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June 3, 2008 - June NYC 9/11 * Griffin * Star Wars * Pot

”I wanted to express my strong support for the NYC 9/11
Ballot Initiative. There has never been a better time to get
such an initiative on the ballot, because the 9/11 Truth
Movement's case against the official account of 9/11..
All that is necessary is enough people to commit themselves
to work enough hours to gather those signatures.
If you help get this initiative on the ballot,
your name will surely be included
in the universe's list of heroes.”

-- David Ray Griffin

1) Ballot Initiative – Griffin – Able – McClellan – Mineta – Detrick +
- - DRG Statement of Support for the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative
- - Able Danger, the movie, June 6 – Brooklyn, NYC
- - McClellan provides a glimpse into Bush regime's machinations
- - Mineta Recalls Cheney Activity In White House Bunker On 9/11
- - Fort Detrick Scientists Think Killer Anthrax Came from their Facility
- - Lawyers want 9/11 trial dismissed
- - Hunger strike for 9/11 truth
- - The New England 9/11 Symposium: Recap (Updated 5/26)
2) Radar, Star Wars, & the Czech Republic
- - Hunger Strikers Message from Prague
- - Democracy Now! and “War, Inc.” - John Cusack’s New Film
3) Voters Can Just Say No to Bad Drug Policy
- - Letter to editor Re: “Prison­for Pot?” Article

Vox pop surreal circumstance trust no one
When allegiance to a flag under covers false pretenses.
Stylized miscue and truth skips a beat, bewildered, alone,
Fantasizing contemplation while time slips by a portal of hope closing.

And love seems far away removed, where a sanctuary once existed
where time is not absolute as a memory twists and fades, and fate
loses its hold, too soon, to recover ideals lost in the comfort zone
before it is too late or forever unknown.

Editor’s Notes:

Reaching the goal of the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative to collect 30,000-verified petitions by around the end of June for a ballot initiative in 2008 may be close. According to Les Jamieson, they have close to 10,000 petitions so far, and adding more everyday. If you want to join in this important work and live outside NYC, send money, and contact everyone you know in NYC. An independent investigation is imperative for us all. I have first-hand confirmation of the sincerity and notable work of Les Jamieson, founder, NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative, its web designer, and volunteer coordinator.

David Ray Griffin’s endorsement of the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative is huge. Perhaps next in line to give this campaign a big boost will be William Rodriguez. Jamieson contacted Rosie O’Donnell at a book signing about the campaign, and she asked him to contact her through Willie. Meanwhile we cannot depend on celebrities. We are too close and need more input now. Please consider supporting the most direct path for an independent 9/11 investigation, send $25 or more to the Initiative. This campaign at the very least raises awareness, but only united can we accomplish this in 2008; otherwise, likely, Les Jamieson and I and others, after a rest, will push on through to 2009. But then we would miss out on a referendum campaign ASAP and during a presidential election year.

Experiencing the US premiere of Able Danger, the movie at the Brooklyn International Film Festival was like going through a time warp. I grew up in Brooklyn. Cortelyou Road never looked so good; now it hosts an activist café-book store Vox Pop. In and out of the film, Sander Hicks comes through to inspire and challenge lies and ruthlessness. Able Danger combines what is real with a tongue in cheek (or elsewhere) humor with artistry regarding the deep dark CIA Intel that knew about 9/11 before it happened. Now more people will be exposed to this because of the film. Watch this youtube link for a CNN, Lou Dobbs news clips on Able Danger. You can also read this review of the film, Able Danger by Carol Brouillet.

In NYC I also visited my high school, Erasmus Hall and distributed copies of my article about a demonstration on the day after Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. The receptionist at Erasmus took quite a few copies, and said she would make more. This article also includes information on the NYC Ballot Initiative, William Pepper, new forensics on Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination. You can download this from files for Valley 9/11 Truth. June 5, 2008 marks forty years since this second Kennedy brother was killed, who also had an intention to stop the Vietnam War. William Pepper plans to file for a new trial for Sirhan Sirhan, based on this recent forensic evidence. Dr. Pepper is also serving as a commissioner for an investigation for the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative.

"We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement
of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men."

-- George Orwell

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June 3, 2008 - June NYC 9/11 * Griffin * Star Wars * Pot
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