How An Eyewitness Woke Up

The morning of September 11th 2001 at 9:00 am I was working at home on a flash web project for The Japanese Telecom that a local ad agency was handling. Pretty usual for the computer graphics geek that I am. The news of something happening at the World Trade Center came over the television on the other side of the coffee table.

My first reaction, also being a photographer, was to go to my roof and take some pictures. The towers were visible from the roof of my building but there were some apartments one block down that ruined the composition. So I went to a friends house that I knew had a perfect view of the World Trade Center. He had selected his apartment because, as an architecture student, he admired the Twin Towers and had even written his senior thesis on them.

Arriving at his apartment on 9th Street between Avenues C & D I took some photographs then just sat back to watch. I missed photographing the first collapse because we did not think it was going to happen. In retrospect it is obvious that burning office furniture (according to FEMA) could not bring down these truly gargantuan structures, so we were completely surprised.

North Tower Explosion

When the second collapse happened (the North Tower, WTC1) I captured it on my Olympus E-10. Now here's the interesting part, at the start of the collapse I felt a strong shockwave pass over me as we stood on the balcony - a single strong pulse of invisible energy. After I finished snapping photographs of the North Tower's collapse, I turned to my friend and asked, "did you feel that?" His stunned reply was "yes".

Some people that came to my friends apartment organized supplies to take downtown and try to help. In a while I heard from a friend in China Town that only people in uniform were getting through, so he went through & volunteered. The hospital on the west side was quickly over-run with donations & volunteers.

Out my fourth floor window that night I saw a smog of white dust up to the second story. In the days to come everyone hacked phlegm and coughed, we called it the "WTC cough". It was good that it rained overnight, or it would have been worse.

The very strange burning smell continued for weeks and only slowly receded back downtown. For some days after it happened all car traffic was banned on Manhattan. Businesses stopped and the streets were dusty-dirty. It was a strange time.

At the time it happened I was too stunned to think. In the following days, like most Americans, I accepted the explanations that the media put out. It was not until summer of 2002 that I looked at my photographs again and the memories of the shockwave came back. That resulted in some strong cognitive dissonance, implanting a bug in my brain that would not let me rest.

That summer I read "Day of Deceit" by Robert Stinnet and thought 'if the US Government (and media) could succeed in completely lying about Pearl Harbor for 50 years, why would would they not lie about September 11th?' After that it took six months of internet searching to find an explanation that made some sense of the events, January 30th 2003.

Since that spring my activism has been continuous, just not regular. So many people have gone through basically the same process, it is encouraging to see and have been a part of in various ways. There is a 9/11 initiation of sorts, stages of discovery that people go through, avenues of approach. Of course some knew as soon as it happened, but that was not me. It was the physical evidence that prompted me to search.

The high res photographs including a fourth frame can be downloaded here: since May 2003

The blogger can be reached through the contact page here:

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gives a new meaning to the saying..................A pictures worth a thousand words...

One of the most revealing photos ever captured

I think this should be used more.

How could anyone look at it and say it's just a building collapsing?

Thanks for the comments :-)

Although I think frame 2 is the most revealing,

..the steel beams and some debris are visible. It's all about the high resolution files though. Frame 3 really shows the distance that some of those beams were thrown. And frame 4 is enigmatic too. A free 'inside job' t-shirt to anyone can spot the oddity in frame 4!

These pictures work well on Controlled Demolition flyers too. Here's one from last year,

This year I plan to hand out DVDs with this new CD presentation video,

I give up...

...what is the oddity in frame 4?

"Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government." -The Declaration of Independence

Do you mean...

... the tornado-esque shape of the dust cloud, rising up into the sky?

Sorry to keep you in suspense,

Let me say that it has been a long time since I really examined these closely. We can look at something a lot without really seeing the details. And, sure, it was a trick question. Anyway...

The oddity I was thinking of is the red dot floating in the dust cloud. But now that I re-examine frames 2 & 3 i see that they too have red dots, in different locations. So it was not an oddity like I thought it was.

That detail was first noticed by some engineer that looked the captures over. While he did not say that these were verified as what he suspected. He did mention that super heated sparks were a characteristic of nuclear explosive devices.

In the end I think Vesa is right. The most remarkable thing about frame 4 is the funnel shaped cloud. It is an oddity. So, Vesa, send me (using the contact page linked above) an address + a shirt size & i will send an officially unbranded 'inside job' t-shirt !


I sent you my contact info - I hope you received it. :-)

Got it!

I hope you have received the t-shirt by now. They are usually only available on the streets of New York City. Put it to good use. I always wear them when flying anywhere on an airplane, and around the neighborhood too.

I also found red dots

when I manipulated this picture of WTC 1 collapsing, except these are from inside the building.

I would guess these indicate cutter charges or some other explosives going off.


Thanks for the pix bud.

Good job . We can all put a piece in the puzzle.