIs.

The Bug

Good to know about this. Don't think I'll buy it, though, since for me it's an open-and-shut case and we know there will be no "prosecution."

Weird that this should come from the author of such a prodigious work of propaganda as "Reclaiming (read "Falsification of) History."