Hungry For Truth - Day 6

Hungry for Truth – Day 6

Blair is in terrific spirits and amazed at his own incredible energy. Temperatures reached 101F, but it’s a dry heat in Arizona. Blair is logging and maintaining his hydration. Traffic crews were out on 16th Street today diverting traffic into one lane which forced drivers to drive slowly past us for hours. We received about 15:1 ratio of well wishers for every negative gesture giving us a great emotional lift all day long. This is an amazing increase in the ratio from what we experienced 6 months ago with our street actions. Also of note, Blair is getting somewhat of a following from the folks that drive-by each day and live near McCain’s office, including lots of honking and yells of support. This is terrific stuff which I hope all of our supporters can envision and appreciate. We wish you all could be here with us.

We are approached by walkers routinely, most of whom take time to read our materials and ask us a few questions. We pass out “Hungry for Truth” fliers, AE911Truth evidence cards, numerous DVD's, and even gave away a few ‘hungry’ t-shirts to high school kids. We can also report that we noticed our first official surveillance vehicle that seemingly tried to be covert, but was easy for us to spot simply because we are now quite familiar with our surroundings. We eventually approached the unmarked car and were met by a uniformed officer, badge ID – Montoya. He moved his ‘unmarked’ vehicle around to several different parking lots, but eventually disappeared.

I would like to inform our supporters that we have someone with Blair every minute that he is in front of John McCain’s office. He arrives at 5:00am in the morning and leaves at 10:00pm at night. He is getting no more than 5 hours of sleep, but this seems to be enough for Blair. We have a doctor’s appointment scheduled for next Tuesday (Day 9) to check Blair's health.

Please contact national, international and local media sources including television, radio, newspaper and magazines to cover this developing story. This is not a gimmick or a staged event. Blair is absolutely committed to meet with John McCain on this issue. At some time in the future, it becomes immoral for Mr. McCain and the media to ignore Blair. Please make a phone call, write a letter and demand that McCain devote 2 hours to a discussion with Blair. We need your help as we are only a small percentage of the world-wide Truth base. Finally, please keep Blair in your daily thoughts and prayers. Your commitment will enable and strengthen him. Blair is a courageous human being devoted to seeking answers to questions that the world has a right-to-know.

Thanks for your support,
Craig Grismore

Blair and Craig

Keep it up...

McCain is a disgrace.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

I agree

and to add. You have to believe McCain knows what happened on 9/11 or at least more then we do.
How the hell can anyone vote for a guy that sings bomb Iran?
Jon........ Not only do we need to contact the media non stop for coverage on this,we also need to get
some expert, and celebrity support .
Thanks Blair.......Keep hanging tough !

Great, focused activism!

The free-thinking world thanks you infinitely!

What an incredibly

What an incredibly courageous man.

Remember Cindy Sheehan?

She tried to get an audience with Bush too.

Although this is somewhat different, expect McCain to ignore this.

The power strucuture of the Neo-Con establishment is not going to waste their time on providing ammo for the 911 Truth Movement by entertaining Blair.

The media will ignore this.

I commend Blair for attempting what he is doing but this alone will not be enough.

The sad truth is that the general population has a short memory.

Who remembers the DC Madam case which McCain has been linked to?
Are the MSM outlets even whispering about it?
How about the alternative media?
Because so many things happen so fast, it is impossible for the average individual to keep track of all new develeopments.
There are deep rumblings of a major air-strike on Iran in the next few mths b4 Bush leaves office, forcing more National "Patriotic" rhethoric and a Republican-Neo-Conservative gambit to hand over the reigns of power to another Neo-Con stooge - Obama / Clinton / McCain.

As long the general US population behave like lame ducks allowing the Gulf of Tonkins, USS Liberty(s), Kennedy assasinations and 911s to go UNCHECKED much of what we do will not have major consequence in bringing the real criminals to justice.

The problem is not just McCain , bu the entire systemic corruption of a bought-off whoring Congress.


Congress is certainly Complicit after the fact.

Maybe there should be a sit-in in Capitol Hill.

Who knows what it will take but frankly after 7 yrs given the short term memory of most Americans willing to put up and be deluded by so many lies, one wonders what it will take to wake them up.

The soundings for the shoot-up with Iran is getting LOUDER.

Don't expect the Russian,the Swiss, the Chinese, the Saudis, the Pakistanis, Venenzuela, Brazil, Japan etc etc. to be silent and wrap themselves around Uncle $am.

911 Truth may sadly be too late for the collapse of the Economy and the Republic.

I hope I am wrong but there is a growing chance we may be too late unless more people see the urgency.

The clock is ticking and people are still asleep.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Cindy Sheehan indeed.

Lots of good points in your comments. If Blair could only be as successful in getting media attention as Cindy Sheehan's plight with Bush, 911 truth would benefit very nicely. Personally I think the Bush administration will do almost anything to retain power or sustain republican control of the White House. Let's face it they have a vested interest in blocking any investigation of their actions under any circumstances.. McCain has assured them that the imperial agenda will be safe with him and unless the polls show at least a 10% lead by the democrats in November the election will most likely be stolen again.
An attack on Iran is a real possibility and 911 military commission trials are surely being pushed along too!
I agree Congress has been almost completely compromised and appears to be of little help. If another protest is planned in DC, I'll be there. The clock is ticking but what else can we do but keep on pushing the truth. As the pain gets greater more people get involved in wanting answers and change. I think we need more people in the streets and some brave insiders to leak evidence that the media will not be able to ignore, to save this country. Good days, bad days, these are the only days we have.

There are

a whole lot of "Investors" who control both Parties who need this "War on Terror" to continue.

Expansion of the Police State, Global Fascism and more forms of dictatorship is vital for this Terror Moneny Masters.

I see Obama,Clinton and McCain as servants of this MIC Terror Machine.

The only good govt is a govt By the People FOR the People.

Yet the People still seem to run to their "heroes" looking for "saviours" when the answer lies within and in their own individual responsibility.

The Presidency and his business partners are more important than the Constitution and the Priniciples Enshrined within.

The people cower like sheep and Rove takes photos like this in mocking us.

Is it going to take another 911 b4 people realize how serious the situation is?

Rove doesn't look worried or concerned at all. Next to someone WEARING A 911 TRUTH shirt.

What does that tell us?

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Iran strike.

"There are deep rumblings of a major air-strike on Iran in the next few mths b4 Bush leaves office"
Expect it to be preceded by an "act of terror" or similar

Great video, very courteous conduct of Blair.

Amazing guy!

Does anyone know.....

if any local Arizona stations gave any coverage to this?

NO they have not!

I have been calling the TV outlets hear in Arizona all week and they don't seem to care that a man has gone with out food for 6 days. Please give them a call and let them know we are serious!

NBC 602-257-6630

CBS 602-650-0711

ABC 602.685.6397

duty is ours, consequences belong to god

Just called...

NBC acted as if they hadn't heard of it, CBS said they went to cover him, and he wasn't there, ABC said they ran a story... anyone know where?

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

CBS 5 interviewed Blair on

CBS 5 interviewed Blair on Day two when he was at the Anti Bush/McCain Rally. That interview was not on the 10pm show or there website. as far as I know it never aired.

duty is ours, consequences belong to god

Sent to CBC.

Wrote to CBC with this as a "Story Idea."
We will see if they are as complicit and controlled as the rest of the (North) American media.
It is the very least I can do in support of this brave man.

Hungry for Truth
Blair Gadsby is fasting for 9/11 Truth at the Phoenix Arizona offices of John McCain.
Day 1,
Day 6,
All he is asking is 2 hours with John McCain.
Surely this must be newsworthy. Especially with McCain running for president.
What will it take for the mainstream media (CBC included) to wake up to what most sensible people already know?
Thanks to the internet, people are seeing through the lies and propaganda that we have been fed for so long through the controlled media. I always thought The CBC was different. Please don't let this brave man's sacrifice go unrecorded. A follow up interview with McCain's response would be a real journalism coup.
The times they are a changin' fellow Canadian citizens.
Even Carl Rove supports 9/11 Truth.
Thank you very much for your attention to this issue.
On behalf of all seekers of truth and justice everywhere.
Hans A Hyma.

Keep it up!

McCain must know about this by now. After a few more days, the pressure will really be on for him to respond! Everyone contact all media outlets - big or small!!