It has been a while since I have decided to again write about this event.
It is people like you at 911Blogger with your magical optimism in your posts that give me pause for hope. Its almost as though I can see the genuine smile on your face and the wonderful all too precious human hope in your eyes all the while I am reading your words, no names, you each know your great worth. You talk, you argue, you shout, you get angry, you swear, but most importantly, you are all joined together in a truly wondrous group that is seeking only one thing: 911 Truth.
That, is an incredibly amazing feat in of itself. Here we have people who have never even seen eachother’s faces, and yet they have an intimate connection with themselves and fellow abstract electron-manifested members. All this based purely on the ideas and concepts of truth, compassion and real understanding.
There could be no greater goal at this point in history.

What I would like to say though, is of an entirely different matter altogether:

911 was perpetrated by a US Shadow Government Entity well acquainted with and ensconced into the dark corners of
the wood-panelled US Congress, the executive bathrooms of our most “prestigious” corporate conglomerates, and the professorial dens of high academia.

This means the enemy has great power. Make absolutely no mistake about this. Great power MEANS Great power.
The power to torment you, hassle you, liable you, cheat you, steal from you, hurt you, murder you, rape you etc.
They have accumulated this power through education, hard work, dedication, persistence, intelligence and even creativity but mostly they have accumulated this power because they have worked TOGETHER.
Working together they have become very powerful indeed.