Follow Bugiosi's lead

I have one suggestion and one question.

The suggestion is: Follow Bugliosi's lead and prosecute Bush et al. for murder in 3,000 cases for 9/11. Start by writing the book. I would do it, but I am not a lawyer. You lawyers out there, get together and write the book. Surely you can do as well as The Bug. Stop asking for a "new investigation" and start prosecuting. If Bugliosi can do it for the Iraq war, we can do it for 9/11. Not impeachment, because that is dependent on our lily-livered congresswimps.

The question is: Can anyone list up the past and ongoing suits so far on 9/11? This is for background info.

(I am referring of course to Vincent Bugliosi's recent book, "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder"; see my last blog for interview with him.)

Did you hear about the

Did you hear about the Philadelphia Inquirer's front page headline today?

This could be the Pandora's Box the criminals in our government obviously don't want opened.

This could be our cue . . . to blast the paper with letters to the Editor with our questions and facts.

I may send Daniel Hopsicker's books to the attorney, Stephen Cozen . . .

So, yes, you're right. Maybe we're wasting our time right now trying to get a new investigation. (There's no money in it to entice anyone.) But a justifiable lawsuit? Well, that's another story . . . .


EDIT: Here's the email address for Letters to the Editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer:


Seems you and I are the only ones impressed by The Bug's book, Betsy. Too bad we're not lawyers. If I was, I'd write the book. I'll bet somebody's working on it, but we won't know until publication.

Pretty ridiculous to try to sue Saudi Arabia, though, since it was our own govt that did it.