Attention german speaking truthers- new work by me

Hello out there- especially the german speaking part.

Last year on 9/11 the german channel ZDF aired their hit-piece co-produced with the BBC/Guy Smith.

It was a conglomeration of debunking phrases.

One point was interesting. I mentioned it here:

They claimed that the SFRM-spray on fireproof was missing and that was the cause for the collapse of the towers- and the conspiracy exists to cover this up.

It took me some time to work through the allegations and claims in that piece, but now my work is ready for publishing- and I'm proud tp present it here (german only so far).

It was a catastrophe, almost every claim they made could be easily debunked, when you are a real expert- not the ones they presented.

Viel Spaß beim Lesen! Kritiken ausdrücklich erwünscht!

A translation of the work of Jim Hoffman and other NIST critiques will be published soon.

Edit: New version, some minor corrections on spelling, plus adding the 2 links on my homepage.

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