Hungry For Truth - Day 8

Day 8 of Blair Gadsby's hunger strike for 9/11 Truth was met with opposition and a written response from the office of U.S. Senator John McCain. Blair was approached by the property manager at McCain's office and a Phoenix police officer and was told to remove his signs, stating that he was on private property. Numerous signs and banners have been surrounding Blair during his hunger strike to add to the visual affect. Wanting to comply with the law we had no choice but to remove the signs and now he has only what he can physically hold. Later in the day Blair made yet another visit inside the office to hand deliver a request to meet with Senator McCain. At this moment Blair was handed a written response to his request that stated the Senator's schedule would not permit him to meet with you at this time. If you notice the date on the letter, May 30th!! They let Blair sit outside, in 100 plus degree weather, on a hunger strike while that letter sat on someone's desk inside the office all weekend.
Blair is preparing a response to deliver back to the office of John McCain. (Image below the fold.)

McCain's response
(click the image (twice) to zoom in and the letter)

Stay tuned for an interview with Blair on GCN's Dead Line Live with Jack Blood today or Wednesday.

Thanks to everyone supporting this action and sending Blair their thoughts and well wishes. -Tim King

While Blair is sacrificing

While Blair is sacrificing for humanity, McCain will be stuffing his face in Memphis--too busy eating barbeque and glad-handing the wealthy to meet with his constituent.

McCain is a disgrace.

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

"Please keep in

"Please keep in touch,

It's hard to imagine a less sincere letter.
Keep in touch - but I don't have time to meet, see, speak or listen to you, let alone be touched by you! But please keep in touch... Sincerely...

yes lets keep in touch...

Media Alert -- Call to Action.

Your Phone Calls and email are working! Hunger Strike activist Blair Gadsby has finally broke in to the main stream media. Tuesday evening Blair was interview by the Arizona Republic for an article that should come out Wednesday morning. Rumor has it that the NBC affiliate in Phoenix reported on Karen Johnson's request to senator McCain's office on the 10 o'clock news cast. Please keep it up and call the news outlets on Wednesday and ask then to cover this historic event!

Wednesday (today) will also be the day that Phoenix area citizens have scheduled a plane to tow a 35 feet long banner reading "Google Hunger Strike for 911 Truth". Please call the Radio and TV stations while the plane is in the air (5pm to 7pm pacific time) and ask them if the have seen the plane and if they plan on mentioning it on the air!

Thanks for all your help!

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