Hungry For Truth - Day 13

Day 13

Today is Day 13 of Blair's fast. It was 101 degrees in Phoenix today, and I can assure everyone that it was hot!! Blair is doing very well. He has lost 17 pounds total but still insists he's fine. As he says, he's not running any races, but he's still walking and conversing with all who come to see him. We had a lively discussion on theology for about an hour while I was there. Blair is as sharp as a tack and eager to debate!

Today a couple who live in San Diego drove to Phoenix on their way to the Grand Canyon and stopped to say hi to Blair. We all thought that was pretty nice of them. Members of the local 9/11 Truth group came and went all day long.
Day 13

It's gratifying to see all the support that Blair is getting.
The media continues to follow Blair. A TV station came by this morning and filmed for about 15 minutes. He has radio interviews scheduled for Monday morning and evening. Also, yesterday a plane flew overhead with a banner reading "Google Hunger strike for truth. Check for that on
Please continue to keep Blair in your thoghts. He is very appreciative of everyone and expresses his thanks for all of your supportive email messages and good wishes.

bonjour from France

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour Blair from Herblay ,

I had a water pipe leak this week-end and was not on the Herblay market to talk about your courageous act. I listened to the video and was disappointed that the media want to put the 911 truth movement as a French thing. No, despite what Thierry Meyssan has done for the 911 truth, it is really the Americans that are doing the most for the 911 truth and leading the world in it.
In january 2008 I went to support José Bové in his hunger strike against the OGM and slipt him the "End Game" by Alex Jones ( José Bové choice from all my videos '911 Mysteries , Loose Change Final Cut , 911 Press for truth , etc ... )
José Bové managed to pass his message to the media.

Howerve it is terrible what risks our citizens have to take to have access to our political representatives.

Did the Fox news interview go on TV?

Courage and please do not put your health into danger.

fit like frae Scotland

Blair, you're doing an awesome job! What dedication. And as much as I'm glad not to be living in the US right now, in many ways I wish I was so I could give my full support to the movement, and especially those like Blair who are working so hard for attention. It's really heartwarming.

Anyway, for John from France - I think he said the media believes the truth movement to be 'fringe', not 'French'. As in too small and insignificant to merit coverage. Which is of course crap, and besides, regardless of the size of the movement, it's the massive importance of the issue that warrants it being taken seriously. The only answer is to become bigger and louder so they can't deny coverage, or if they do it will start to become so obvious to almost everyone that the media is being silent for a reason. John, you obviously do a good job too getting the message out in France...are many people in France aware of the issues? Has there been any media coverage? The UK is virtually silent on 9/11, no surprise. I think people here will find it very difficult to accept or even take the time to look at these things. We are so media driven it's unreal, it's difficult to put the suggestion forward to even the most intelligent and aware people without being scoffed at.

Go Blair!

Your the Man! Totally awesome! I remember hearing Dick Gregory talk years ago when he was on a hunger strike to end the Vietnam War. He said it was to heighten his awareness of the tragedy of war, he remarked when his daughter came into the room eating a apple he thought Vietnam. You have arrived Blair you are making a difference, you are inspiring us all to do more. You are holding the torch high for all the world to see now, McCain and his people cannot ignore you anymore.. You have impacted them and put the ball in their court. God Bless You.

Thanks Blair !

Way to keep hanging tough ! I liked the signs you guys were holding. You need to make one that says where's media? And list those that have put you on the news so far.
It's too bad we can't get Brittney Spears to stop and visit.
P.S. No! not within the nexted 5 months. Give him 2 months to meet you.This media covered two hours needs to be before the Nov. election !


I am amazed - 101 degrees is not something simple or easy, and on 17 days into a hunger strike, unimaginable. Stay strong Blair. What a good thing being done . . .


Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?