Support the troops!

Ever wonder what our sons and daughters in the military think? I've never seen any major media interviews with our troops. This is a must see video. How's it related to 9/11? Watch it and find out. Also while you're at it pass it on.

Awesome. I'm going to link


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Thanks, Wisdom.


"We only see what we know."
-- Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832

Thank you Betsy

for passing it on. In the last four years thanks to the internet i've learned alot, and to put it mildly i am outraged!
The people of the world have been given a gift with the internet. The masses would much rather be entertained than informed. I firmly believe that the corrupt people in power are working to gain control over this
wonder that brings truth ,and communication to the world.
The truth is spreading fast. We must unite, and put an end to this corruption.
The central banking system, along with our( most of them) puppet on a string politicians, and controlled media are driving America into the dirt.
If not for us, then for our children. WAKE UP AMERICA !

I've often thought, "If

I've often thought, "If only" the internet existed when the q's for JFK's assassination were being asked early on. And MLK, Jr., RFK, Malcolm X, etc . . .

The internet is our only possible way forward . . . . It's a virtual community bulletin board, and we are screwed without it.

Thanks Reprehensor

for putting this on the news page. I feel this is pertinent information that goes hand in hand with 9/11.
I am tried of the O'rilleys , and Hannity's of this country spewing bulls**t about our troops.
Every red blooded American supports the troops. Just not the BS reason were there.
Also lying to the American people asking for answers about 9/11saying it offends the victims families.
I would love to see a video that combines all the facts of 9/11 coupled with the lying responses of the Bush administration. Example for instance was in the Loose Change final cut with Mr Gross from NIST when confronted with the pools of molten metal in the basements of all three towers.
Lying motherf**kers ! sorry i am pissed. How much more evidence does the truth movement need? !

I also want to see those in charge of the censoring of the media,swing from a rope with all the other traitors involved in this.
Ok, i vented for the day. Thanks Rep for you're continued efforts in our quest for the truth. May it come real soon.

Support the troops!

Great post ! We need to help all the troops including the ones brave enough to say no to the US death machine! The American people need to hear from guys like this. We are spreading the seeds of terrorism thru-out the world so that the war machine can keep on making guns and bombs and it doesn't matter if our kids have to kill innocent people and get killed and maimed. If you let your sons and daughters fight for the current warmongers your not educating your children enough to save their souls. I am tired of the preachers and all the good people who go to church who still think it's OK to have our kids killing people! It's not OK and don't hand me any phony patriotic crap about how our military protects us! Our poor children don't have jobs and the military is exploiting them when they are most vulnerable. Even our reserves who were meant to protect the homeland are now forced to leave the homeland to fight unjust, undeclared wars of aggression. The Highway of Death at about 6:55 is a rare glimpse of our war crimes and most Americans will never see it or understand what terrible monsters we have unleashed! We are the ones with the weapons of mass destruction, no one has dropped more bombs then this country and some of the most terrible ones at that. America used to stand for something and people looked up to our democratic principles and now our leaders are just businessman exploiting the system for self benefit ! The only patriotic people left are the ones who support jailing the criminals who have stolen the republic.


............very well said !

"Do the orders still

"Do the orders still stand?"

Says video no longer available... ?

The video is still online.

The video is still online. If you leave a page opened for too long without viewing the video, it will say that video is no longer available. When this happens, refresh the page or click on the arrow to pull up the URL of the video so that you can copy the address and go directly to the YouTube page.

For our brothers in arms.

We fight for 9-11 Truth for our brothers in arms. Support the troops: expose the truth about 9-11.

With you in the struggle,

They hate our freedoms ?

They hate us because were killing their children. Ron Paul put it a more subtle way. He called it blow back.
Yes , we need to support our troops. They also need to join us in the truth movement.