PART 3 of 3: WeAreChangeLA MORE freeway blogging

WeAreChangeLA uses our giant blue banners for Freeway blogging once again! The same CHP officer drops by for one more visit and fishes for information. What should you do in such a situation? Watch to see how WeAreChangeLA handles themselves when challenged! And we alerted thousands more LA commuters to the 9-11 Truth movement!

¡WeAreChangeLA utiliza nuestras banderas azules gigantes para el blogging de Autopista una vez más! El mismo oficial de CHP deja caer por para otro visita y pesca para la información. ¿Qué debe hacer usted en tal situación? ¡El reloj para ver cómo WeAreChangeLA maneja a sí mismo cuando desafiado! ¡Y pusimos sobre aviso miles más viajeros de LA al 9-11 movimiento de la Verdad!

Others have inquired into donating toward our banners. If you would like to help fund our efforts, then you can do so through PayPal:
Otros han preguntado a donar hacia nuestras banderas. Si usted querría ayudar los fondos nuestros esfuerzos, entonces usted puede hacer así por PayPal:

Thank you so much for your generosity.
Gracias tanto para su generosidad.

Awesome work!

COOKIES??? You brought cookies to offer the cops?


Great job. Very inspiring.

Very, very...

...very good series of video clips! You guys are awesome. I agree with your comments about it's not us against them. We ARE in this whole thing TOGETHER!! Great job, L.A.!!

Absolutely brilliant....

It's one thing to talk the talk quite another to walk to walk. I thought, this was handled in an absolutely brilliant manner!

Great Show WeAreChangeLA!

...don't believe them!