"It Would Be the End of His Business ... He Would Be Denounced as an Anti-American and Demonized as a Terrorist Sympathizer"


Now that many highly-credible scientists, engineers and architects have publicly questioned the official explanation for the destruction of the World Trade Center (see this, this, this, this), government apologists are making the following argument:

"Yes, but there are many more scientists, engineers and architects who support the official theory".

Are they right?

Well, initially, there aren't that many people who have come out and publicly supported the official story. In fact, most scientists, engineers and architects have not made any public statement about 9/11 one way or the other.

Moreover, virtually all of those who have supported the official explanation are - directly or indirectly - receiving funding from the government. See this and this. They get grants, accolades and appointments for parroting the official story.

Additionally, there are many scientisits, engineers and architects who are convinced that the towers were brought down by controlled demolition, but are afraid of publicly speaking out for fear of losing their jobs, or being labelled unpatriotic or even a terrorist (and see this).

Former Wall Street Journal editor and prominent conservative Paul Craig Roberts addresses this issue and writes about one such person:

"Try to find an academic physicist who will express in public his doubts about the official explanation for the collapse of the three World Trade buildings. An academic career in physics is almost totally dependent on government research grants. By bringing federal funding to education, liberals handed government the power to control. One physicist who expressed his doubts about the collapse of the twin towers, Steven Jones, was terminated by BYU at the insistence of the federal government, which held the power of the purse over the university’s head.

The same constraint on truth exists everywhere. I once asked the proprietor of a distinguished engineering firm why he didn’t publicly express his doubts about the World Trade Center buildings. He said it would be the end of his business, that he would be denounced as an anti-American and demonized as a terrorist sympathizer. The fact that he would be an expert giving an expert opinion would carry no weight.

In fact, there are many thousands of highly-qualified scientists, engineers and architects who know that the world trade centers were intentionally demolished. One day - hopefully soon - they will have the courage to speak out.

It wasn't Liberals who used the power

It was Conservatives.

Again and again, they never fail to amaze us.

Very, very true!

And if anyone has any doubt, you need only consider the high price paid by those professionals brave enough to stand up against the lies.

We need to build the foundation

The more average Americans who are aware that 9-11 was an inside job, then the more inviting that the academics, physicist, architects, and engineers will find the environment to come out and say what they believe to be true.

We have a goal to wake up as many people to the truth as possible. Each person that begins their trek down the rabbit hole of truth adds another brick to the foundation of support that professionals need to see in order to feel safe to come out into the open with the truth. We need to build that foundation, and we are indeed succeeding.

With you in the struggle,

Badge of Honor.

"He said it would be the end of his business, that he would be denounced as an anti-American and demonized as a terrorist sympathizer. The fact that he would be an expert giving an expert opinion would carry no weight."
Since history will judge the Bush administration in the same light as the Nazi party of Hitler, wouldn't it be a badge of honor to be demonized and denounced by them?
The difference is courage. Jim Corr has it. Jesse Ventura has it.
Anyone who makes feeble excuses when we are still free to speak and dissent, is a coward.

While I agree with you in theory, we also have to understand

that until we make it "safe" for them to state the obvious, we cannot reasonably expect them to throw their livelihoods away.

These people have families, employees and homes to think about; and until they feel either so threatened by the state or so protected by the people (us), they will sit on the fence checking the wind speed and direction. That is the simply reality of the situation we're now in.

My experience every day confirms that one third of the American people KNOW 9/11 was a false flag event and another third STRONGLY SUSPECT it was, our daily and weekly visibility will encourage them to step up and speak out with us.

We need to step up or campaign of civil discourse on the critical issue of our need to get to the bottom of what happened on 9/11/01 and who committed this heinous crime.

Our local group has begun doing public outreach every weekend at local street fairs and festivals, I strongly encourage everyone else to do the same.

One on one in the street is where the action is, brothers and sisters, let's get busier!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Yes & NO

.........The one that takes the first step forward ( EX Gage, Jones) are hero's. They pave the way for others to hop aboard.
I see no reason for not going to ae911truth.org and signing up. They need to grow a set, and do what's right.

Uncommon courage.

You're right there LR. I have to confess I could do a lot more for the cause. My point was to acknowledge the courage of people who do risk their careers and even their lives for a cause they believe in. They are and always have been the true heroes of history.
Blair Gadsby is the bravest of them all thus far and we need to do all we can to support him.

Road to Totalitarianism

Peter Dale Scott doesn't like the term facism to describe our present government. Yet, the behavior of our government seems so reminescent of what happened prior to WWII, it seems very appropriate, IMHO. I suspect, it is the very same clique that brought us WWII behind our present course-- neocons notwithstanding. I'm referring to the criminal cartel of bankers that form the network of Anglo-American financial institutions,

The U.S. economy on a clear downward trend with legitimate economy in recession be alert to the recurrence of disaster capitalism as a sick sort of rule. It's how the criminal cartel will continue to make money during a period of renewal.

Authoritarism may be the most appropriate term and seems intrinsically intertwined in any description of a facist leader such as Hitler or Mussolini. It also describes the behavior of leaders who pass laws that abolish personal rights such as the Patriot Act and provides the foundation for a police state. A police state is yet another descriptor which reminds one of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. You don't question be it gas prices which wage economic class war on the majority or blatant lies as cover for entry into insane wars of rape and plunder in a desperate bid to replenish depleted coffers and a vain attempt to reassert an upperhand. If you question the police too much you may be subject to tasering. If you don't submit to authority in business you may be blackballed by taking away your card--or worse! I suspect, Von Maur a middle-sized company which treats its employees well, is being pushed to the limit to abide by the rules and desires of the corporate pecking order?

Authoritarianism, fascism or police state are all just labels but seem closely akin. It may just be intimidation by a feverish psychopathic elite who inhabit an oxygren-starved mental state that perceives loss of power and fears it over everything else--including life, itself! Don't expect sympathy or anything resembling human compassion from these leaders. They are faking it poorly at present but will remove their masks of civility down the road. These leaders may not touch your life at present but it won't remain untouched. This is just the beginning and you better believe it!

All these labels are just shades of fascism on perhaps the road to the culminating form: totalitarianism

When scientists speak out in support of an obviously flawed OCT, you know you're on a road to tyranny and....
...don't believe them!

Another label

'Authoritarianism, fascism or police state are all just labels but seem closely akin.'

Here's another one I find myself using, in addition to the ones you mention -- 'gangster state'.