Apparently controlled demolition needs strong building materials

Odd Fellows' Temple Demolition to be demolished in Philadelphia, PA starting May 23, 2008 is to be taken down with a wrecking ball because of the weak building materials. Apparently there must be little if any steel that was used in the construction of the building. Because of this, it seems to be difficult to take the building down with controlled demolition into a neat pile. Seems this is harder than the "act of nature" of how WTC7 fell into its neat pile. Clip is the news about the building.

The media seemed to not want to cover this, with the other stations barely mentioning it and with very little detail before the memorial day weekend.

Makes sense to me - NOT!

Let's see.....

Eight days to demolish an 110 year old building.

10 and 6 seconds for three modern skyscrapers to be turned into dust
on 9/11/01.

And the American sheople still believe it.

We are doomed.