Tom Daschle, Bilderberg '08 attendee, on 'unsolved' Amerithrax case and American Body Politic "auto-immune problem" (video)

With the Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, VA helping elevate the DC area's now normally and normalized high treasonous activity to despicably epic levels, I heard that even Tom Daschle was getting in on some of the anti-Article III, Section 3 of the US Constitution action. It reminded me that I had a video in my you tube account of my encounter with him back in March that I hadn't posted, though I had previously posted the audio:
Daschle on Amerithrax: "Alot of questions that are yet to be answered." FBI was initially "100%" to "find those responsible."
Here it is:

From previous blog entry:

I got a bit skewed in the question, as I began to be rushed by the woman holding the microphone, and didn't accurately present Senator Leahy's position about the knowledge that he thinks some within the government possess about the source of the anthrax: September 4, 2007: Senator Patrick Leahy states in an interview with Vermont blog Vermont Daily Briefing, "I think there are people within our government — certainly from the source of it — who know where it came from."

If I had had a bit more time, I would have thrown in the fact that the anthrax was postmarked the day before two Israeli operatives were caught having broached a security perimeter at the Mexican Parliament with Glock 9mm's, hi-tech grenades and other explosives, and two PAKISTANI passports. These two events, especially when you throw in the hoaxy nature of the anthrax letters, provide powerful contextual understanding in the apparent use of false-flag terrorism in 2001.

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Medved hypocritically blind to Israeli false-flag terrorism: Says 10-10-01 terror attempt is "bogus story," "never happened"


J: “Hi, my name is Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and don’t worry, my question is not this long -{referring to the legal-sized paper I was holding}. So my question has to do with the context in which a healthy healthcare system must be created. And it seems we need a healthy body politic. So my question to you has to do with whether our body politic has an auto-immune disease, in the fact that in the fall of 2001 you were subjected to an anthrax attack. And in September of this last year, Patrick Leahy, the other Senator who was subjected to those attacks- and those attacks were not just on the 5 people who died, they were an attack on the entire American body politic, in that it was the same time, after 9-11, as the Patriot Act was being discussed. And so, Francis Boyle, who is an international expert on bio-warfare, has said that he thinks that it was some sort of internal complicity on that. And Patrick Leahy has said that he thinks that people also think that inside the government. So, my question to you, is what is the role of Congress, and that includes Presidential candidates, in calling out an auto-immune problem in our body politic, a treasonous one potentially?

T: “I think that- I’m not sure I understand exactly your point. But I would say that I think it’s important, having been involved very directly in the anthrax attack, and as you say, we’ve not yet found those responsible. And we’ve not yet pressed those in enforcement to provide us with far better understanding than what we have today with regard to what they know and how they want to... how they’re gonna try to address, preemptively, this from happening in the future. We have a lot of questions that are yet to be answered. I’ll never forget my first interview with the FBI after the anthrax attack, I asked them what their confidence level was that they would find those responsible. And they said “one hundred percent.” And so, that was in 2001. It is now 2008 and they have decided to not share any information with us now. So, the transparency level in healthcare looks good compared to the transparency level with anthrax…”

Great job!

Great job!

Great stuff! But he really didn't answer the question.

I remember this video and thought it was great when it was first posted, I am a big fan of all your work and we are change LA,, especially your thought provoking questions. Your question was really about the role that congress should be playing and while he acknowledged the lack of transparency and investigation in the anthrax attacks he didn't commit to what role congress should have. Not surprising really, but I think most of the audience was a little overwhelmed with the question and never realized it wasn't answered. You personally have a marvelous disposition for 911 truth activism. Perhaps shorter more direct questions which leave little or no wiggle room will result in greater public awareness. This in itself can be very difficult , however you seem to have a gift for compelling interpersonal discussion which I have witnessed in various video posts. The public at large thinks in terms of sound bites for better or worse it's the current situation. Your really good thanks for your efforts.

thanks for comments

thanks for the support and feedback. I do think that figuring some short punchy phrases and ways of asking questions would be highly effective, so everyone can see if somone spins away.

Your most welcome.

I really do think your work is great and you represent a great asset to the truth movement., Keep up the great work!


interesting they put a new

interesting they put a new spokesperson in a day before at the Health Department in Florida at the time

source on the pakistani passports?

"and two PAKISTANI passports. "


Here is the man who stole the anthrax from the US gov't lab he was fired from: Dr. Colonel Phillip Zack.

He was caught on security video entering the anthrax storage area ... and yet he walks free. Murderer.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

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here's the source, I have not personally vetted it

This says that the article in El Diario about the incident mentions, on the inside fold of the story, that the suspects had 2 Pakistani passports. I have not vetted it to see if the article in El Diario really says that and, if it does, whether it is accurate reporting of the incident. It would be good to confirm it for sure. Thank you for asking about it, because it is a critical part of the story if it is indeed true, especially in its resonance with the alleged hijackers of 9-11 and their apparently stolen identities.

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Daschle agreed to meet with anthrax USPS survivors and welched

I politely asked him a question about anthrax in 2006. He mistakenly said no one died from the anthrax. He agreed to meet with the USPS survivors, but never responded to my letters. See my website recount: