Video: 9/11 and Canada - Civil Information Activism for 911 Truth

This short video outlines some of the problems with the "official story" of 9/11, why we are taking action, how and why. It includes stills and video clips from our most recent street actions. It also looks at the politics of 9/11 in Canada, all with some groovy Hip Hop beats.(Download high-res version below).

The main message is: BE the media and be the change! Stop waiting for the media to tell the truth, stop chasing politicians and gatekeepers, and stop waiting for orders from headquarters, just DO it. It is up to each of us. We may or may not get a new "official" investigation, but we can show that we are not buying their lies and dis-info, not going to live in fear, and we can create a new investigation in the minds of many who are open to it, without censorship or spin from the MSM.

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Hope ya like it!

Unfortunately the quality degrades on YouTube.

You can download a high quality version here

More on our latest actions here

We try to get out every weekend to to a different town or two