15 phone call factoids that contradict the official conspiracy theory

15 phone call factoids that contradict the official government conspiracy theory

[please note that these were all AIRPHONE CALLS, not cell phone calls, except CeeCee Lyle's unconnected call from FL93]

1) Betty Ong and Madeline Sweeney on FL11 said there were 4 hijackers, not 5. Both gave the "wrong" seat numbers for the hijackers.



2) Mark Bingham on FL93 said there were 3 hijackers, not 4.


3) Renee May on FL77 said there were 6 hijackers, not 5.


4) Most of Ong's phone call recording is missing.

5) Ong and/or Sweeney gave specific information that the hijackers had guns (which contradicts the "boxcutters" theory). They even gave the exact seat number of the shooter and the shoo-tee.


6) Tom Burnett on FL93 said the hijackers had guns.


7) Todd Beamer's call on FL93 lasted until 10:48 AM, long after the plane was shot down/crashed. The person who took Beamer's call, Lisa Jefferson, heard no screaming or crashing noises.


8) Jeremy Glick's call on FL93 lasted until 11:43 AM, long after the plane was shot down/crashed. The person who took Glick's call, Joanne Makely, heard no screaming or crashing noises.

9) No call on FL93 was attempted after 9:53 (Honor Waino's), except unconnected calls by Edward Felt and CeeCee Lyles at 9:58. No call (besides Beamer's and Glick's) lasted beyond 9:58, when the Sandy Bradshaw and Waino calls ended. The plane supposedly crashed at 10:03 or 10:06.

10) Ted Olson on FL77 lied, he never got a phone call from Barbara Olson.

11) Call recordings are missing for calls by Beamer (FL93), Bradshaw (FL93), and Sweeney (FL11).

12) Five "unknown" calls were made from FL77 to unknown numbers.

13) A 95-second "unknown" call was made from FL93 and the recording is missing.

14) The recording of 2 calls on FL175 are missing.

15) Sweeny on FL11 gave the "wrong" time for the cockpit takeover. She said it happened no earlier than 8:22, but communication with FL11 was supposedly lost at 8:15.



1) The hijackers had guns. We don't know exactly who they were, were they were seated, or how many there were.

2) Missing recordings indicate that most of the calls contained information which contradicts the official conspiracy theory.

3) The most heavily promoted calls are most likely to be suspect, and the least promoted calls are most likely to be genuine.

Air Traffic Controller Andy Kornkven (who was mysteriously NOT scheduled to work on 9/11), has some good analysis of the phone calls on his blog:

andrewkornkven's blog

Excellent job, Galileo

It's about time someone started taking a realistic look at these phone calls-- that they are mostly real calls made to real people, and reflect a real hijacking carried out by hijackers who were not who we were told they were.

The real smoking gun (no pun intended) are the reports of guns made by Tom Burnett and Betty Ong in their calls from UAL93 and AAL11 respectively.

Here's another contradiction: Why was Amy Sweeney reporting the cockpit being stormed at least nine minutes after AAL11's transponder was turned off? Was the "Arab" hijacking she was witnessing just a show, after the pilots had already been shot with the gun?

there was a great post a

there was a great post a while back about an israeli company and remote control software (that was subsequently found in computers in the Fxx(?). can't find the link (someone help me out here.) seems to me, these planes were hijacked from the hijackers.

it is the simplest explanation of all the evidence I have seen...

good work in pointing out inconsistencies though.

Beamer's call

"7) Todd Beamer's call on FL93 lasted until 11:43 AM, long after the plane was shot down/crashed."

Where did you get that? I didn't find such information behind the link you provided.

I fixed the error. The

I fixed the error. The times for Beamer's and Glick's call ending were switched.

Look at the link after the Beamer entry of when the calls were made and how long they lasted.