PART 1 of 3: WeAreChangeLA 5-30-08 MORE freeway blogging!

WeAreChangeLA uses our giant blue banners for Freeway blogging once again! The wind was strong, the traffic was weak, and both the CHP and the Santa Monica Police Department stopped by for friendly visits, but we stood our ground, made new friends, and alerted thousands more LA commuters to the 9-11 Truth movement!

This is PART 1 of 3. Stay tuned for PARTS 2 and 3 because they are worth the wait. : )

¡WeAreChangeLA utiliza nuestras banderas azules gigantes para el blogging de Autopista una vez más! ¡El viento fue fuerte, el tráfico fue débil, y el CHP y la Policía de Santa Monica parados por para visitas amistosas, pero nosotros nos mantuvimos nuevos amigos hicimos firmes, y pusimos sobre aviso miles más viajeros de LA al 9-11 movimiento de la Verdad!

Esto es la PARTE 1 de 3. Permanezca afinado para PARTES 2 y 3 porque ellos valen la espera.

You guy/gals are most tenacious! Bravo!


Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:


Get a "ChipIn" going and I'll donate some to get you a banner with wind holes in it so that it's easier to hold up! I'm sure others will donate too. You guys are doing a great job and I want to support it.

Very generous.

That is very generous -goyogi-. We are not very good at asking for money, and your offer is so much appreciated.

I am providing a paypal button in this message for anybody that would like to contribute toward the banners. I promise you a full accounting of who donated and how much.*

*Anybody who would rather not be mentioned, please send a message with your donation. Thank you in advance to anybody who contributes to our banners!

With you in the struggle,

link error

Hey Bruno, the link provided doesn't work. =/


Not sure why it didn't work. I will try to figure it out.

With you in the struggle,

Let's try again.

With you in the struggle,

works now

Link works now. I just sent 50 bones to ya! Hope to see two banners next time! =)

Someday I will free up more time to help on the street action though I've converted MANY people at work and friends and relatives. So I'll send monetary support for now.

Love the videos. And you handled the police VERY well...another reason I support you.


All of you!