Amateur Video clearly showing plane #2 and evacuation

Chilling video by amateurs from Quebec.

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showing the apocalyptic scene with clear view of the underneath of the second plane and a boat evacuation.

Apologies to all that have seen this before.

Jump to 3:40 for plane impact.

Has everyone seen this one before?

I haven't.

New to me.

New to me.


Saw it a couple of years ago, it's been around for a while.

higher quality

video here:


at this Radio Canada archive page:

Thanks for that link

I have never seen this one before, and I thought I had seen them all.
I'm downloading the higher res on as i write this

good post, also did not see

good post, also did not see it until now, the white colored smoke in contrast with the oxygen deprived black smoke near 3:16 of the video seems to be telling of the thermite reaction on the columns as in a new fuel source that is burning

Edit: Disreguard, you

Edit: Disreguard, you already posted the CBC link sorry.

No one finds it odd that

No one finds it odd that the guy recording this
has absolutely no reaction to a plane piling into the
second tower....?
No, Holy Sh!t, or OMG.....nothing. Just absolute
I find that odd.