Very Rousing New Ron Paul & Anti-NWO Athem/Video Making The Rounds on Web & MTV

Great video!

Great video!

Aimee Allen from the LA area

Here is Aimee's MySpace page

Aimee also has a song “Cooties” on the Hairspray soundtrack. She is the only artist on the soundtrack that isn’t in the movie.


If one does not thoroughly LOOK, the TRUTH is not visible.

Ron Paul on Alex Jones

Alex Jones talks to Presidential Candidate and Congressman Ron Paul, author of the New York Times Number 1 Best Selling Book The Revolution: A Manifesto about the upcoming GOP convention, his take on the field of presidential candidates and the impact of the collapsing dollar on politics. Alex also asks Dr Paul for his opinion about Rumsfeld's comment (clip is played) that perhaps a new terror attack may be needed to "get everyone energized".

(scroll down to Monday May 19, 2008)


Paul Garmin radio interview
Q: 9/11 was orchestrated by the government, you do not support that theory?
RP: Absolutely not

RP on John Gibson 9 14 07
Gibson: Will you state right here and now that you completely disavow this 911 Truth Movement and the whole idea that the U.S. government was in on the 911 attacks?
RP: Yes, I do.

Glen Beck show 12-18-07
He flat denied he had never heard of the 'conspiracy theories' Glen mentioned, much less believed in them. He called them “bizarre” and “preposterous”.
“I don’t believe that at all.”

Fox debate 1-10-08
RP: “I don't endorse anything they say.”

Vote for McCain, Hillary, or Obama then! See where that gets you

I've heard Dr. Paul say he would support a new investigation, btw.

Moreover, don't you think all hell could break loose (and in a very bad way) if Ron Paul were to run on a platform of "9/11 was an inside job"?

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I am still a Paul

fan, but believe he missed a golden oppurtunity,by not pressing the 9.11 issue.(Heck he had the entire nation watching some of the debates, in which he dis-owned the entire movement. He could have done it with tact & just said he had more questions he liked answered.

Show "Ever think he may have missed the golden oportunity on purpose?" by Colombo

Interesting Dichotomy

911 Blogger gives minus points for pointing out that Ron Paul supports the OCT and rejects the Truth Movement.

They attacked us because we've been over there. i.e. blowback

RP supports an investigation into 911 ineptness.

He does NOT support the Truth Movement!

RP: “I don't endorse what they think”
“I don't say our government did it. I know some of my supporters would say that.”
I don't personally believe that.

When the time is right, it takes about 2 minutes for Ron Paul

to announce he's changed his mind & no longer believes caveman Osama & 19 jerks with boxcutters could pull-off 9/11 without help from inside our own gov't, for example.

Is there a snowball's chance-in-hell that McCain, Hillary, or Obama aren't just minions of the NWO/globalists who are going to continue destroying our sovereignty?

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Thank you for the positive votes. [-2 to +3]


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I wish McKinney had a video like this.

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I wish McKinney had a video like this.

Thank you. That's a great idea.

I'm on it.


Is Ron Paul

a Republican nominee?

Is it even possible for people to vote for him?

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

If anything happens to McCain, or if he drops out, it looks like

Ron Paul gets the nomination.

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Ron Paul will not get the Republican nomination if McCain suddenly dies or falls ill.

Those delegate votes held by McCain, Romney etc. will be directed toward another Establishment candidate, whoever that might be. Paul won't even be significantly considered by the overwhelming majority of delegates.

Or mentioned in the Mockingbird media.

Anyone who drops out forfeits his delegates. McCain & Paul

haven't dropped out. The others have.

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True enough, but so what?

What you mean is that those delegates would be freed of their legal obligation to vote (on the Republican convention's first ballot) for the candidate to whom they're pledged.

Indeed, right now all the many delegates originally pledged to others beside McCain and Paul are free to support whom they want, and no more than a score of these have even seriously considered voting for Paul. If McCain died or had to leave the race, Paul conceivably might pick up as much as a couple dozen more votes, but that would be nowhere near what he needs. The Republican Establishment would settle on an alternate candidate or two, and that's where the McCain delegates would virtually all march.

I love how the Paul campaign woke up a lot of people out of their slumbers. It even got a bunch of new people to take a close look at 9/11. But rarely have I seen so many delusions of grandeur ....

Good points.

Amazing how 911 Truthers still support the man without holding him accountable.

How do we expect to succeed if these are our standards?

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Ron Paul wants to eliminate the the Federal Reserve & their

collection agency, the IRS. Even more importantly, Paul is against the North American Union, the NWO/globalists including CFR, Bilderberg, etc. If Dr. Paul is up on those things, he must certainly know about 9/11. I believe Paul & his people are using strategy & timing. Exposing mass murder & high treason committed with the full complicity of our president & vice president is not something to be blurted out hastily by a presidential contender.

Bottom line: Support Ron Paul!

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I voted for Paul in the primary. I even contributed $50 to his campaign.

I'd still vote for him if I had to do over. (Though I'd pass on the $50.)

But he's never done a damn thing to promote 9/11 truth. He's only slyly denigrated it, while taking the easy, Amy Goodman-esque copout of saying there should be an investigation (into the incompetence angle, of course), with no detail whatsover about who'd be doing the investigating, what their mandate and authority would be, and how many resources and much time they'd be allotted.

Sorry to rain on your parade, but there's no good reason for those of us who take 9/11 seriously to glorify the man. (Though I expect Paul as president would do a lot less to obstruct private citizens from researching 9/11. But with the long history of anti-Establishment candidates failing to follow through on their mandate once in office, it's understandable that 9/11 truthers would be cynical about even that prospect.)

I believe Ron Paul knows the

I believe Ron Paul knows the difference between MSM and the internet media. When he appears in MSM he is answering towards that crowd. I do think he missed a good opportunity on the Glenn Beck show but he was attacked during that segment.

All of us here know the MSM lies and tries to play games with us. In this clip below RP says he supports a new investigation. What else do you need? He is playing the game of politics and I still think he is playing the game rather well.

He wants to take on the FEDERAL RESERVE!!!!!! He isn't the perfect candidate but he was/is still the best chance at real change. I'm also looking forward to the RNC in Minnesota this summer.....

Nice tune.

Ron Paul definitely brings a lot of truth to the table, but on 9/11 his head is in the sand. The video has a great sound to it however.

Hey, you can still vote for 1 of the 3 Stooges/Puppets of War:

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

False choices

Criticizing Ron Paul for doing his part in sustaining the 9/11 official story (even as he tells the truth on other matters) is NOT to imply in the slightest an edorsement of any of the other major-party hacks.

Support him on points where he merits support, and criticize him where he merits criticism (as on 9/11 truth)--is that such a difficult concept?

Ah yes, the three stooges

It's a dog and pony show IMO.

There is another choice.


Paul isn't going to get the nomination. If you want a real choice in November, channel your energy where it will help the Truth Movement the most.

Mckinney needs your help, money and enthusiasm to get on the ballot in every state.

She needs your active support NOW!

Support the candidate that supports the Truth Movement.

How about turning the page?

Paul is a charlatan - he used the 911 issue just enough to milk a couple money bombs while simultaneously disavowing the movement on every occasion.

Meanwhile, Cynthia McKinney actually demanded answers at hearings about war games and corporate mercenaries - something Paul has NEVER done (and will never do).

It's a sick game: the progressive left won't support 911 Truth for disingenuous reasons; meanwhile, many in 911 Truth maintain a half-baked delusional fantasy about a racist John Bircher and xenophobe.

Rather than snipe at each other, the two groups of people could unify behind McKinney and work out their differences fighting for a common end.

9/11 truth is not a partisan issue

and no one should ever push one particular candidate as THE candidate that ALL members of the 9/11 truth movement should support.

While I love Ms. McKinney and fully support her run for office, I would never dream of asking a serious libertarian to vote for her, as she espouses policies that are about as far from classical libertarianism as you can get.

The 9/11 truth movement is an incredibly diverse movement that draws people from across the political, cultural and national spectrum, this gives it great strength and endurance to weather the many storms to come. We need to embrace this diversity and leverage it as best we can. This also means we must be very tolerant of opinions on other issues which are radically different than our own if we are to succeed.

While I support Dr. Paul's calls to end the Federal Reserve, eliminate the IRS, reform the FBI and curtail or terminate the CIA, I have witnessed first hand how some of the Ron Paul supporters have hijacked parts of the 9/11 truth movement at times, drained resources and diverted attention from the primary focus of 9/11 truth.

Don't get distracted by well produced videos with cute singers, brothers and sisters, let's keep our eyes on the prize.

The truth shall set us free (then we can begin the real debate about how best to govern ourselves).

Love is the only way forward.

Good point

Libertarians should vote their conscience.
But they could still support the McKinney campaign insofar as 9/11 is concerned.
9/11 Truth is PRIORITY #1
With out it, we're screwed.

RP/911Thuth supporters could take that all that enthusiasm and 'can do' ability, and do a Money Bomb for 9/11 Truth. They could offer pay for TV adds, for any candidate [presidential or congressional] who will use the time to point out the flaws in the OCT and call for an INDEPENDENT investigation.

This country runs on, and is run by $$$

A one million $ "9/11Truth Money Bomb" would be impressive and very useful.