A Series of interviews with Jim Douglass "JFK and the Unspeakable", John Judge, Phil Van Praag and much more


Show #377
Original airdate: June 5, 2008
Guest: John Judge, Jim Douglass
Topics: COPA in LA, JFK & The Unspeakable, The Secret Team

Interview Audio - Part One John Judge

Interview Audio - Part Two Jim Douglass

Interview Audio - Part Three Col. Fletcher Prouty

A Series of interviews with Jim Douglass "JFK and the Unspeakable".

Show #375 Part 2 - Jim Douglas
Ch 4: Marked Out For Assassination in reference to Monk, Thomas Murton Murton was critical of JFK in the beginning If Kennedy became the person universally dedicated to peace he would be "Marked Out For Assassination" Kennedy brokered a deal with US Steel and the United Steelworkers US Steel reneged and raised the price of steel against the deal and Kennedy was infuriated. He pulled lucrative military contracts and excluded some corporations from bidding on them ...

Show #369 Part 3 - James W. Douglass
This will be the first of several interviews regarding this great book Jim was a Professor of theology in Honolulu when MLK was shot He was teaching the theology of peace He was challenged to join a student protest group This marked the beginning of his life of non violence He was the only reporter to follow the entire MLK trial Jim dedicates these interviews to Wendell Stacey, also mentioned here Douglass insinuates a less than natural death for Mr. St ...

Show #372 Part 3 - Jim Douglass
Further coverage of Jim's book, "JFK and the Unspeakable", Chapter 2Interview dedicated to Memphis News Anchor Wendell Staceythe victim of numerous break-ins, a car explosion and died mysteriously last AugustJim want's again to dedicate these interviews to Stacey for his investigation into the MLK trialThe attitude of Nikita Kruschev toward John KennedyLetter writing between Kennedy and Kruschev began a year before the Cuban Missile CrisisEnemies but had come to an understanding of each oth ...

Show #369 Part 2 - Phil Van Praag
Phil begins by mentioning Dr. Robert Joling and their conference lecture The mainstream media has finally become interested in the RFK evidence Van Praag and Joling have written a book: An Open & Shut Case The reviews are very good Points of evidence that prove Sirhan couldn't have fired the fatal shot New discovery: A 1600Hz slice shows a number of spikes affecting just five shots This "second gun" was facing Sirhan the gun likely us ...

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James Douglass - Kevin Barrett Interview

Saturday April 12, 2008

Kevin Barrett talks with James Douglass, author of JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters which Richard Falk, Milbank Professor of International Law Emeritus, Princeton University said "should be required reading for every American citizen".